Peacock tail appetizer: spectacular servesimple dishes. Options for snacks “Peacock tail” with eggs,vegetables, cheese and fish

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The colorful peacock snack will
look great on any table. Its main advantage is she
easy to prepare and snack foods, in most
cases not subjected to heat treatment. Which means –
saving valuable time due to the arrival

All you need to do such a miracle is to pick up
multi-colored products and the basis for them. And then put everything nicely
in the form of a tail and decorate with greens.


“Peacock Tail” Appetizer – General Cooking Principles

Traditionally, the Peacock Snack is made from roasted or
oven-baked eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives,
parsley, mayonnaise, garlic and salt. But now this recipe is complementary.
other ingredients or interchangeable ingredients. the main
The task is to make the dish look colorful and spectacular!

You can just put thin slices of vegetables on top of each other,
imitating the rounded ends of peacock feathers. And you can make small
rolls of pita or smoked sausage and put them in the form
rich bird tail. For a more original serving snack
supplement with pate, quail eggs, sausages,
cheese curd or hard and fish.

Peacock tail with egg


• one eggplant;

• a bunch of lettuce leaves;

• two small tomatoes;

• six quail eggs;

• 60 ml of sunflower oil;

• salt to taste;

• a bunch of fresh dill.

Cooking method:

1. • Rinse the eggplant in water. Cut into thin circles.
Sprinkle the eggplants with salt and hold for a while or lower
circles in salted water.

2. • Rinse the tomatoes and also cut into neat

3. • Quail eggs put cook in a small saucepan. In
cooking time add salt. Then cool and peel off the shell.
Cut boiled eggs into circles, trying to cut diagonally,
to slice slightly elongated.

4. • Sort and rinse the dill in a cup with
water Then put on a kitchen towel to dry.

5. • Heat the sunflower oil in a frying pan.

6. • Put the eggplant circles on the butter. Fry with two
parties. If the pan is small, you can fry in 2-3 steps.

7. • Eggplants fried on both sides to spread on paper
wipes for degreasing. And then you need to salt them by
to taste.

8. • Put the washed and dried on a wide flat plate
lettuce leaves, then fried eggplants staggered,
to make it look like Peacock Tail.

9. • Place tomato circles on the eggplant circles with a little
offset down.

10. • Put eggs on tomatoes, also slightly shifting them to

11. • Dill finely chopped greens and sprinkle between the pyramids

12. • Send for half an hour in the fridge and can be served to
the table.

Peacock tail with curd cheese


• one eggplant;

• 60 ml of sunflower oil;

• salt to taste;

• 100 g of cottage cheese;

• one small tomato;

• one medium cucumber;

• several black olives.

Cooking method:

1. • Rinse the eggplant in water and cut into thin circles. Fry
them in sunflower oil, and then salt.

2. • Place the eggplants on the serving plate.
It is necessary to lay out one by one, then around it two, on top three. AND
so fill the whole plate.

3. • Tomato and cucumber also rinsed in water and cut into thin
round specimens.

4. • Spread curd cheese on a slice of eggplant with a spoon or
a knife.

5. • Put it on the cheese, slightly shifting a layer of tomatoes.

6. • Then also a layer of cucumber.

7. • Cut olives into rings and put them on cucumbers last
by layer.

8. • Snack is ready, you can optionally decorate everything with greens.

Snack “Peacock Tail” from the zucchini


• one young zucchini (or zucchini);

• 50 g of hard cheese;

• garlic clove;

• 40 g of mayonnaise sauce;

• 40 ml of vegetable oil;

• 5-10 g of salt;

• one medium tomato (red or yellow);

• several olives.

Cooking method:

1. • Squash zucchini and all other vegetables for rinsing

2. • Slice zucchini into thin circles. Young fruit can not
clean, it has a soft skin that can be used in

3.•Помидор нарезать circles.

4. • Peel and sell garlic through a press into mush.

5. • Grate cheese on a medium or small grater.

6. • In a bowl, mix the cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. Season with salt and

7. • Roll sliced ​​zucchini in a small amount of flour and
fry in sunflower oil until golden brown.

8. • Arrange the zucchini on a flat plate, as if the blank for
peacock’s tail.

9. • Spread this first layer with garlic cheese sauce.

10. • Put slices of tomato on the sauce. But you need to lay layers
not by pyramids, but in a displaced way. So the real
snack “peacock tail”. “

11. • Slice olives.

12. • The last layer of snack – rings of olives.

Baked “Peacock Tail” Appetizer


• one eggplant;

• 40 ml of sunflower oil;

• 10 ml of lemon juice;

• 50 g of hard cheese;

• one tomato;

• garlic clove;

• 2-3 sprigs of parsley;

• salt to taste.

Cooking method:

1. • Wash eggplant in water. Cut lengthwise into thin slices.
the entire length of the vegetable, but without cutting to the end. To get

2. • Connect half of the sunflower oil with lemon juice and
with salt. Mix.

3. • It is good to rub this eggplant with the inside of this lemon mixture
side slices and a bit outside.

4. • Peel and chop the garlic.

5. • Rinse the tomato and cut into circles, thin

6. • Sort and rinse parsley. Finely

7. • Chop the cheese on a grater with a shallow side.

8. • Put slices of tomato between the slices of eggplant,
season with garlic, spread it generously on tomatoes. Then lay out
cheese and greens. To get разноцветный веер, напоминающий хвост

9. • Lay out baking paper or baking paper on a baking tray.
food foil, lubricate with vegetable oil. Put it on
stuffed eggplant.

10. • Bake at 180 ° C until cooked. It is approximately
20-25 minutes.

11. • Pull the snack out of the oven, let it brew a little and
serve hot, garnished with parsley.

Peach Tail Salami


• 400 g salami;

• 100 g of cottage cheese;

• 100 g paprika;

• bunch of parsley;

• dill for decoration;

• a couple of olives.

Cooking method:

1.•Болгарский перец сполоснуть под проточной water Cut and
remove the seeds along with the stem. Pulp cut into small

2. • Greens bust. Looking for only benign leaves.
Dip them in a cup with cold water and rinse there. Then
lay out a cup on a paper towel to remove water.

3.•Дальше зелень мелко chop We can say that in a crumb
or mashed potatoes. You can use a blender.

4. • Olives are also chopped.

5. • Lay the food film on the table in a neat layer.

6. • Cut salami into thin slices (circles), you can
use a special slicer or already cut sausage

7. • Slices of salami laid on the food film thin, but
непрерывным by layer. This will be the basis.

8. • Spread curd cheese on the base. Do this carefully so that
Do not damage the sausage.

9.•Then кое-где выложить перец.

10. • Spread parsley and olives in empty places.

11. • Now, taking the bottom edge of the food film, twist
salami stuffed in a very dense roll.

12. • Roll roll into food film to make it as much as possible.

13. • Store in a refrigerator for cooling for several hours.

14. • Pull out of the film and as soon as possible thinly chop.

15. • Put rolls on a flat dish so that each layer
slightly went to the previous one. Чтобы вышло подобие peacock’s tail.

16. • Serve garnished with dill.

Appetizer “Peacock Tail” from pita


• one pita;

• 150 g of cottage cheese;

• 100 g lightly salted red fish;

• bunch of parsley.

Cooking method:

1. • For the recipe you need thin Armenian lavash. Expand it on

2. • Brush with cottage cheese, trying to spread evenly
by layer.

3. • Lightly salted red fish, you can choose any of its own
to taste. Finely chop it.

4. • Put the fish on the cheese.

5. • Sort and rinse parsley in running drinking
water. Drain and chop finely.

6. • Spread greens on the fish.

7. • Roll roll as tightly as possible. Help pushing
by hands.

8. • Put in the refrigerator for two to three hours.

9.•Then вытащить и нарезать на тонкие ломтики-рулетики.

10.•Разложить на тарелке в виде хвоста birds. Starting from 4-5,
then the bottom is smaller. To each bottom layer a bit went to

Peacock Tail Appetizer – Tips and Tips

• Eggplants, if desired, can be replaced by zucchini or zucchini.

• Eggplants sliced ​​into circles are required before frying
You need to sprinkle with salt and leave them for half an hour. So bitterness is removed
at the vegetable.

• To make eggplant tastier, you can
запанировать в муке с with salt.

• If you fry eggplants in a pan, then after
making preparations should be laid out on paper napkins so that they
absorbed excess fat.

• Mayonnaise in dishes can be replaced with fat sour cream, the taste of this
it won’t get any worse.

• To reduce cooking time and reduce calorie
dishes, eggplants or zucchini better bake in the oven,
rather than fry in butter.

• To make the appetizer look like a real peacock tail,
ingredients need to lay out on each other as they decrease.

• If desired, a snack can be sprinkled with favorite seasoning.

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