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Pasta with cheese – repeatedly tested and
trouble-free combination. Casseroles based on listed
products are quite simple and, nevertheless, in their own way found.
Even using only homemade noodles and varying varieties and
the amount of cheese can be prepared absolutely not similar dishes. well and
if you approach the case in a big way?

Запеканка из макарон в oven with cheese — общие принципы

• For cheese casseroles use boiled pasta.
And their degree of readiness may be different. Pasta
boil until fully prepared or the so-called state “al
Dent “when products remain slightly undercooked. Often
Casseroles are made from the remaining garnish.

• Products use in various shapes and lengths. For cooking them
immersed in boiling slightly salty water and bring at low boil
до требуемой readiness Then washed and decanted carefully
water To prevent boiled products from sticking to each other, their
заправляют сливочным или рафинированным растительным oil

• Pasta and cheese casseroles are prepared with the addition of various
products. They put fresh or fried vegetables, cottage cheese,
sausages, minced meat or offal, such as liver.
Often в такие запеканки добавляют грибы.

• Lay out the prepared ingredients in layers or
mixed up.

• Used hard cheese varieties are mixed with the main mass
or sprinkle over casserole surface. The size of the cheese chips does not have
of particular importance, as long as the cheese melts well.

• Baked casseroles in the oven in deep forms, which
предварительно смазывают сливочным oil Put the form in the brass
cabinet warmed up to 180 degrees. Baking time
depends on the recipe.

Мясная запеканка из макарон в oven with cheese, томатами и


• 250 gr. pasta

• небольшой zucchini;

• pound of beef (pulp);

• a half-liter can of tomatoes preserved in tomato

• 200 ml medium-fat cream;

• garlic;

• young parsley;

• four eggs;

• olive oil;

• onion head;

• 120 gr. cheese, variety “Russian”.

Cooking method:

1. Мелко порубите лук и чеснок, zucchini нарежьте некрупными
bars, do not cut off the peel.

2. Wash the meat with cold water and cut into large pieces.
Grind beef through a fine grate in a meat grinder.

3. Put the minced meat into the pan in a well-heated olive oil
and fry on low heat. The stuffing should not be dry, and at the same
time to stay crumbly. Therefore, during frying, knead
meat gathered in lumps with a fork.

4. When the meat is almost ready, add onions with
garlic and coarsely chopped tomatoes with juice. Remove in advance with
canned tomatoes skin. Season everything with ground pepper and
add chopped parsley. Stir and continue to simmer
about three minutes.

5. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Apply a layer of oil on
baking mold surface and place half boiled into it
until ready pasta. Put a layer of large cheese crumb on them
(half of the specified amount). On the cheese layer neatly
разложите zucchini.

6. In the cream, break the eggs and lightly whisk. Pour half
получившейся смеси в форму на zucchini и равномерно разложите
roasted minced meat.

7. Sprinkle the meat layer with the remaining cheese, lay out the remaining
pasta, pour the casserole with the remnants of the egg-milk mixture and a little
sprinkle with cheese crumb. Поместите форму в hot oven.

8. A casserole can be considered finished when its top layer
достаточно подрумянится, на это потребуется примерно полhours

Оригинальная запеканка из макарон в oven with cheese и


• 400 gr. long pasta;

• eight sausages;

• butter;

• portioned processed cheese (for cheeseburgers) – 8 plates;

• 50 gr. cheese, variety “Russian”;

• two eggs.

Cooking method:

1. Boil and lightly salt the water, dip the broken ones into it.
on the pasta pieces. Do not shrink, it is enough to break the product into three
parts. On low heat with a slight boil bring
макароны до полной readiness Put in a colander and several times
rinse with water.

2. When all the water is drained, put the pasta in a bowl and
mix with lightly beaten eggs.

3. Wrap each sausage with cheese and place it temporarily on
a plate.

4. In a small roasting pan covered with a layer of butter, put and
level half the pasta. Lay them wrapped in cheese
sausages and sprinkle them with the remaining pasta, flatten.

5. Top with a grate hard cheese and place
brazier in the oven.

6. Remove after 25-30 minutes, cool slightly and cut
casserole into portions.

Грибная запеканка из макарон в oven with cheese


• 200 gr. pasta (перья);

• 20 gr. �”Peasant” butter;

• half a cup of milk;

• three sausages;

• six eggs;

• 60 gr. cheese, any solid variety;

• four fresh champignons medium size.

Cooking method:

1. In salted boiling water, boil the “feathers” to 90%
readiness Then rinse with water, decant it and refill immediately.

2. Shake and slightly beat the eggs, pour in the milk and some more
shake to make the mixture homogeneous.

3. Grate hard cheese with a grater and mix with pasta.

4. Boil sausages, cool and chop small ones

5. Clean the champignons and weld for 5-6 minutes in a small
amount of lightly salted water.

6. Cut the mushrooms into strips or strips and send them together.
with slices of sausages to the “feathers.”

7. Fit a shape with small sides.
parchment, put in it the mass prepared for the casserole and
Pour all egg mash.

8. Bake at 180 degrees mushroom casserole for 20

Pasta Casserole in the oven with cheese, eggplant and


• macaroni (shaped, medium-sized) – 200 gr .;

• small eggplant;

• three eggs;

• a glass of low fat cream;

• cumin seeds, basil and dill – to taste;

• Cheese, Dutch variety – 100 gr.

• lean oil – 2 tbsp. l .;

• garlic;

• boiled ham – 150 gr.

Cooking method:

1. Cut the eggplant into cubes of arbitrary shape, not too
small and not large. Put the pieces of vegetable on a sieve, lightly salt it
and leave for a quarter of an hour. Chop garlic, ham
cut into thin strips.

2. Wash the eggplant slices from salt and bitterness. Drain well and
dip in the oil heated in the pan. Constantly stirring
fry for three minutes. At the end add garlic, mix and
cool it down

3. Boil the pasta until half cooked, rinse thoroughly and
Well strain the water.

4. Соедините макароны с остывшими баклажанами, ham и тёртым
cheese Add chopped dill, mix.

5. Beat the eggs with salt, mix them with cream and whip.

6. Put the products in the form, pour the cream. Sprinkle on top
cumin seeds and cover with foil.

7. Bake 25 minutes, cool slightly, cut into chunks and on
each place two basil leaves.

Casserole pasta in the oven with cheese and curd


• short pasta with holes – 200 gr.

• two large tomatoes (fresh);

• eggs – 3 pcs .;

• a handful of green olives (seedless);

• 250 gr. grainy cottage cheese;

• elastic 9% cottage cheese – 300 gr .;

• a pound of “Kostroma” cheese;

• two tablespoons of ground oregano.

Cooking method:

1. Отваренные до полуготовности макароны заправьте oil

2. For a moment, put the tomatoes in boiling water, then just as quickly
cool with water and gently remove the skin. Slice tomatoes
small slices.

3. Mix grainy cottage cheese with elastic. Add raw eggs,
oregano, chopped tomato flesh. Sprinkle cheese crumb and
mix it up. Be sure to salt it to your taste.

4. Mix the curd mass with the pasta and spread it out,
смазанной oil

5. Smooth the surface of the casserole and place for baking in
hot oven. Длительность preparations 40 minutes

Casserole pasta in the oven with cheese and chicken liver


• 300 gr. chilled chicken liver;

• a glass of fat milk;

• a spoonful of flour;

• 300 gr. long pasta with holes;

• one onion;

• two eggs;

• “Dutch” cheese, 200 gr .;

• 50 gr. cream “Peasant” butter.

Cooking method:

1. Wash the liver and cut it into several pieces (4-5

2. Fry shredded onions in a red hot
oil to golden color. Add chicken liver,
stir and leave to simmer over medium heat

3. Then sprinkle flour over the liver, mix thoroughly and
gently, without stopping to mix, pour in the milk. For flavor in
fried liver, you can add a small pinch of ground

4. Pasta ordinary length break in two and lower in
boiling, slightly salted water. When they reach readiness,
Drain and rinse the pasta well with hot water.

5. Apply oil to the rounded surface and spread it into
her half pasta. Try to place them “in a spiral.”

6. Top with the entire liver, and on it, also in a spiral,
Put the remaining pasta.

7. Pour the surface with grated cheese and spread on it.
thin sliced ​​butter.

8. Put the casserole in the oven and soak in it a quarter
hours The temperature is 180 degrees.

Pasta Casserole in the oven with cheese – tricks and wholesome
cooking tips

• To avoid sticking of the casserole to the walls and bottom of the mold,
make sure – sprinkle the oil layer with flour, fine
breadcrumbs or dry semolina.

• Any casserole that is not required to be sprinkled.
Grated cheese, you can still sprinkle. He will melt and cover
platter crust.

• Hot, gently chop the casserole practically
is impossible. Therefore, be sure to give the dish at least a very small
cool down

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