Papilloma – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Папилломой называют поражение кожи и слизистых
shells that occurs under the influence of papillomavirus
person Papillomas are divided into congenital and acquired, as well as
multiple and single.

Hitting the epithelium of the skin and mucous membranes, human papillomavirus
causes warts, genital warts,
various benign and malignant neoplasms. is he
transmitted by contact (through skin microtrauma), sexually,
perinatal (at birth) or even domestic, in which place
localization of formations is the face, neck, chest.

Papilloma symptoms

There are signs by which papilloma can be distinguished from moles and
warts. Papilloma almost always has a characteristic “mushroom” shape,
that is, a wider education round shape, located
on the leg. Although there are flat papillomas. By touch they can
be both dense and soft, with a rough surface, small or
coarse cauliflower. Papillomas usually
they range in size from 0.2 to 10 millimeters (sometimes
large papillomas having a diameter of up to 2 cm).

Coloring papillomas may be different. For mucous papillomas
shell more characteristic white color, they can also be
colorless. Bladder papillomas can be very dense
which is explained by the deposition of calcium salts.

As a rule, papillomas grow slowly, although sometimes
for example, during pregnancy or stress, they can quickly
increase in size and quantity.

If the base of the papilloma is damaged, it becomes inflamed and may
turn black. Trauma and infection with papillomas are the main
indications for their removal.

Papilloma – diagnosis

As a rule, papilloma can be easily detected during a routine examination.
dermatologist or gynecologist (depending on the location of
education). The viral nature of papilloma is confirmed by
PCR is a special research method that allows to detect
viral particles in smears and scrapings. Detection of relevant
signs of human papillomavirus infection suggests
targeted biopsy. In the event of at least one papilloma
urgent measures need to be taken to destroy it.

Папиллома – treatment и профилактика

Как правило, treatment папиллом является хирургическим, с
use of cryodestruction and electrocoagulation. Forecast at the same time
The disease is usually favorable. Remove papilloma in
in some cases it is fraught with relapses or malignancy, that is,
transition to cancer. Genital warts are treated
chemical preparations (podophyllin, podophyllotoxin) or
removed surgically. Sometimes genital warts can
disappear without treatment.

As we have said, removing papillomas is not a panacea for their
re-education, and it is possible with any method
treatment, since for this virus it is possible to preserve
adjacent to the place of its localization environment (skin or mucous membranes,
even outwardly healthy). Therefore, after the removal of papilloma is carried out
surface treatment with special antiviral skin
medication and conducting medical treatment, for which
используются средства для повышения иммунитета person

That is, the carrier of this viral disease a person remains
for several years even after papilloma removal. therefore
In this case, an important part of prevention is complex
recovery of the body. Also, prevention of papillomas is
careful handling of cuts and scratches on the skin to prevent
infections through them enter the body. It is also important
avoid stress and maintain your immune system in good shape.

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