Pancreatitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Панкреатит — группа болезней, которая связана с
inflammation of the pancreas. With the development of inflammatory
process enzymes that are produced by the gland are not released in
the duodenum, resulting in these substances
remain in the gland and gradually begin to destroy it (so
called self-digestion). Toxins and other substances
released during this process can damage the brain, heart,
kidneys and liver.

Help with an acute attack of pancreatitis can a cold bottle with
water, which should be applied in the place where the pain is most
intense. In acute illness, immediate action is required.

Pancreatitis – causes

The main cause of pancreatitis is gallbladder disease.
the bubble. In addition, the following factors can be noted:
lead to inflammation of the pancreas: – surgery on
biliary tract or stomach; – duodenal ulcer
guts; – wounds and injuries of the abdomen; – taking a number of medicinal
drugs (antibiotics, estrogens and others); – infectious
diseases (hepatitis, parotitis); – the presence of parasites; – violation
hormonal background; – violation of metabolic processes; – disease

Unfortunately, in 30% of cases, the cause of pancreatitis
can not be installed.

Pancreatitis symptoms

Symptoms of acute pancreatitis include severe pain.
arching as well as vomiting. Depending on location
localization of the inflammatory process, the disease manifests itself
pain in the right or left hypochondrium, in
epigastric region. The shingles nature of the pain is not excluded.

Symptoms of chronic pancreatitis include lack of
appetite, bloating and vomiting, disruption
gastrointestinal tract, pain in the upper abdomen.
The chronic form develops long enough, sometimes over
several years.

In rare cases, the disease proceeds with inexpressive
symptomatology, which significantly complicates the formulation of the correct

Pancreatitis – diagnosis

Typically, the diagnosis of pancreatitis is based on
symptoms, so the symptoms of acute pancreatitis are well expressed.
It remains for the doctor to determine only the form of the disease and select
necessary in each case, the tactics of treatment. Enough
often performed laparoscopy – inspection of the abdominal cavity from the inside at
using special tools. In the event that there are
suspicions of the presence of stone in the bile ducts, conduct
X-ray and endoscopic examination.

Панкреатит – treatment и профилактика

The standard approach to the treatment of pancreatitis is medication,
eliminating the symptoms of lack of enzymes. This therapy will help
reduce symptoms of the disease.

При остром панкреатите treatment проводится только в хирургическом
hospital Therapy is carried out on the principle of “cold, hunger and
peace. ” However, in extremely advanced cases, surgical treatment is required.
intervention. That is why it should be very careful
treat early manifestations of the disease. Hospitalization is
rather not the first, but the penultimate call.

Chronic pancreatitis requires proper nutrition. AT
the store can not take products that contain a large number
food additives with an index E. It is necessary to limit the fat and spicy
food, carbonated drinks, low alcohol and alcoholic beverages
non-natural origin. Sometimes you can afford to dry
wine, whiskey or cognac (undesirable).

Preventive measures suggest limiting
eating harmful foods that are listed above.
Only healthy food can protect you from such a dangerous
diseases like pancreatitis.

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