Painful bones on the legs: how to get rid ofthem? We find unique methods that reduce inflammation of the bones onfeet

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Happy is the woman whose legs did not twist the painful
косточки на feet.

The terrible pain is holding down, especially when you’re in new shoes on
stilettos and you are at a gala event.

This is where endurance, willpower and character are needed to “keep
улыбку», но, имея косточки на feet, как избавиться от них можно
find the answer by examining the nature of their appearance.

Косточки на feet: причины и виды

Both men and women suffer from flat feet, but for some reason
bones around the thumb grow mainly in women, hitting
men only 15 percent.

Deformation of the bone near the thumb or, as they say in
the people, the appearance of “bumps” is caused by several reasons and
does not happen instantly.

– Transverse flatfoot causes curvature of the thumb,
it occurs in early childhood. So, if you turn in time
attention to this problem, it is possible to avoid the appearance of pits on
feet, как избавиться от них не надо будет и думать.

– Наследственное изменение положения пальцев на feet можно
adjust as soon as possible with the best effort
prevent warping.

– The formation of “bumps” contributes to narrow shoes, fixing
incorrect position of the finger, contributing to the deposition of salts
calcium in the inflamed area, forming a growth.

– The wrong shoe, especially with high heels,
it increases the load in the transverse plane
thumb up. When standing for a long time, the pain caused
rubbing, inflammation, swelling of the joint.

The change in position of the thumb can be divided into three
стадии или вида

1. The finger is barely twisted, pain occurs only when wearing narrow

2. The thumb shift can be seen visually, while
The neighboring finger starts to deform.

3. The most difficult stage in which the bone bulges out,
the slope of the thumb deforms the entire foot.

Косточки на feet: как избавиться – лекарства и процедуры

The appearance of “bumps” on the thumb will signal not
only visible deformity of the foot, but also pain that will
get worse at night, it means that your legs hit
valgus deviation.

Most recently, the only way out was
an operation during which the bones on the fingers were simply cut off,
removing one problem, creating new difficulties.

Currently developed new drugs and methods without
операционного лечения косточек на feet, избавить от которых надо,
As soon as possible.

Во многих лечебных кабинетах вам предложат комплексное
косточек на feet, избавиться от них при этом
can be forever.

1. Offering shock wave therapy, which results in

• destruction of calcium deposits;

• the growth is reduced;

• elasticity of again restored fabrics increases,

The doctors of the clinic prepare the foot for further procedures.

2. Therapeutic foot massage is done from the tips of the fingers to the hips,
providing a rush of blood, restoration of cartilage tissue.

3. To adjust the points of support select special

4. To change the position of the thumb, medical
partitions, to enhance the action which you will be offered sessions
yoga, heat treatment, special gymnastics.

5. Each doctor will advise for faster disposal of
косточек на feet приобрести домашние массажеры, коврики.

For the correction of the position of the thumb, special
socks, which wear during the day, contributes not only
relieve swelling and pain, but also restores mobility and
правильное положение thumb up.

Порой ищем лекарства от косточек на feet, как избавиться от
them, and the miracle doctor is next.

Косточки на feet: как избавиться – народные средства

– Withменение йода в соединении с различными
components quickly relieve inflammation, stop growth

1. Хозяйственным мылом натираем и одновременно
Massaging the inflamed bone for 5-7 minutes, well
wash it off, dry the skin and apply an iodine grid on it.

2. Камфорное масло может заменить хозяйственное
soap during the massage, then the grid is drawn again with iodine.

3. Долгим, но эффективным будет лечением медицинской
, из которой делается компресс, прикладываемый на
iodized surface. On cotton dipped
bile, applied cellophane, warm fabric that can not be removed
during the night.

4. Свежевыжатый сок лимона и йод смешать в
proportions 2: 1, with the addition of 2 tablets of aspirin in a crushed form.
Formed gruel, which is used in the form of a compress,
applied under the cellophane at night. Carry out the procedure according to the scheme
3 days we treat, week – rest.

5. Во время цветения одуванчиков можно
make an ointment from its flowers. Need to pick some flowers
100 grams and pour them with iodine so that all the flowers “drown”,
put in a dark place for a week, and then use in quality
iodine net.

Картофель пригодится для приготовления как
baths and compress.

From potato peelings you need to cook a fat in which to soar
feet, while cooling it to the desired temperature. The main thing is not
get burnt. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes, and
constantly add hot water.

After the procedure, wipe your feet dry and on the bones
Apply either a slurry of raw potatoes, or glue to
«шишкам» размягченный кусочек прополиса.

Withготовление этой мази потребует времени.
First you need to dissolve the egg, which has a white shell, for this
it needs to be poured over with vinegar and put until completely dissolved in
fridge. It may take a couple of weeks. When the shells are no longer
will be, throw away the film, add 1 tbsp. salted pork
bacon and 1 tsp. turpentine ointment, mix everything thoroughly. This
ointment grease affected gout bones every other day, preferably
do it at night, alternating rubbing with iodine net.

– Residents of Baikal claim that a good result brings
a bit of a strange recipe, its implementation is possible if in your
the house lives fisherman. Неделю, каждый день подряд, на ночь к
больному месту привязывается незамороженная речная рыба
Of course, her piece is pitted, in the morning everything is washed off, in pits
rubbed fir oil, which in parallel “kills” and fishy smell.
The course of treatment is carried out every 3 months.

– Самостоятельно можно приготовить противовоспалительное
, которое быстро снимет отек и боли.

In the pharmacy we buy red clay – 50 g, sea salt -30 g,
turpentine, we need only 6 – 8 drops. We mix everything in
a glass of warm water and gradually smear on the bones, layer after
layer, hold until complete hardening of the clay and wash off. A course of treatment
– 15 days.

– Do not want to do any preparations of ointments and
lapping, just dissolve in water, the temperature of which is not higher
температуры человеческого тела, соль из расчета 1
Art. l 250 ml of liquid and hold this infusion legs for
15 minutes, then wipe your feet dry and wear warm socks.

Salt is better to use sea or stone, large. With
neglected disease should be 4 courses for 15 days from
week break between them.

Косточки на feet: как избавиться и предотвратить

Если причиной образования косточек на feet является нарушение
metabolism, increased calcium deposition, then with the help of herbal
infusions taken orally, you can organize enhanced output

Madder dye, taken as a decoction, serves as a good
diuretic agent. To prepare it in the water bath set
емкость с 2-мя Art.l chopped madder and 0.5 liters of hot water,
evaporate 10 – 15 minutes, cool, filter and take 100 each
ml 2 times a day.

Имея предрасположение к образованию косточки на feet, как
our great-grandfathers were looking for them to get rid of them, try to wear
wider shoes, putting health first, not

Fashionable shoes also should not be taboo for women, therefore
You should get a corrector in advance that supports large
fingers in the correct position.

Provide your legs with the right blood flow, make
Exercises for the feet are also regular, as is charging. If such
things you have not done before, you have to start right now,
until the bones have grown to the size of a walnut.

Everything is done very simply. Sitting anywhere, try
roll foot from toe to heel. Moving from room to
room, get up sharply take a few steps and go
full stop.

Remember, a disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

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