Osteomyelitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sun, Apr 24, 2016

Остеомиелит — заболевание, связанное с
bone infection that causes the development of
inflammatory process. In this case, not only the affected person suffers.
bone, but also bone marrow. The disease can manifest itself as
acute and chronic.

With the defeat of bone tissue by pathogenic microorganisms,
leucocytes migrate to the nidus of infection, which secrete special
enzymes that break down damaged bone. Formed pus
begins to spread through the blood vessels, which leads to
bone sequestration and to the formation of prerequisites for development
хронического inflammatory process.

Osteomyelitis – causes

Predisposition to the development of osteomyelitis occurs in
the result of a general weakening of a person’s immunity, which may
caused by a variety of reasons. Reason for development
diseases are bone injuries (various injuries, fractures), in
which results in bone tissue being infected.

Factors that can cause osteomyelitis:

– infectious diseases, which are mainly caused
staphylococcus, gonococcus or streptococcus; – chronic infections
soft tissues; – diseases of the teeth; – immunodeficiency; – avitaminosis; –
work in conditions of low or high temperatures.

Osteomyelitis – symptoms

Medicine identifies several forms of osteomyelitis, which
differ in symptoms as well as in possible prognosis
further condition of the patient. However, in any form of osteomyelitis
pronounced symptoms of acute intoxication of the body: general
weakness, high body temperature, local pain or
common nature, pallor.

As the purulent process progresses clearly manifest
local changes that are observed in the area of ​​pathological
hearth. First, changes in the skin become noticeable, which
also characterized by tenderness to palpation. Afterwards
an abscess is formed, which after a while breaks through.
The affected tissues soften and a local fistula forms.

In the case of an abscess breakthrough, the body temperature is normalized, and
the pain subsides, but these phenomena do not indicate

Osteomyelitis – diagnosis

Diagnosis of osteomyelitis is made by a surgeon or
by a traumatologist on the basis of examination and collection of anamnesis, symptoms,
as well as laboratory tests. In addition to generally accepted methods
use bone marrow biopsy, x-rays, tomography, puncture
bone marrow channel, radioisotope scanning.

Diagnosis is complicated by the fact that osteomyelitis does not have
specific symptoms by which one can unambiguously identify
the disease is in its early stages.

Остеомиелит – treatment и профилактика

The treatment of osteomyelitis is complex and is carried out
exclusively in a supervised hospital

First of all, carry out the rehabilitation of the affected area. At the same time
с этим проводится антибактериальная терапия, а также treatment,
aimed at strengthening the overall immunity of the patient. Besides,
carry out detoxification of the body.

Of particular importance in the treatment of osteomyelitis is the correct tactics.
antibacterial treatment. As a rule, it is long and has
a lot of side effects. Antibiotic prescribing is only possible.
after identifying the microorganism that caused osteomyelitis.

In particularly severe cases, surgery is indicated. AT
during the operation, the sequestral box is opened and the
sequestrators. AT послеоперационный период назначают антибиотики и
общеукрепляющее treatment.

Prevention of osteomyelitis is the timely treatment
foci of infection will also benefit from activities that promote
strengthen the body’s immunity.


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