Osteochondrosis curable folk remedies?Alternative help with osteochondrosis: folk remedies forrelieve symptoms

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It is known that the spinal column not only holds all of our
skeleton, but also provides flexibility to the whole body.

It consists of vertebrae, interconnected
intervertebral discs (cartilaginous layers). They are
good shock absorbers and provide flexibility of the vertebrae.

Однако с возрастом эти амортизаторы теряют свою
. The discs gradually condense, the vertebrae between
themselves come together, and the nerve endings extending from the spinal cord,
are clamped. Hence, back pain, frequent dizziness, noise in
ears and eye problems.

Все это симптомы такого опасного и очень
common disease like osteochondrosis. Enough
say that more than 90 percent of Russians in varying degrees
suffer from this disease.

Why osteochondrosis occurs?

• long and excessive loads on the spine

• spinal injury

• hard physical work

• flat feet

• lack of micronutrients and vitamins

• stoop or curvature of the spine

• metabolic disease

• hypothermia

• additional loads on the spine due to walking on high

• obesity

• genetic predisposition

Danger and harmful effects of osteochondrosis

Gradual disruptive process in the intervertebral discs like
usually leads to other equally dangerous diseases. If a
underestimate the danger that osteochondrosis hides in itself, and not
treat it in time, then with time the edges of the intervertebral discs
begin to speak beyond the spinal column and pinch the nerve
spinal nerve roots.

And this contributes to the formation of intervertebral hernia and
radiculitis In medicine, this state of affairs is called procrusion.
It leads to impaired blood circulation, which in turn
negatively affects the work of the internal organs and muscles.

Types of osteochondrosis and its symptoms

There are osteochondrosis:

• neck

• thoracic

• lumbar

Поясничный – самый распространенный
osteochondrosis. It causes pain in the lower back and pelvic area.

Шейный характеризуется болью в плечевом поясе и
in the head.

Грудной остеохондроз считается особенно
dangerous. It is harder to recognize because it skillfully disguises itself as
other diseases. Although the disease is not easy, but with the help
x-ray, computer or magnetic resonance
tomography doctors learned to quickly explore the state
spinal column, establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe
effective drug treatment.

However, there are more simple folk remedies
osteochondrosis. Herbal infusions and decoctions, compresses, massages and
physical exercises help not only to relieve acute pain
symptoms, but also stop the development of the disease.

Simple folk remedies for the treatment of osteochondrosis

1. Морская соль избавляет от приступов
diseases. Dissolve a spoonful of sea salt in a liter of water. Boil
and cool. Rubbing the neck and spine with a towel dipped in this
solution, you will soon feel how the back pain goes away and you
it gets easier.

2. Хозяйственное мыло натрите на терке.
Add a spoon of soda, 100 g of vegetable oil and a little sea
salt. Mix everything well, let stand for 3 days. Finished
ointment lubricate your back for the night 2 weeks in a row. After 5 days
break the procedure again, repeat.

3. Листья хрена на секунду опустите в кипяток.
When cool, attach to the sore spot, tied on top
warm scarf or scarf. And the attached steamed bay leaf with
gelatin will not only relieve the pain, but also lift the spoiled

4. Возьмите натуральную холщовую ткань, смоченную в
. Squeeze it well so that it is not
kerosene fumes. Smear the back of the fabric with soap. the cloth
apply in the form of a compress, wrapping cellophane and warm on top
handkerchief for a couple of hours.

Attention! If a начнет сильно жечь, компресс
Immediately remove and wipe the skin dry.

5. Замесить тесто из 200 граммов ржаной муки
special work will not be. It is only necessary to let it stand for 2 days.
At the very beginning of the treatment procedure, you must drink a glass.

Then put the dough on cheesecloth and put it in the form of a compress on
sore spot, having previously lubricated it with turpentine. Above
cover with cellophane and a towel.

Soon you will feel tingling and even a slight burning sensation on the body.
What can you do, you have to suffer. But then, especially after
re-procedure, the back pain will pass, lightness will appear and
confidence in the movements.

6. Две ложки меда залейте кипятком и поставить
on fire. Cool and add a third of a cup of blackberry juice. Decoction
Take two spoons in the morning, afternoon and evening. The very next day
you will notice how back pains will subside.

7. If you wish, you can use another honey product.
traditional medicine. Одну столовую ложку грецких
хорошенько измельчите и перемешайте с ложкой
меда. Use as usual medicine: one
spoon three times a day.

8. Столовая ложка муки и 100 граммов
сливочного масла могут поставить самого безнадежно
sick on foot if these ingredients are mixed with an egg and add
a spoonful of vinegar. The resulting mixture must be kept a couple of days in
dark place, remove the film, stir and rub into those places that
particularly worried.

9. In addition, to recover from osteochondrosis and sciatica will help
такое известное народное средство, как сок редьки,
which must be mixed with honey and add to the composition of a half glass
vodka. If a все это тщательно размешать и дать настояться, то
get a wonderful healing rubbing, which for the price and
efficiency is not inferior to the best overseas counterparts.

10. Лимон и чеснок. Three lemons flow through
grinder, add 150 grams of garlic. Put the mixture in
two-liter jar and pour boiling water. Drink balm before meals, immediately
a few sips.

11. Хорошо в таких случаях пить отвар из листьев
. Steam the leaves in boiling water, put the mixture on
cooker and boil them for 15-20 minutes. After the decoction has cooled,
drink half a glass a day.

Simple massage as an effective folk remedy

Скалка для раскатывания теста – хорошее народное
от хруста в шее и скованности в позвоночнике.

It is often used as a massage device.
Rolling pin is taken in hand and lightly tapped on the shoulders, on the shoulder blades, on
spine. Tapping should be rhythmic and light.
Главное — не переусердствовать.

But it’s best to lie down on the floor with a rolling pin under your back and start
ride it back and forth, back and forth. However do these
Exercise must be regularly every day for twenty minutes.

Some useful tips

There is an erroneous opinion among the people that osteochondrosis is a lot
fat people and the elderly. But in fact, this is not quite true or
not at all. Science has found that lately
osteochondrosis visibly younger.

Vertebral problems began to bother young people, starting with
twenty years old. To guard against this dangerous
diseases, except using the most popular folk methods
лечения osteochondrosis, придерживайтесь простых

1. It is necessary to evenly distribute the load when lifting

2. If a все же пришлось поднимать что-то тяжелое, желательно
use the belt weightlifter.

3. Any burden should not be carried in one hand. The best way –
distribution of gravity on both hands.

4. With a long pastime at the computer is necessary
do a warm-up every 20 minutes. You can get up, do exercises or
just in the process of working often change the position of the body.

5. Beware of hypothermia. Ultimately, this may
cause exacerbation of the disease. The back and neck should always be in

6. Proper, balanced nutrition. Eating
foods high in calcium helps to strengthen
bones and cartilage.

7. Morning gymnastics, skiing or cycling
walks are the key to strengthening the back muscles and internal organs.

8. Refusal of too high heels. While the woman is young,
wearing trendy shoes does not affect her. But this is deceptive
opinion. For 40 years, and even earlier lover of high heels
Be sure to feel the consequences of the race for fashion.

В заключение еще один добрый совет: старайтесь
protect your health. Practice tempering the body. it
will help strengthen your muscular corset.

Avoid stressful situations. Live with everyone in the world, rejoice
life, as her small children rejoice. Do more to others, and
all your good to you and return in the form of health.

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