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Pancakes – a dish that everyone knows.

But not everyone gets it the way you want.

Openwork pancakes are the most delicious, tender, bring joy when
just by looking.

What to say about the taste! Indulge openwork pancakes?


Openwork pancakes with milk – the general principles of cooking

Milk in pancake dough can be taken fresher or sour. Everything
depends on the chosen recipe and product in the fridge. Pancakes
sour milk tastes different but also has many

What is usually put in the dough:

• eggs (but you can cook without them, the recipe is below);

• sugar, salt;

• flour (usually wheat is used);

• butter.

Dough for pancakes liquid. You need to be able to catch the right one.
consistency in which the product is thin, but not
breaks. Therefore, many can not cook the dough “by eye”.
It is better to follow the recipe, keep the proportions of the main

For delicacy are used different tricks, for example, add
soda or baking powder. There are scalded recipes with boiling water.
Yeast dough also allows you to get leaky and airy
pancakes Everything эти рецепты можно найти ниже. But it won’t work,
if there is no good frying pan. It should have a thick, smooth
bottom without scratches. Then the pancakes will be perfectly baked and
easy to part with a pot.

Openwork pancakes with milk and soda

Option simple openwork pancakes on milk with eggs. Recipe with
perfect proportions. To make holes, the dish was
really “openwork” is added a little soda.


• flour 1.5 tbsp .;

• two eggs;

• whole milk 2.5 st .;

• sugar 1 l .;

• 3 l. oils;

• salt;

• soda small pinch.


1. Take a deep bowl or saucepan. Beat the eggs, pour in
half milk or a little more, but not less.

2. Add salt and sugar, whisk with a whisk. Great facilitates
cooking mixer, but do not beat at high speeds, put
the smallest speed.

3. Now pour the flour. Immediately all. Stir the dough. It will
thick as for fritters.

4. Add milk residue, whisk whisk until

5. Add soda and oil in the last step, stir.

6. Take a griddle, oil well and well.
warm up

7. Ladle, type dough, pour into the pan and quickly
distribute pancake. To do this, you need to twist the pan
swinging movements. Immediately on the surface of the pellet will be
appear holes.

8. As soon as the pancake is baked on one side, you need to turn it over.
Bake until all the dough is finished.

Openwork pancakes on milk without eggs

Recipe for openwork pancakes on milk, for which not even
need eggs! Take butter for the dough cream, get
much tastier.


• liter of milk;

• 2.5 standard cups of flour;

• 60 g oil drain. (you can take the baked);

• 3 g of soda;

• 20 g of oil (take any vegetable);

• 3 l. Sahara.


1. sift flour, add to it salt and soda with sugar,

2. Melt butter in a skillet, you can immediately take
pancake on which you will cook.

3. Add half of the milk and vegetable oil to the dry mix.
Stir with a whisk. It should make a thick dough without

4. Add the rest of the milk, pour in the melted butter. Dough
is ready!

5. Warm the pan with the remaining oil.

6. Pour some dough, spread it with swinging movements.
frying pans in an even pancake, fry on both sides.

7. Put the finished pancakes in the pile, promazyvaya each

Openwork pancakes on milk with boiling water

The recipe for custard pancakes, which are obtained unusually
beautiful Ruddy and fishnet!


• 2 eggs eggs;

• milk 200 ml;

• spoon of sugar;

• 2/3 cup (about 140 grams) of boiling water;

• 2 l. oils;

• salt;

• flour 1.5 -1.7 glasses.


1. Beat eggs and sugar, salt. For this amount
about half of a small spoonful of salt will go away.

2. Add milk.

3. Now it’s time to fill the flour. Dough после размешивания будет
thick. Взбейте его до homogeneity.

4. Now it’s hot water. He must be cool. Pour thin
trickle. Stir the dough with your other hand.

5. It remains to add vegetable oil.

6. Grease the pan for the first time with a drop of oil or rub
a piece of bacon, as they did in ancient times. Prokalite well.

7. Bake the first pancake, remove.

8. If the pan is good, then you do not need to grease more. If
the next pancakes stick, then grease each time. Easiest
soak a cloth in the oil and rub the bottom with a thin layer so as not to
overdo it with butter.

Openwork pancakes with sour milk

Option openwork pancakes, which uses sour
milk. A wonderful way to determine stagnant product.
The same recipe can be used if kefir or
natural yogurt, any ryazhenka or leaven.


• 400 g sour milk;

• 2 tbsp. flour;

• 2 eggs eggs;

• 20 г oils;

• standard (200 g) glass of boiling water;

• 0.5 tsp. soda;

• sugar 30 grams.


1. Combine sour milk with eggs. Whisk well

2. Add sugar and salt, whisk again.

3. Now you need to fill the flour. Add whole, stir until
растворения всех lumps. Dough получится густое, но

4. It’s time to brew a lot. For this in a glass of boiling water
quickly stir soda. We do this over the test, as the mass will be
sizzle and rise. It is better to use a mug with a pen or

5. Pour boiling water into the dough, quickly stir.

6. Add a little oil, stir the last time.

7. Жарим обычные pancakes They will spread out in a thin layer,
there will be a lot of holes.

Delicious pancakes on milk with yeast

Recipe yeast pancakes, but thin and openwork. They turn out
very tender, soft, incredibly tasty. Yeast use dry,
as they are convenient and affordable.


• 3.5 glasses of milk;

• 8 g yeast;

• 2 eggs;

• 500 г flour;

• sugar 2 tbsp. l .;

• oils 2 tbsp. l .;

• salt.


1. Heat half a glass of milk.

2. Add yeast and sugar, leave for five minutes, carefully
stirring If a frothy hat appears on the surface, then the yeast
good, you can begin to knead the dough.

3. Now we add a small spoon without a slide to this talker.
соли, вливаем оставшееся milk. It should be too

4. Separately, shake the eggs and also add to the yeast
to the test.

5. Pour flour, stir and add oil.

6. We put in the heat, waiting for the rise. The bowl must be big, so
as the dough will increase in volume at least three times.

7. As soon as the dough has risen, quickly stir the big
with a spoon. We go up two more times.

8. Grease the pan. We set to bask.

9. With a ladle we collect dough and pour it onto a hot surface.
Dough должно растекаться пенкой. The bubbles will burst,
turn into holes, they get a lot.

10. As soon as the pancake is reddened on the first side, it should be
flip over.

11. Dough будет очень быстро подниматься, при каждом наборе в
ladle it should be well stirred.

Openwork pancakes on milk with baking powder

The recipe for pancakes, in which even the first does not work lumpy.
Of course, when using a good frying pan. Take the ripper
ordinary baking in the bag.


• 3.5 glasses of milk;

• 2 стакана flour;

• 3 eggs;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper;

• salt, sugar;

• some oil.


1. Baking ripper is always mixed with flour. Can their
immediately connect and sift together, it will be better.

2. Throw the eggs in a bowl, add about half the tea
spoons of salt. Насыпаем две ложки Sahara.

3. Armed with a whisk, whip.

4. Add milk.

5. Constantly whisking the mixture with a whisk, add all the flour.

6. Fill the dough with butter, mix.

7. Heat the greased pan to haze, spill
половником тесто, готовим румяные, тонкие и ажурные pancakes

Openwork pancakes with milk from a bottle

An interesting way of cooking openwork pancakes, which
are prepared using the bottle. Any, but not very big,
1.5 liters is enough.


• any dough on milk;

• some oil or grease to grease the pan.


1. Prepare any dough on milk, but not yeast.
It is no good.

2. Take a funnel, insert into the neck, pour the dough into
a bottle. If there is a lot of it, then it is not necessary to pour out everything, otherwise the hand will
It’s hard to draw lace.

3. Heat the greased pan.

4. Now pour the dough out of the neck of the bottle, but
not in one pile. Draw a thin stream of patterns, the lines should not
interrupted. Do it quickly.

5. Once the laces are baked, turn the pancake over to another.
side and bake.

Openwork pancakes with milk – tips and tricks

• Dough прилипает к сковородке? It may be too liquid.
No matter how great the desire to cook thin pancakes,
add flour. It is better to pour out a portion of the dough, add flour, beat, and
then connect with the rest of the mass. This will help avoid

• Thin pancakes are very easy to overdry, they will become tasteless.
To avoid this, do not keep long on the second side. She is
all the same, it will not work as rosy as the first.

• Even if it is supposed to serve pancakes with salty and spicy
fillings, do not forget to add sugar to the dough. Without him color
pancakes will be ugly, and the taste is poor.

• In the old days, the griddle was always smeared with a piece of fresh bacon.
They pinned it on a fork and drove it over a hot surface. This
the way is convenient to use now, if there is no good pan,
you have to regularly coat the pot.

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