Ointment Pinosol – instructions for use

Ointment ПиносолOintment Pinosol is a natural means of complex exposure, used for the topical treatment of acute and chronic forms runny nose Effective and at the same time sparing effect of the drug due to its unique composition, including mint, eucalyptus, mountain pine and various plant extracts. Ointment обладает bactericidal and analgesic properties.


The composition of the ointment Pinosol and release form

Transparent white nasal ointment Pinosol has a pleasant smell of essential oils. The composition of the ointment includes only natural. components that have an effective careful effect on the hearth problems and guaranteed to relieve nasal congestion. So in The composition of the ointment includes the following active ingredients:

  • pine oil;
  • Eucalyptus oil;
  • α-tocopherol acetate;
  • thymol;
  • levomentol.

Auxiliary components of Pinosol include:

  • white petrolatum;
  • white wax;
  • labrafil M-1944-CS;
  • butylhydroxyanisole.

pharmachologic effect

Ointment Пиносол – это противоконгестивный препарат, который made on the basis of vegetable components. Means intended for local use. This tool has pronounced antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Proper use of Pinosol and compliance with the recommendations set out in the instructions to the ointment, will allow as soon as possible ease nasal breathing and also eliminate неприятные симптомы и основную причину runny nose


What helps ointment: indications for use

The drug in question helps to cope with congestion. the nose. In this case, the ointment is effective in combating not only with acute symptoms, but also with chronic rhinitis. So among main indications for the use of ointment Pinosol experts highlight following symptoms:

Пиносол от насморка

  • acute and chronic inflammatory diseases affecting nasopharyngeal mucosa. ATысыхание слизистой the nose.
  • Condition after surgery, accompanied by the occurrence дискомфорта в области носоглотки, тампонады the nose.

Dosing and Administration

Ointment Пиносол рекомендована к применению взрослыми и детьми в aged over two years. The instructions for use of the ointment said, that the drug is applied in a small amount to a depth of about 0.5 cm into each nasal passage and evenly distributed over the surface nasal mucosa. For a more convenient introduction you can use a cotton swab or swab. Rub ointment следует путем нажатия на крылья the nose.

Doctors recommend carrying out the procedure several times a day. AT The average treatment lasts one to two weeks. Increase the duration the course is possible only on the basis of the prescriptions of the attending physician.

Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

Despite the natural composition of Pinosol, the use of ointment in some cases may provoke the development of side effects. So, this drug should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the composite components of the ointment. Contraindications include inflammation of the mucous membrane of allergic origin.

Ointment Пиносол не предназначена для лечения насморка у детей в возрасте до одного года. AT крайних случаях препарат может вызвать зуд, покраснение, жжение и раздражение слизистой the nose. ATо время лечения нужно строго следовать инструкции, чтобы не допустить передозировки. Negative reactions as a result of the interaction of the ointment with other drugs was not observed.

Is it possible to ointment Pinosol during pregnancy? < / h2>

Женщины во время беременности, к великому сожалению, не застрахованы от простуды и runny nose When the immune system does not cope and, despite the interesting situation, the expectant mother still becomes ill, inevitably there is an urgent need to find an effective and harmless way to quickly get rid of the problem. It is extremely important in the shortest possible time to eliminate nasal congestion, since the lack of oxygen for the fetus can turn into serious problems with the health of the baby.

Ointment подходит для применения женщинами во время беременности и грудного вскармливания (период лактации). As noted above, the drug does not contain in its composition of complex and aggressive active substances.

Special instructions < / h2>

Pinosol is used for the treatment of rhinitis in children from one year to two years only if strictly followed the instructions of the drug and the recommended dosages. Do not allow hit ointment on the mucous membrane of the eyes. Butylhydroxyanisol, which is part of the drug, can cause irritation of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes in cases when a person is hypersensitive to this component.

Price < / h2>

The cost of nasal ointment Pinosol can vary depending on the place of its implementation and the individual approach of the seller to the organization of the business. So in разных аптеках и интернет-магазинах цены на препарат могут слегка разниться. Как правило, мазь продается в тубах по 10 г. AT среднем стоимость такой упаковки в аптеке или специализированном интернет-магазине составляет 300-350 rubles.

Analogs of Pinosol Ointment < / h2>

The drug Pinosol has no analogues with identical composition, that is, exactly the same medicinal components and the concentration of active substances. For this reason, the following groups of drugs can be considered as medications similar to those of Pinasol ointment:

  1. Boromentol. Effectively eliminates such pronounced manifestations of flu and colds, as rhinitis, neuralgia and itching. < / Li>
  2. Star Ointment местного действия применяется в составе комплексной симптоматической терапии в целях устранения болей в голове, простуды, головокружений, тошноты, насморка и отека носовой полости.
  3. Mentovazol. This drug is prescribed for rhinitis, as well as infectious and inflammatory diseases involving lesions of the nasopharynx. < / Li>
  4. Pinovit. Means показано при острой и хронической форме насморка неаллергического происхождение. The use of the drug allows you to get rid of nasal congestion and headaches caused by colds. < / Li> < / ol> |

    Reviews < / h2>

    Альбина, 38 лет: ATо время беременности мне не повезло простудиться. There was a bad cold, but I didn’t want to take the pills and drops at all, because I was afraid that the medicines might negatively affect the child’s development. Friends advised to buy Pinosol ointment. The nasal congestion disappeared after the first few days of application. Highly recommend.

    Tatyana, 51 < / strong> : I was personally pleased that Pinosol ointment is also suitable for children. I used to treat this cold and my husband with this remedy, and then I learned that the medicine is also suitable for the youngest patients. The child began to breathe normally on the second day of the drug.

    Karina, 24 years old < / strong> : I read Pinosol ointment reviews on the Internet and decided to try it. I suffer from childhood because of chronic rhinitis, and no money was saved from it. The symptoms lasted literally for a couple of days, and then returned again. The drug Pinosol has become for me the only effective remedy, therefore, those who do not know how to cope with nasal congestion, I strongly recommend to try this miracle of medicine.


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