Oak – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Mon, 04 Jul 2016

Oak – general description

The oak is a mighty tree of the beech family, it reaches a height
30 meters or more. It is characterized by a high lifespan.
– up to 500 years, and this is not the age limit. By some
data, Stelmuk oak, comfortably “living” in Lithuania, more
two thousand years.

The crown of an oak, consisting of leathery leaves, is sprawling,
powerful, ovoid or cylindrical in shape. Tree bark –
smooth, with a characteristic gray tint; but over the years it has become coarsening
darkens and acquires typical cracking. Brown oak shoots
or red-brown, the kidneys in shape resemble an inverted egg.

Oak begins to blossom after half a century from the moment of birth. how
It usually occurs in the spring from April to May. Fruit
– single nesting acorns – ripen in the first half of autumn. Oak –
light-loving plant that constantly stretches to the light, changing
its direction depending on the lighting. That is why
some oaks have oddly twisted bends.

Oak – виды и места произрастания

In the world flora, the genus includes about 600 species. Natural
The regions of the Northern Hemisphere became the ranges of the evergreen tree.
To survive the oak requires a temperate or warm climate, therefore
In some countries, oak does not grow. Not a single copy of you
also not found in South America, Australia and Africa, for
the exception of the Mediterranean strip.

In Russia, the most common types of oak are: oak
pedunculate (ordinary) and rock oak. The first is common
almost the entire territory, the second – mainly in the western
parts. Both species constitute the main composition of Russian oak forests.
forests, the number of which is steadily falling every year.

Oak – лечебные свойства

Bark and leaves of English oak are widely used in folk
medicine и гомеопатии. They have anti-inflammatory, astringent,
Hemostatic, sedative and antihelminthic effects.
Decoctions and tinctures are used in diseases of the digestive tract, diarrhea,
colic, colitis, peptic ulcer exacerbation, bleeding,
varicose veins, hepatic and splenic

Oak bark is also used as a remedy for hemorrhoids,
urinary incontinence, eczema (make lotions), frostbite (in the form
trays), burns, scrofula, bleeding gums. Can’t do without
her and with the presence of bad breath, excessive sweating feet. A bath
with the addition of oak extract improves blood circulation, give
good health, strengthen the immune system and the body as a whole.

Oak – лекарственные формы

As a healing raw material, young oak bark is used, since
old – loses its strength due to a decrease in concentration over the years
tannins. Leaves less commonly used are harvested before
mid-may. Harvest young branches and bark in the period
sap flow.

Dried raw materials under a canopy in the shade, and young branches – small
hanging piles. The best preservation of the finished ingredients
provides paper and cardboard or wooden packaging. Shelf life
oak bark – five years, dry leaves – up to 1 year.

Oak – рецепты

The bark is used as an internal remedy in the form of decoctions,
infusions, tea, enemas, douching, and outdoor – in the form of
lotions, poultices and rinses.

Strong decoction for external use: a tablespoon of fresh
or dry raw materials (leaves and bark in equal proportions) is added to
200 ml of boiling water, boiled for 1-3 minutes. Next, you need a decoction
cool and strain.

For internal use (universal): enameled
200 ml of water is poured over the dishes, 20 g of dried bark extract
close the lid and process the contents in a water bath in
for half an hour, not forgetting about frequent stirring. Then cooled,
wring out, dilute the broth with boiled water to obtain a volume in
200 ml. Drink half a cup two p. in a day.

Firming tea: a teaspoon of crushed leaves (or 3-4
solid leaves) poured 400-500 gr. boiling water, insist a couple
hours and distribute tea for 3-8 receptions per day.

Tincture to eliminate acne: a universal decoction of oak
bark mixed with vodka (in a 1: 2 ratio, for example, 20 ml of decoction
and 40 g of vodka). The resulting lotion wipe the face and others.
problem areas.

Oak – противопоказания

– children’s age (up to 12 years); – individual intolerance; –
thrombosis; – persistent constipation.

Do not overdose, since tannins at
inappropriate use cause vomiting, bloating, colic and other
problems with the digestive tract.


Anastasia 10/12/2016 Thank you for the interesting information! I want only
add one amendment … I live in South America, and here there is
Oak trees. very few, but still there. Fortunately for me :) Madame
04/21/2016 I was interested in a decoction of eels! Right now go and
buy a fee. I’ll try it in action. It seems to me that should help. Yes
and in the general strengthening of the body, when taking the decoction and tinctures from
Oak, I also believe. After all, this is an oak!))) Larisa 04/21/2016 Broth
from oak bark – a very good remedy for varicose veins
veins !! Can and other parts of this tree will go, but it is the bark
I was treated. I had terrible veins, I was going to have an operation.
But, on the advice of a smart man, she took advantage of the oak. Lyudmila
04/21/2016 By the way – do not eat acorns!)))) And in our country, as
correctly noted, oak groves became very small. Everything is cut down,
but in order for them to grow again, it takes a lot of time.
Soon they may not remain at all. Yesрья 21.04.2016 Вот и у нас не
растут Oak trees. And I so want to take a walk in the oak forest. These
the trees are so unusual, the leaves are beautiful. And here is what they
begin to bloom, only at the age of 50, it is generally for me
news!! And so many healing properties!

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