Nordic Nordic walking is fashionable anduseful!

skandinavskaya-hodba-s-palkamiLooking for an easy and safe
ways to help lose weight without harm to health, you can find
such a newfangled hobby as Scandinavian (northern, Finnish or
Nordic walking.

This gentle method of losing weight and healing the body.
appeared in Europe at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries and immediately found its
fans among people of all ages.

Her love for the ease and high efficiency
workouts for easy walking, accessibility and high
results. And what was the cost of being able to spend a few hours on
fresh air, leaving stuffy apartments and offices!

At the same time, Scandinavian walking is an active movement with aerobic exercise.
load, strengthening the heart and blood vessels. It allows you to train
both on city streets and on rough terrain (in parks
and gardens, squares and in the forest). For the Finnish walk is suitable as
flat landscape and hilly.

The benefits and contraindications of Nordic walking

According to statistics, fans of northern all-season walking are usually not
express no desire to change this way of exercise
on some other. Why? Why so Europeans love summer
training with ski poles?

  • First, for simplicity and accessibility. For classes you will need
    purchase only sticks. You can pick them up according to your height,
    so opt for telescopic, universal,
    models. The main parameter of sticks is length. It should not be
    more than 68% of a person’s height (calculated using the formula: height x 0.68),
    plus or minus 5 cm. Choose a convenient “Nordic” (the so-called stick
    �”Walkers”), so that the elbow bend was as close as possible to the straight
    the corner.
  • Walking with sticks makes much more effort
    than with normal walking, well kneads the muscles of the whole body, while
    very gently acting on the joints. Nordic walking classes more
    intense than single walks help burn much
    more calories because muscle load at this time
    is great.

Kenneth Cooper Aerobics Center scientists (Cooper Center) in Dallas,
thanks to research, revealed that Nordic walking:

  • Helps to burn approximately 20 percent of calories.
    more than walking alone;
  • Stimulates an increase in heart rate by 4-8.2% more,
    than ordinary walks;
  • Finnish “walkers”, despite the increased load on the muscles and
    active process of thermogenesis (burning calories), feel
    after a workout is excellent, without fatigue and tension.

The main advantages of the technique

Nordic walking with Nordics – ski poles – engages
about ninety percent of all human muscles, with some
load is transferred to the shoulder girdle and arms, reducing stress
leg and thigh muscles. Besides:

  • Trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle, including the back deltoid;
    pectoral, triceps and upper abdominal muscles
  • Reduces overall muscle tension
  • Reduces pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Increases the flexibility of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae
  • It improves mood and reduces the risk of depression.

Who is Finnish walking for?

Walking with ski poles has recently been considered gymnastics for
pensioners, and in Europe was used for postoperative
patient rehabilitation. But one moment she was recognized as the best.
method for weight loss – gentle and at the same time:

  • It has a lymphatic drainage effect with the elimination of toxins;
  • Causing microvibrating massage of internal organs;
  • Lowering blood pressure and improving
  • Reducing pain in the back and legs;
  • Normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Preventing thinning of bone tissue (osteoporosis);
  • Used in the complex treatment of respiratory and
    cardiovascular systems;
  • And also in the prevention of insomnia, neurosis and depression.

Since then, many young athletes have adopted it.
They began to add Nordic walking for a change to the run,
round it off to many programs of lesser intensity to accelerate
fat burning, as well as combining Nordic walking with cyclic
workouts. The latter kind of loads fits the youngest and
trained people.

Contraindications to classes

Special “taboos” for training Nordic walking with ski poles
does not exist: both young and old can approach them. But people

  • Severe cardiovascular disease;
  • Problems with internal organs

– it is necessary to consult with your doctor or

Also, do not load the body to those who are assigned to bed
mode, with exacerbations of infectious and chronic diseases with
painful symptoms. You must wait for recovery or
significant improvement in well-being.

Important!!! Training should start with a minimum
loads, gradually increasing the intensity. At first
it is desirable to conduct classes with an instructor, and in the future you can
find “experienced” walkers who will devote you to the subtleties of this
exciting sport.

Nordic walking with sticks: features of the technique

Despite the simplicity, this is not a reason to just take a couple ski
sticks in hand and order: “Forward!”. Preliminary need
learn the main principles of movement:

1. We fasten the strap loops of the sticks in our hands, lower our hands and
we begin movement, without paying attention to sticks. We concentrate on
soft, free walking with lowered and free shoulders,
shaking easily and naturally with your hands back and forth.

2. We go with sticks, slightly hold them and swing it along with
trunk but do not use them. Begin to lengthen your step,
rolling from heel to toe, pushing from

3. Now turn to the use of sticks and concentrate on
of them. Entering into the rhythm, we repel so that they end up
behind the pelvic line.

4. Scandinavian ski poles must be kept closer to the body.
Raise the pelvis high, the body slightly tilted forward, not
straightening up. It is necessary to move in rhythm: the left hand is the right foot and

5. Visually learn the technique of Nordic walking, you can
by watching our video below.


Can I lose weight with Nordic walking?

If initially walking with ski poles was used for
weight loss of people with significant overweight, as reduced
load on the spine, joints, heart and blood vessels, and young
girls had for a noticeable effect to walk for a very long time, then
Today, you can turn the Nordic walk in the “Scandinavian intensive”
– cyclic training, adding exercise to walking
to study problem areas.

For example, a 15-minute walk plus 5-10 minutes of exercise, a total
occupation in this case will have a duration
an hour and a half.

For an hour of such an occupation, one and a half times more calories are spent,
than with normal walking. Energy costs in this case are identical:

  • fat burning while jogging
  • two hours of intense training in the gym.

Classes for Nordic walking three times a week for 3
months helped lose an average of 2.5-3 kg for athletes, while
this is almost without changing nutrition and lifestyle.

Why is this happening? It is known that half an hour after the start
classes starts the process of thermogenesis (fat burning), after
completion of the workout muscles for a long time and actively consume energy
from lipid tissue to recover (intensive metabolism in
body after the load lasts from 12 to 24 hours).

Feedback and opinions

Tatyana: In Europe (I often visit Switzerland) adults are very
active and from childhood try to instill it in children. In the mornings in
In recent years, I have seen many people with sticks similar to skiing, but
by others. I rented for myself and decided to try, then in the park on
the lake then in the forest. Grace! Unaccustomed to hurting shoulders, arms and
back, but what a charge of vivacity! And for an hour walk you can lose
up to 400 kcal, and it is in the open air, in nature! No
discomfort – sheer pleasure, no need to strain, but at the same time
and the figure will be perfect in the process!

Galina: “I am standing on the asphalt, shod in skis!” – such a saying to me
I always remember when I see myself from the side. Nordic
walking carried away recently. At first it was unusual, I wanted
push off with sticks, as in skiing, but then I got used to it. Sleep
got better, the mood is excellent, found like-minded people
your city! Recommend!

Lyudmila: I have been doing Nordic walking for about a year and a half.
Heals well, much more comfortable running, because the load
it is distributed evenly, excess weight leaves, and ceased to torment
problems with swelling, decreased cholesterol. Negative – not cheap
telescopic sticks, and in the joints soon begin to
crunch I decided to replace the usual. Recorded in the club 7 more
man, we are engaged together, everyone is happy.

Good walking technique: video lesson

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