Need a love spell for a man – read carefully!Let us tell you how to read a love spell for a man at home:magic in action

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It so happens that cloudless family life violates
interference rival, mother-in-law, other interested persons.

In order to avoid this, there are a number of rituals.

But what to do when a loved one has already left the family?

And if he does not reciprocate at all?

Love spell for a man: how to read at home (the way

A simple and effective method of love spell men – binding
sexy. It is effective when between a man and a woman
already had sex. It will strengthen their sexual attraction,
will rekindle with the new force all the emotions of the pair. But it is worth remembering that such
In no way can a man be taken away from a formed
families. You can get big problems for this from the forces to which you
are turning

What do you need

For the ceremony are required:

• Four red wax candles;

• Four candlesticks or candle holders;

• Photo of the object;

• A piece of chalk;

• Paper;

• Pen with red ink;

• Needle;

• Matches;

• Capacity.

All attributes must be prepared in advance and used strictly according to


The ritual is performed on the growing moon in the apartment. From 00.00 to 03.00.
It is necessary to outline a circle with chalk. The size of the circle must be such that
it was comfortable to sit in it. Next you need to place the candlesticks on
four sides of the world in a circle. In the candlesticks to put candles. Everything
attributes must be in the circle at hand.

Clothing should be dressed only without buttons. Everything зеркала в
the room needs to be veiled. You need to take matches and light candles
one counterclockwise being in a circle with a stipulation for each
a candle. �“I’m setting fire to a candle; I’m getting permission to do my work!”
If the candle goes out, you need to repeat the plot until it
will flare up.

When all the candles are lit you need to take a sheet of paper and looking at the photo
object write on it:

�”By the forces of the highest

What they heard me;

I subordinate your heart;

Your mind (Name) I conquer;

I order your thoughts to lead you to me

Perfume dear trodden.

So that no one could reduce my work.

I put a seal upon you. ”

Next you need to pierce your finger with a needle and under the inscription with your blood
write the name of a loved one and circle his heart. Chant
you need:

�”My blood is yours now,

Where you do not go, fate I tell you

Where you will not be – the ground is burning under your feet

Until you arrive near me. ”

After that, looking at the photo of the object you need to read:

«Ночь сойдёт, а (Имя) ко мне придёт!» – 3 раза.

Further, the note is set on fire over the capacity and while it is burning you need
to imagine how the heart of your loved one lights up and how it stretches and
wants to come exactly to you, as he burns with passion. When off note
only ash remains. Candles need fingers to extinguish clockwise
стрелке со словом «истинно».

After that, you need to dispel the ashes in the wind, and demolish the candles on
intersection of two roads. This should be done at night of the same, necessarily.
before dawn. Candles carry at the crossroads of need with gifts. It can
be coins, vodka, brandy. Leaving gifts and candles at the crossroads,
worth it to go home without thinking.

How it works

This plot works to attract the favor of the Forces.
They are, and take home a loved one. The effect of this ritual can
be completely different. Some men in a couple of days
begin to show interest and appear, and some subside.
It is best to fix the result calls. Talk about the past
ritual is impossible. Acts this spell for two years, and
Two lunar cycles can unfold.

Love spell for a man: how to read at home (the way

Really need to return love? Then you should try the old one.
the method used by our grandmothers! Need to use
water for a man to be filled with love. Yes, the water is not simple –
incited That water must be prepared in advance. She can
add to drink, food object. This method is well suited for those
men who have access and can be drunk.

What do you need

• Harvested water;

• Photo or thing of the object;

• Red candle.

Water to talk in advance. On the new moon you need a glass with
водой поставить под лунные лучи и начитать «Как Moon-матушка в
growth is going on, and love in the heart of “Name” will grow. Moon
благословляет, а «Имя» меня во век не оставит»

Such water should stand on the windowsill until the morning. In the morning
need to hide and repeat this night. On the third night
нужно начитать заговор и сказать в конце «истинно». After
this need to pour this water into drink.


For the ritual, you must be alone and read
above the water with a lit candle baptizing the water and the drink in which it
will be infused:

�”I cross the cross, I implore you

Fire the eternal soul and body (Name) return it to me

Let it dry like that grass without water without me

From night to day!

Fire-Father, Mother Earth

Keep (Name) near me

From the dawn of the sun to the end of the new day! Truly

The candle should be hidden and not shown to anyone, it can be
use again but for the same ritual. Water,
poured into the drink, served object.

How it works

Love spell on a man how to read at home in this
Variations have power and opoya, and love spell, and prisukhi. This is a working
a method that allows you to keep the thoughts and body of the husband at home and not to give
he is able to look at other women. Do not be surprised if
after the ritual, the chosen one will inflame with passion and will begin
seek attention.

This should be ready. It is to restore the senses and
stirring up passion this ritual is performed. He acts
flawlessly and for quite some time. You can update it, but not more than one
times in the lunar cycle. He works great on those men
who have problems with potency. They begin to experience again.
attraction to his woman and give her attention.

If a man is prone to cheating, it is better to use another
conspiracy that will eliminate rivals and not so much stimulate
sexual activity. The most important thing is to clearly define why
ritual is conducted and tune in to this goal.

Love spell for a man: how to read at home (the way

Good effect when you need to rekindle love, improve relationships
give rituals with a red candle. Red candle represents passion
love blood relationship. Therefore it is worth taking such a candle and
using a photo of a couple to make a spell, which also acts as
prisushka, the lapel of separation.

What do you need

To conduct the ceremony you must:

• The candle is red, can be ordinary, not church;

• Photos of both people.

Before the ritual, if the object of exposure is no longer
gets in touch, doesn’t live with you – perform a ritual on
suppression of will. It is useful when a man has
strong-willed character and very principled.

You can perform the rite and without suppressing the will, but be sure to
growing moon or full moon. Otherwise, the effect of the ceremony will be only
prisushki. It is worth noting that the rite of the worker and the effect of it
comes pretty quickly.


Very important in carrying out the ritual setting on the received
result. The text of the plot is quite large, so it is worth it.
memorize carefully so as not to stumble and distort
content. It is necessary to tune in to the result – presenting it.
Be sure to perform the ritual in light clothes without buttons and with
loose hair.

You need to take a red candle, photos of both people (by
separately). Put a candle so that the fire was at eye level and
read, looking at the photos through the fire. Read 3 times:

Oh you, the great light spirits

evil-attack from love

You hear me praying you:

Do not extinguish the candle I lit

Lit it with pure thought

And I pray you, light spirits:

You kindle a fire in the heart of the sweetheart,

Light it all the bend,

Shine to the very bottom – I smell

There lies an icy face –

Jealousy fierce wicked woman.

Melt that bit of ice

With her tear, turn back the fuel.

And I pray to you, good spirits,

Kindle fire in sweet blood

So that in love he was gentle-furious,

And, like a sip of water on the hottest day,

My kiss to him would be sweet.

And the third time I pray to you, the spirits are bright,

Protect my pure love,

Save me your beloved groom

With a faithful heart, with no one indivisible.


After прочтения нужно фото спрятать в укромный уголок в квартире
to get the result. And candles – attributed to the morning service in
church so they burned out there. It is better to stand near the candles to
the end of their burning and imagine mentally how the mistress burns and
the heart of the condemned man ignites on this ashes. After этого стоит
keep silence about the ritual held until its full
triggers. It is not recommended to constantly think about everything
or not. You need to be sure that everything will work out!

How it works

Love spell for a man at home, this ritual has
tremendous power and works to eliminate the rival. Many practices
it is reworked, leaving only the part where it is
relationship in a pair. It is important to remember that all such rituals
executed in fairness and if the desire arises with his
using to lead a man out of the family – nothing will come of it.

The effect of the conduct can be seen in a month. Can
back it up by reciting calls to the object. When a man comes out
on communication and there will be meetings – to fix the result with opey.

Often women are killed by grief when the house knocks trouble and
favorite was going to go to the other. It happens that household
questions ruin the family. Everything is known in trouble and not worth it
despair. If we are talking about preserving the family, then the love spell is not
sin to apply. The main thing is to determine exactly what this
You need a man. Try and love will return with a new power and
will no longer leave your home!

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