Myrtle – healing properties and use inmedicine

Wed, Jul 13, 2016

Myrtle – General Description

Myrtle — вечнозелёное древесное растение
Myrtle family. In the wild can be shrubs or
a tree. The average plant height is 3 meters, but the tree,
grown at home, does not exceed 60 cm. Myrtle has
small, leathery, green leaves, located opposite. AT
home conditions begin to bloom on the fifth year in the first spring
months. Blooms plant white, cream or pale pink
flowers that look fluffy due to the large amount
stamens Fruits – dark blue-gray berry, containing up to 15 seeds.

This is a symbolic plant, which, according to legend, was rendered
from Paradise. AT греческих легендах ему тоже отведена роль символа. Cult
the plants were supported by the Romans, who made wreaths from it. Bible
claims that it was a myrtle twig carrying a dove in its beak,
issued by Noah from the ark. Со времен королевы ATиктории без него не
no royal marriage is held in England: the myrtle
decorates wedding bouquets. It is widely used in perfumery. BUT
in some countries it is used as food seasoning.

Myrtle – the types and places of growth

Mediterranean countries are home to myrtle. Greek myths
claim that the plant emerged from the body of the nymph Mirsina, killed
гневливой BUTфиной. Over 70 species in the wild
grows in the subtropics. BUT в средней полосе мирт обыкновенный
love to grow in offices, winter gardens and ordinary apartments.

Myrtle – healing properties

Myrtle has the same properties as antibiotics.
ATот только он, в отличие от антибиотиков, безвреден и не
provokes dysbacteriosis. For this reason, it is actively used in
prevention and treatment of many diseases: herpes, pyelonephritis,
gynecological inflammatory diseases, prostatitis, cystitis,
dysbacteriosis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
tonsillitis, sinusitis, diphtheria, pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis and

Myrtle – Dosage Forms

AT медицинских целях собирают листья мирта, цветы, плоды и
young shoots. From the leaves of the plant emit essential oils. BUT в
dried form they are used for the preparation of infusions. Myrtle
широко применяется и в традиционной medicine. It is added to the ointment,
powders and other dosage forms. Based on the fruits of this
plants prepare therapeutic wine. ATпрочем, при отсутствии плодов, в
the recipe can be replaced by leaves or flowers. Pot with tree
just enough to keep in the house (not in the bedroom!), so that the air in
the room has become cleaner.

Myrtle – рецепты

In the south of France on the basis of myrtle prepare therapeutic wine,
which helps, according to the French, to preserve youth. For
Of this, 100 grams of the fruit of the plant should be poured with a liter of red.
the wine. It is necessary to insist drink within 15 days. Take
30-50 grams recommended.

Helps myrtle and with inflammatory diseases of the eye. For
treatment should be prepared infusion of 5 leaves of the plant. Their
It should be crushed and pour a tablespoon of boiling water. AT охлажденном и
filtered form, this infusion should be instilled into the eyes of 2 drops.
If at the same time taking the infusion inside, vision loss can be

Infusion of plants gives a good effect, especially in combination with
tincture of black walnut. If you daily rinse your mouth with these
drugs, you can not only cure periodontal disease, but also
suspend dental caries.

In infectious and inflammatory diseases thrice a day
(30 minutes before meals) take 25-30 drops of alcohol (vodka)
infusion of myrtle. For его приготовления следует 100 грамм измельченных
plant leaves lay in a quart jar and pour half a liter
vodka or 70% alcohol. Five to fifteen days infusion follows
keep in the dark, churning regularly. If at reception it is not
there is an unpleasant sensation, the dose is increased to one tea
spoons. When used infusion plants can be diluted tea
brew or dogrose broth.

Using myrtle as a herbal tea or infusion is
a good preventive measure that will help to avoid many

Myrtle – противопоказания

The plant is good to keep in the house, but not in the bedroom, because it
strong odor can lead to headaches. Excess
recommended doses of myrtle wine and infusions can lead to
insomnia It is not recommended to use it at night.

No clear contraindications to the use of myrtle have been identified, but not
it is worth forgetting that every plant can cause an individual
intolerance. Therefore, pregnant and lactating women should
refuse to use it. The same caution applies
persons suffering from chronic diseases and the elderly.


Evelina 06/05/2016 I also tend to think that every legend
each story is based on some fact. Let it be a fact and not
mystical, but scientifically explainable, but, nevertheless, it should be.
About myrtle, I practically didn’t know anything, thanks, enlightened))
Ilona 06.05.2016 But, it cannot be just that all nations
read it plant. And in every nation, there is a legend about the myrtle.
It must be something behind this. AT древности люди, при меньшей
civilizations better understood the world around them. Elena 05/06/2016
Here you go. Теперь придется покупать это plant. I am interested in
home conditions can it grow fully? BUTх, да. Now
Reread, and it is written. I was just afraid that in the house
three-meter tree, hardly fit)) Tamara 06.05.2016 What are
beautiful and unusual flowers in myrtle. No wonder about him
so many legends. I have never seen him, and drugs based on it
did not use. Although, the fact that the myrtle is similar in its properties
on antibiotics, and even better, pleasantly surprised. BUTлена 06.05.2016
Thank you for reminding me of this fact. About the fact that the pigeon made myrtle
twig from the ark. Anyway, there are so many things about myrtle
tales. The first time I see how it blooms. Somehow it was not possible. BUT
the fact that the myrtle pot cleans the air, so generally me
interested. Buy on occasion.

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