Myositis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, Mar 31, 2016

Миозитами называют заболевания различного
origin, which are characterized by inflammation and
pain in the muscles of the arms, legs, body. These pains are
growing character, and especially felt when moving.

Depending on the factor of occurrence, myositis can be purulent,
infectious nonpurulent, infectious-allergic (polymyositis) and
non-infectious (neuromyositis, polyfibromyositis, ossificant
myositis). Depending on the nature of the course of myositis are acute,
subacute and chronic. Each of these types of myositis can also
be localized or common.

Myositis – causes

The most common cause of myositis is reckless physical
activity, especially if it is not familiar to the patient.
It is about excessive sports load, vigorous activity
in the cold, etc. Also, myositis can be a complication after
infectious and catarrhal diseases and connective diseases
tissues (rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, etc.)

This skeletal muscle inflammation is characterized by chronic
current with exacerbations that occur when changing weather and climate,
or during cold exposure. Also, the pain in myositis can
appear when you feel the muscles.

Myositis – symptoms

The main symptom of myositis is local muscle pain,
aggravated by pressing on the muscles or when moving. This pain
causes tension in the affected muscles and limits
joint mobility. Sometimes myositis can manifest as swelling.
or reddening of the skin on the sore spot.

Also symptoms of myositis include increasing muscle weakness,
in which the patient becomes to perform simple and familiar to
his actions.

As myositis progresses, new ones are involved in the inflammatory process.
muscle. This can be especially dangerous with cervical myositis, when
inflammation can reach the muscles of the larynx, pharynx, esophagus,
making it hard to swallow and cause coughing and shortness of breath.

Myositis – diagnosis

The basis of the diagnosis of myositis is clinical data
paintings; characteristic changes in the blood that are found during
laboratory tests; electromyography data.

Миозит – treatment и профилактика

Myositis is an inflammatory disease, so its purpose
treatment is primarily the elimination of inflammatory
process. If myositis is caused by purulent diseases or
tuberculosis, then antibiotics are used. If it originated from
autoimmune ailments, then corticosteroid drugs are used in
large doses. Also, if necessary, can be assigned
antiparasitic agents and special serums.

Mandatory is symptomatic therapy, which
consists in the appointment of vascular drugs and painkillers

An important role in the treatment is given to patient care, medical
gymnastics, proper nutrition of the patient, which is
a diet with a sufficient amount of easily digestible proteins.

Dry heat is effective for myositis (can be tied
sore spot woolen scarf). Также можно дополнять treatment
physiotherapeutic procedures.

However, the most effective treatment for myositis is through massage.
пораженной muscle. Although penetrate deep into the dense muscle according to the forces
only a professional masseuse, at home you can
engage in stroking and rubbing the muscles using a diluted
water and heated essential oil of eucalyptus, lavender or

The main methods of prevention of myositis is rational
nutrition, moderate physical activity, avoidance of physical
overload and injury.

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