Mycosis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Mar 30, 2016

Микоз представляет собой любое инфекционное
a disease that is caused by parasitic fungi. Fungus
may affect parts of the body such as skin, nails, hair, mucous membranes
shell, as well as internal organs. Mycosis involves
fungal infection of the skin of the feet, hands, limbs, hairy part
head, onychomycosis, nail.

Mycosis – causes

Infection with mycosis is carried out by ingress of fungal spores.
into the epidermis, as well as into the deeper layers of the skin due to different
microtraumas and cracks. In the first place, you can get sick from contact with
infected person, as well as through things and objects with which
he dealt, for example, clothes, nail accessories, shoes and
another. In some cases, you can get mycosis when visiting
sauna or swimming pool. Non-compliance also contributes to mycosis.
basic rules of personal hygiene or with increased humidity

Mycosis – symptoms

If there is a new sharp, with a very unpleasant smell from
legs, then this is one of the symptoms of mycosis. During this disease
itching may occur, as well as desquamation between the toes. Skin in
This area turns red or pale, becomes wet, appears
characteristic bubbles, cracks, sores. Thin, brittle and turbid
toenails are symptoms of mycosis. Surface
nails can be uneven and streaked, and the edge serrated.

As for the first signs of fungus, here
can be attributed to the appearance of cracks, rather painful bubbles,
skin hardening. After that, all the affected areas in some
degrees soften, turn white, and after that in the form of flakes
peel off. In some cases, due to bacterial
infections, vesicles present on the body can turn into ulcers
or sores.

Mycosis – diagnosis

In order to diagnose mycosis, the affected individuals are taken by the doctor.
hair, nail plates, and scraping from the affected skin. AT
hair find spores of the fungus. As for the nails, here
there are mycelium.

ATрач занимается осмотром поражённой кожи при помощи специальной
lamps. In addition, microscopic
examination of the skin for the presence of fungus. To identify the view
fungus, carried out cultural diagnostics, using for this
искусственные питательные environment.

Микоз – treatment

ATо время лечения врач назначает специфические сильнодействующие
medications. However, he can write a prescription
powder mixture, thanks to which it is possible to cook
differentiating solution for legs.

AT очень тяжёлых случаях врач может предложить комбинированную
therapy that involves a different kind
physiotherapeutic procedures and taking special preparations
inside. If a secondary bacterial infection occurs,
penetrate through microcracks and sores, antibiotics are prescribed for
local and system use.

As for preventive measures, it is highly recommended.
maintain hygiene. For example, in no case can not walk
barefoot, especially when it comes to the public soul and
changing rooms. It is necessary to wear socks every day, after washing out, and
also thoroughly dry the feet and the spaces between the toes.
Shoes need to be constantly aired in between.

If the patient visits the pool, then without fail
feet should be washed before and after use. AT таких
indoors you should wear rubber slippers as soon as you leave
water. In addition, you need to consult with your
doctor on what exactly preventive agents

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