Mycoplasma – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Mar 30, 2016

Микоплазма представляет собой мельчайшие
bacteria that can inhabit both in plants and in the body
animals and humans. As for the person, in his body
16 different types of microplasma inhabit. Of these, 10 species are
mouth and throat, and the remaining 6 on the genitals and urinary

Mycoplasma – causes

In most cases, the infection is carried out sexually.
Only occasionally can a person become infected through everyday life. During
This disease in men affects the testicles, family vesicles,
bladder, paraurethral passages and more. As for women,
they affect the urethra, the vagina, the cervix, the ovaries,
fallopian tubes, vestibular glands.

Mycoplasma symptoms

With this disease, men and women may experience
certain symptoms. In women, mycoplasma can manifest as
pain in the middle or at the end of the menstrual cycle. May also
observed “daub” brown shade before and after menstruation.
Symptoms include intermenstrual discharge.

If a person observes a curly liquid discharge in
the genital area, which its appearance is something
resemble whey, this is another symptom of such
diseases like mycoplasma. Various skin rashes, large
tendency to cold, itching of the vulva, pain in the area
livers that are not associated with cholecystitis in any way – all of this
symptoms of mycoplasma.

Mycoplasma – diagnosis

Due to the fact that there are no characteristic signs
directly for mycoplasmosis, with the size of microorganisms
do not provide an opportunity to see them using microscopy –
diagnosis of this disease is carried out exclusively with
various laboratory tests that, in their
turn, are quite complex. Today among
The most important methods for diagnosing microplasma can be considered
immunofluorescence, the study of specific bodies using
enzyme immunoassay method, as well as DNA diagnostics and

Микоплазма – treatment

Mycoplasmosis, like other sexually transmitted infections
by, quite difficult to treat. However, despite
это, где-то в 95% случаев treatment заболевания даёт положительный
result and leads to full recovery of the patient. One of
the most effective treatment is the use of

It is certainly worth noting that not all modern
drugs are effective. The complexity of the treatment of mycoplasma
characterized by the peculiarity of the infection itself: it does not
possesses cell wall. And most antibiotics
acts just on the protein elements.

Therefore, it is highly recommended in this case to consult a doctor,
who will assign the most appropriate course of treatment. Concerning
self-treatment of mycoplasma, it not only will not
positive result, but it can also significantly spoil
human health.

Since the human body does not have immunity to this
инфекции, обычно treatment подразумевается сразу у обоих половых
partners. При этом treatment обязательно должно назначаться
individually. After the patient has been treated,
You will need to retake all tests. Thanks to this approach
исследование покажет, насколько эффективно протекало treatment, на
the basis of which we can ascertain about the patient’s recovery.

Concerning профилактики микоплазмы, то она должна исходить из
modern views of epidemiology, as well as the etiology
the disease in question. Prevention methods are as follows.
same as with other infections that are transmitted sexually

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