Mummies for weight loss: tips, recipes,dosage

mumiye-dlya-pohudeniya-sekrety-metodaThis is interesting and
the mysterious word “mummy” even after millennia for many people
remains covered with a mysterious halo of suspense, although his
unique properties were discovered for the first time about 4000 years

In fact, this is a mountain resin, which is mined in a limited way.
only in some areas of our huge planet, for which she and
got its second (more poetic) name “tears of the mountains.”

Due to its complex chemical composition, the mummy is endowed
the greatest healing properties that makes it effective
drug in the treatment of many diseases, as mentioned even
in the works of Avicenna.

Nowadays, when the rapid development of technological
progress has led mankind to the emergence of such a new problem
like obesity, mummy learned to apply and as a means to
losing weight

The main reason for this is the special composition of the resin, which
extremely beneficial effect on metabolic processes inside
human body. A mixture of organic and inorganic substances
also has anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic,
antimicrobial and antispasmodic action.

Mumiye is rich in vitamins, micro and macronutrients, antibiotics
vegetable origin, anticoagulants, amino acids and essential
oil, so it is not surprising that this substance has
positive effect on our entire body.

Principles of exposure mumie for weight loss

Excess weight is after all not only visible fat deposits on
body, but also an internal accumulation of harmful substances that are simply
must be removed from the body in the right and safe way.

A simple adjustment to the diet for many women is not
is a sufficient condition for obtaining a result, therefore
almost every weight loss method includes mandatory
the stage of cleaning the body of toxic compounds accumulated in it.
According to many scientists and researchers, it is the mummy that possesses
such a detoxifying activity.

Violation of the cyclical metabolic processes leads
to the appearance of a general autointoxication of the body by decay products,
which further leads to incorrect operation of all
digestive tract. The result of this internal state
expressed in poor health, the occurrence of ulcerative processes,
gastritis, problems with the liver and intestines that, in general, gradually
leads a person to an overweight problem.

But, fortunately, the situation can be corrected! Despite the fact that
receiving a mummy does not promise a quick effect, but it works correctly,
adjusted and safe!

Due to its unique natural composition, the mummy is extremely
beneficial effect on the process of improving and restoring exchange
substances, largely accelerating it, which causes
the human body expend significantly more calories in
a state of complete rest (for example, during sleep) than before.


Also decreases the level of appetite, which in turn is beneficial
affects the amount of fat reserves in general, plus stabilizes
and normal hormonal environment, sleep becomes more
calm and long.

In the process of applying mummy in the body detoxification occurs,
which entails the normalization of the intestinal microflora,
inflammatory processes are reduced, absorbed and eliminated
endogenous and exogenous antigens, renal excretion is stimulated,
and processes of biliary excretion are established.

Also, mummy has a laxative effect on the body.
person And with intoxication, thanks to its antioxidant
properties, it is able to interrupt this pathophysiological
destructive cycle.

Since ancient times, people have been treating mummy tuberculosis,
asthma, ulcers, poisoning, and many others do not
less dangerous diseases.

How to take (drink) mummy for weight loss?

Before you begin using this marvelous drug,
necessary to conduct a preliminary preparation of the body.

First you need to sit on a three-day cleansing diet,
to release the intestines and digestive tract for more
effective exposure mumie. During this period, completely eliminate
from your diet, flour products, fried, spicy, sweet,
smoked and pickled food. It is also necessary to abandon
cigarettes, alcoholic beverages absolutely any fortress, coffee,
soda and store juices.

Instead of the above, add more fiber to your food –
these are fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, seafood, green tea with
lemon and natural juices.

The correct dosage of mummy tablets:

According to medical recommendations, the mummy must be taken
no more than 0.25 g. at once. Normal amount taken
read the following numbers.

  • A person’s weight up to 70 kg is a one-time intake of not more than 0.2 g.
  • Up to 80 kg – not more than 0.3 g.
  • Up to 90 kg – not more than 0.4 g.
  • More than 100 kg – the dosage can be increased to 0.5 gr.

For weight loss, mummy is recommended to drink twice during the day:
in the morning on an empty stomach and three hours after dinner. Total course must
be 20 days, after which it is done break exactly one
month, and only after that, at will, its repetition is possible.
However, in the amount of not more than 4 cycles per year.

Modern women have learned to use the mummy not only in
tablets inside, but also externally as a cream against stretch marks and
eliminate the “orange peel” or in other words –

For a more effective result in the period of use mumie
you must be active, move more and of course
same, adhere to the basics of proper nutrition, because
This tool does not burn fat cells, but simply helps you from
get rid of them much faster.

Recipes creams with mummy for slimming and cellulite

1. Для приготовления первого варианта вам понадобится:
100 – 150 gr. soap chips, a drop of avocado essential oils,
grape seed and shea. All this is mixed, then to the resulting
Add 4 teaspoons of ground natural coffee and 30 gr.
finely crushed tablets mummy 0.2 gr.

2. Для следующего варианта вам понадобится: мыльную
Dissolve the shavings in a water bath, then dissolve mummy tablets into
100 gr. milk All this mix, add essential oils there too –
cream is ready.

3. Для третьего варианта вам необходимо: небольшое
squeeze the amount of baby cream into the ceramic dish, then to
add to it crushed and dissolved in 1 teaspoon of water
mummy pill and a drop of essential oils to your taste. It may
be sandalwood oil, rose oil, rosemary oil, fennel,
juniper, grapefruit, etc. However, this cream is used
only once, since its shelf life is limited.

Contraindications mumie

As with any other drug, in this case also
There are certain contraindications. First, the mummy for
Weight loss is strictly prohibited to children under 12 years old. Secondly, from
its use must be abandoned for pregnant women and lactating

Also the mummy does not suit those people who have any
problems with the central nervous system, in the presence of tumors
different origin, elevated pressure and
suspected internal bleeding.

Do not forget that before using any means for
losing weight you must first consult with your
doctor in order not to harm their health.


Mumiye slimming: experienced reviews

Evgesh: “… I cured stretch marks on my body with the help of a mummy! Bought
once in a pharmacy (not only in tablets, but in capsules, inside it
already went crushed). Opened them and poured such things ten in
cream, added to the same little pepper (can be mustard) and mixed.
Used only three times. The skin, of course, pinched, but beauty
requires sacrifice! … “

Irusya: “… I use mummy in packets for weight loss. To be honest,
I can not understand the weight goes so slowly just me or it
quite normal? For two months, I threw off only 2
kilo But at least one plus I still found, my appetite has become much
меньше, что мне очень нравится… “

Margaret: “… I really like the mummy, although to lose weight with him for
I’m not so easy. I use it with active
physical training plus diet (any optional). Result
should get very much nothing! … “

Oksana: “… I tried a lot of different variants of mummy:
I didn’t like the pills at all, the capsules are slightly better, but the most
The mumiye strata became suitable for me. The smell in them is not nasty,
even some resin gives. I keep them in the fridge, and when
need, bite off a little bit, about a match head,
I add in a cream and I put on problem places. True, before the mummy
использую скраб из кофе… “

Svetlana: “… I drink one pill in the morning and in the evening, back in
добавок к этому растираюсь кремами с мумие от cellulite. Effect
while the minimum, you need more time! … “

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