Mullein – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Fri, 08 Jul 2016

Korovyak – general description

Коровяк (царская свеча, царский скипетр,
divina, bear’s ear, wonder) – a biennial plant that
reaches a height of 1.5-2 meters. Confused mullein with others
representatives of the plant world is quite difficult, he has such
external features, such as felt stem pubescence, yellow flowers,
bundled, the fruit is a box.

Harvesting plants for subsequent use in
medicinal purposes occurs during flowering and ripening.
Leaves and flowers are harvested in June and July, the time of seeds comes in
September and October.

Korovyak – types and places of growth

Korovyak – a fairly common plant, it is found on
the territory of the European part of Russia, in Scandinavia, the Baltic States,
Of Belarus, in the North Caucasus, on the coast of the Black and Mediterranean
of the seas. A bear’s ear can be found in places dominated by
gravel, sandy and stony soil. Littered meadows, landfills,
the ruins are the favorite habitat of the mullein, also a plant
can be found on the banks of rivers and lakes, in ravines, parks and along roadsides

Mullein – medicinal properties

For many decades, folk healers
Mullein used as medicine. Tsarskaya
the candle has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and expectorant
properties. Different parts of the plant are used in the treatment of diseases
upper respiratory tract, in particular, with pertussis and bronchitis.
A bear’s ear helps with pneumonia and emphysema.

Mullein broths help with atherosclerosis, the initial stage
hypertension, flu and herpes virus. The leaves of the plant are used when
inflammation of the bladder, kidney disease, strong
edema, mullein helps with gastritis, ulcers and hemorrhoids.

Divin take not only inside, from it make powder and ointment,
which are applied to problem areas of the body, for example, in the case of
rheumatism, arthritis, inflammation of the facial nerve, in the presence of depriving,
eczema, with boils and boils.

Lactating women powder powdered ear nipples, if
cracks appear on them, oil is used for the same purpose.

Mulberry decoction rinse hair so that they become strong
and beautiful.

Mullein – Dosage Forms

Usually drugs are made from leaves and flowers.
Korovyaka, rarely use the plant root (with urolithiasis

The collection of leaves and flowers is carried out during the flowering period, which
July and August. If everything is relative to the leaves
understandable – collect and dry, then with the mullein flowers the situation is
somewhat more complicated. Folk healers claim to collect
need flowers without cups, and it must be done before
lunch, collected at another time inflorescence, quickly loses its
medicinal properties. The fact is that bear ear flowers are blooming
just one day, dissolving in the morning and scattering in the evening.
Too early collection is also not desirable, it will not allow moisture
evaporate and make the drying process problematic and

Dry the leaves and flowers as follows: spread out the blanks thin
layer in the attic or in another dark and well ventilated
indoors and roll daily. You can try to dry mullein
in the oven at a temperature of 40-50 ° C. The drying process
ends at the moment when the leaves and flowers are scattered in

wound raw materials in glass or paper bag, useful
properties persist for 2 years.

Korovyak – recipes

Mullein tincture for diseases
:Цветки коровяка, корень цикория, плоды шиповника,
the immortelle tops take in equal proportion. 2 dining rooms
spoonful of the mixture, pour 1 glass of water and boil over low heat in
for 10 minutes, then let it brew for 2 hours. After
жидкость остынет, добавьте 2 dining rooms ложки меда. Take on 3
once a day 2 hours after meals (adults – 50-100
milliliters, children – 30-40 milliliters each).

Alcohol extract of mullein with rheumatism and
:Настой коровяка разбавляют с водкой (1:10) и
lubricate the back and joints.

Рецепт масляной настойки: 3 столовые ложки
Bear ear flowers, cover with 100 milliliters of vegetable or
olive oil, let it brew for 20-30 days.

Korovyak – contraindications

For humans, mullein is safe, at least in the process.
Research has not detected any negative features and
side effects of the plant.


Anastasia 04/26/2016 Yes, very different names, put a little in
dead end. Then you and the mullein, and the royal scepter, and the bear’s ear …
One thing is clear – this plant has been used for a long time and very often. From
this and different names. Apparently, really good, healing.
grass. Anya 04/26/2016 My friend and I, we rinsed in childhood
hair by this plant. True, a friend did it more often and
regular The result is on the face. In her 44 years, hair to the waist, and
all as on selection – thick, silky. No special masks
she does not additionally. Irina 04/26/2016 And I know about medical
mullein properties when bronchitis. It can also be taken not
afraid of. This is not a poisonous plant. Now I just found out that with his
help you can treat the liver. Need to try, especially since I
I can collect it myself. Oksana 04/26/2016 Oh! I heard somewhere, already
It’s been a long time that you can rinse your hair with a mullein,
become so strong and shiny. But unfortunately, I’m not
imagined how this mullein looks like. Now, of course, I understand
I saw him growing many times. Masha 04/26/2016 What a striking
отличие в названиях – Tsarskaya свеча и Коровяк! And the plant is just
wonderful, even from an aesthetic point of view. If it likes
grow in cluttered areas, it adorns them wonderfully, and
the space no longer looks so bad.

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