Motherwort – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Sat, 16 Jul 2016

Motherwort – general description

Пустырник — так называется целый род двулетних
or perennial plants of the family yasnotkovyh. Plant can be
low to 30 cm, but sometimes reaches two meters in height. For
All plants of this genus are characterized by a straight tetrahedral stem, in
rare cases branched. The leaves of the plant have cuttings. Have
the bases of the plant are the largest leaves reaching
15 cm in length. As you approach the top, the leaves become
smaller and less carved.

Motherwort blooms with small purple flowers collected in
spike-shaped discontinuous inflorescences. Flowering continues on
throughout the summer. The fruits of the plant – 4 nuts, ranging in size from 2 to
3 mm, enclosed in a prickly cup. The sharp teeth of this calyx
dig into animal fur and clothing. In this way,
motherwort is spreading to new territories.

Motherwort is used as a medicinal plant
(hairy and hearty), but also it is used in cooking.
From it, for example, cook soup. Motherwort is a honey plant. Honey
motherwort has a light golden color, a pleasant aroma and a special

Motherwort – types and places of growth

Two types of motherwort are considered therapeutic: motherwort hairy
(five-lobed) and heartwort. Homeland plants consider
Central Asia, although Eastern Europe also has every reason
claim this role. After all, motherwort occurs almost
everywhere except for deserts and permafrost zones. In European
parts of motherwort can be found growing near fences and hedges,
on the edges or along a country road, in wastelands and in the meadows.

Motherwort – healing properties

Motherwort is used and official medicine. His medicinal
properties widely recognized. It has sedative properties.
Valerian has a similar effect. Motherwort is used
for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Unlike many
drugs of official medicine, does not provoke side effects.
With the help of motherwort, epilepsy, thrombosis, Grave’s disease,
intestinal disorders and gastric diseases. Used on
early stages of hypertension.

Motherwort – Dosage Forms

Herb of two medicinal types of motherwort (woolly and hearty)
harvested during the flowering period of the plant. Take only need
top of the plant. Use it in dried form. Dry
the plant is better in bundles, hanging them under sheds. For хорошей
Drying should be avoided in direct sunlight and moisture.

Due to its essential oils, alkaloids, tannic
and other medicinal substances, motherwort grass is
healing and used as an infusion, tincture, extract.

Motherwort Recipes

With nervous excitability, in the early stages of hypertension, with
cardiovascular neuroses use infusion of motherwort grass.
Prepare the infusion at the rate of 15 grams of grass per 1 cup of water.
Take a tablespoon to four times a day before meals.

Motherwort is used болгарскими фитотерапевтами в качестве
additional funds to help relieve convulsive state
patients with epilepsy. Recipe: 2 tablespoons above ground
blooming of the plant must be poured 200 ml of boiled cold
water. Insist 8 hours. The resulting dose should be consumed in
for one day. Another option for this: 2 tablespoons of the same
crushed raw materials are kept for 2 hours, half a liter is filled up
boiling water. The resulting drink is taken in a glass 4 times a day.
before starting a meal.

Motherwort can help treat chronic pancreatitis with
normal or increased secretion of the pancreas. Should
use 2 tablespoons of the mixture, which in equal doses
includes motherwort (grass), St. John’s wort (grass) and peppermint leaves.
This mixture should be poured with half a liter of boiling water and insisted in
for half an hour. Warm, filtered infusion should drink 70 ml
three times a day. Half an hour after the reception you need to eat. Course
admission – 2 weeks.

For heart defects, motherwort is taken as an infusion. One
столовую ложку сырья следует залить 200 мл boiling water. Take in
cooled, but warm three times a day (you can add sugar) by
50 ml.

Pharmacy tincture of motherwort by 30-50 drops up to 4 times a day
drink with neurosis, trochaic, contusion of the brain,
vascular dystonia, convulsions. With uterine bleeding
Motherwort grass is brewed in the form of tea and drunk.

Motherwort – contraindications

When taking the most useful herbs can not be self-medicated.
Motherwort can cause an allergic reaction and have
individual contraindications for use.

Motherwort drugs can stimulate contraction.
muscles of the uterus, so they can not take either pregnant or
those who have recently had an abortion. Motherwort is able to cause
bleeding. Those who suffer from hypotension,
bradycardia, gastric ulcer and erosive gastritis motherwort

Anyone whose work is associated with increased concentration,
taking motherwort is not recommended because it causes

Treatment for thrombosis and thrombophlebitis is carried out only under
doctor’s supervision. When exceeding the recommended doses of use
there may be pain in the whole body, vomiting, stool with blood and


Alya 08/14/2016 Pustyrnik is a great remedy against stress.
Nerve strain at work led to loss of sleep, I’m at night
I began to drink 2 tablets of motherwort-helped. True during menstruation
there was severe bleeding, which was not previously observed. Therefore
motherwort should be taken with caution like any other
medicine. Zara 03.05.2016 Of course, everyone
drug may be contraindicated. And all these
herbs should be taken with caution and not drunk at any convenient
case. Although, I also did not hear from anyone complaints about motherwort.
Vlada 03.05.2016 In our family, motherwort is also
An integral part of the first-aid kit. Just in case, I buy it.
is always. With any stress, pain in my heart, I accept motherwort. Neither
what by-effects did not observe. Although, perhaps they can
manifest in someone. Violetta 05/03/2016 It is possible that I
I walk past the motherwort, not knowing what it is. My aunt,
constantly drinking motherwort, it helps her cope with heart
pain. In general, I have never heard that the motherwort has
contraindications. And so that someone complained of him did not meet.
Gulya 05/03/2016 Of course, the big news for me is that motherwort
used in cooking. I can not even imagine what he has
taste in soup Simple, and I only perceive it as a tincture for
calm down Have нас пустырник не растет, поэтому у меня и
there are no options))

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