Mosquito bracelets for children

Mosquito bracelets for childrenSummer The season is a time for nature trips and pleasant long walking in the parks. Nice days on vacation can spoil the mosquitoes, bites that itch much. In the fight against these insects various means are used – cream, ointment, spray on the skin and clothes. Recently, bracelets are gaining popularity from Mosquito – comfortable and non-toxic accessories. Natural ingredients as part of the facility, insect bites are warned, scaring them away. Below will be considered a few popular bracelets that help fight mosquitoes.

What is a mosquito bracelet and why is it needed?

Anti-mosquito bracelet is an effective preventive bite repellent. Contains essential oils. eucalyptus, lavender, citronella or lemon. Some manufacturers for more effective protection combine several existing components. There are ultrasound products that repel insects. Mosquito bracelets for children и взрослых They have several advantages over other types of protection:

  • Не нужно ничего наносить на кожу илand clothes. It may be unpleasant, besides many anti-mosquito creams and ointments contain toxic components. Repeller bracelets are suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • The accessory is usually made of pleasant to the touch material – microfiber. Soft fabric feels like velvet. Also produced plastic, silicone products.
  • Repeller bracelets have a convenient design, are attached on hand. Their weight does not exceed 5 grams. Relying on the wrist, This type of protection does not cause discomfort, allowing free go about your business.
  • In the shops there are accessories for children and adults who adjustable in size. Use scare bracelets mosquitoes can be from 2 years. In this case, the repellers are mounted on stroller above the crib baby. Adults can attach them on backpack or bag.
  • Anti-mosquito accessories colors vary depending on manufacturer and line of release, so everyone can choose option to your taste.
  • The product has a long shelf life after opening the package. (up to 250 hours), so it is perfect for nature trips. If you hide a usable bracelet in a sealed boxing, he will not lose properties for several years.

The quality of the repeller bracelets varies depending on manufacturer. Some people point out that mosquito accessories have a strong, pungent odor. Although the remedy rarely causes allergic reaction and is suitable for owners of sensitive skin, in some cases the manifestations of allergies are possible.


Overview of mosquito bracelets

Many manufacturers have created accessories from bloodsucking insects. Effective scarer bracelets vary in price. внешнему виду и составу активных components. You can buy funds on the territory of supermarkets, in shops where things are sold for outdoor activities, in pharmacies or on the Internet. Read Further review of insect bracelets – “Gardeks”, “Bugslock”, �”Bugstop”, “Freetime”, “Chameleon”.

Gardex (Gardex Baby)

Mosquito bracelets for children�”Gardeks” – Russian manufacturer of anti-bites. Company изготавливает распылители, крема и аксессуаров от insects. “Gardex Baby” repeller bracelet is designed for children who 2 years old and over. Bright plastic product like the baby and provide protection from mosquitoes. Sold in pack of 1 pc. A convenient, secure fit will not give accessory fly off The duration of carrying the cartridge – a maximum of 6 hours per day. Shelf life – from 1 to 3 weeks after opening, if stored product in an airtight container. As part of geranium oil, citronella, mint, lavender.


Mosquito bracelets for childrenProduct produced in China. The main active ingredient is the essential oil. citronella. Means protects from bites for 150 hours, изготовлено из приятного для тела material – microfiber. Preventive repeller bracelet is suitable for children and adults, pregnant women. Color range of accessories line “Bugstop” allow each person to find an option that matches his to taste.

Flavored bracelet Chamelon (CHAMELEON)

Mosquito bracelets for childrenSilicone Bracelet “Chameleon” – flavored product that contains composition of essential oils. Качественное средство отпугивает mosquitoes and reduces the chance of being bitten. Worn on the wrist, on the leg, clips on to your bag or backpack. Valid for use in indoors. The maximum period of validity is 2 months when stored in sealed package. You can wear a bracelet up to 8 hours a day.


Mosquito bracelets for childrenEffective Bugslock helps protect your skin from bites. Manufacturing country – Korea. Nice to touch, beautiful bracelet Available in different colors, allowing you to choose the perfect option under your image. Approved for use by pregnant women, nursing women and children. Reduces the chance of being bitten by 90%, affects over 240 hours. Ecological product is mounted on the arm (for small children – at the ankle), made of soft-touch microfiber. Содержит масло citronella.

Freetime Ultrasonic Bracelet

Mosquito bracelets for childrenUltrasonic accessory scarer “Freetime” – a device that prevents bites due to imitation of alarm signal mosquitoes. The sound repels insects at a distance of one and a half meters. The bracelet is harmless, as it does not contain toxic substances, it is convenient fastens on a hand by means of anti-allergenic rubber. It has 4 modes sound power adjustment. Maximum possible duration Work – 4 months when used at low settings. Additional function of the device – auto power off after 8 hours work.

How to use a bracelet < / h2>

The use of the bracelet depends on the type. Ориентироваться нужно на инструкцию manufacturer. Flavored mosquito repellent accessories are wearable for a limited number of hours per day. How to apply mosquito bracelets for children and adults:

  1. Open the packaging on the marked line. < / li>
  2. Put the bracelet on the hand, adjust the length. It is important that the product fits snugly to the skin. You can also fasten the accessory on the backpack, on the leg, attach to the stroller. < / Li>
  3. Носите во время выхода на природу (в парк, сад), где присутствует много mosquitoes. Do not use the product for more than 8 hours. < / Li>
  4. Use the bracelet in nature or indoors according to the instructions. < / li>
  5. Do not put perfume, cosmetics on the places where the repeller is attached. < / li> < / ol>