Morning run for beginners

  • 1 morning run rules
    • 1.1 Benefit and harm
    • 1.2 Evening or morning jogging – what’s the difference?
    • 1.3 Running for weight loss in winter

Running is right the best cardio load for the body.
The positive effect of running is felt almost immediately. Besides
the fact that a person begins to lose weight actively, strengthens
cardiovascular system, blood circulation improves, level
sugar reaches the norm. Running also stimulates the brain
activity, minimizes stress.

Morning run for beginners не должна занимать много
time, you can even start with a brisk walk or move from a run
on step. Stamina is developed gradually, but the effect will be
manifest after a short period of regular training, and you
start to overcome longer distances.


Morning run rules

Morning run for beginners для похудения —
fundamental rules:

  1. First of all, do not load yourself too much,
    Otherwise, you will quickly get tired and even be disappointed in
  2. Start tuning in for your morning jog in the evening:
    pick up motivating music, prepare sportswear and
    a bottle of water. Pay special attention to shoes. Sneakers
    must be depreciated to minimize
    load on the knees and joints.
  3. In the morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon to activate
  4. Warm up before jogging. At home or outdoors
    pull the muscles and warm up the body. And after training-

If you just started to run, the first time to train
there will be breathing and heart, and only then will the muscles, when you can master
longer distances. As soon as you feel unwell,
go to walk and take a couple of sips of water. Recover
breathing and slowly start running again.

Make a running schedule for yourself. For example, 3 times a week for
certain days. It is necessary to develop the habit
train. After a couple of weeks in this mode, you can start
combine running with exercise. For example, ran 15
minutes, stop and do squats or pushups. And so on

Determine for yourself why you need a run: to strengthen
health, for weight loss, for endurance or
awakening. The specific goal motivates much more.

Morning run before breakfast or after
more useful?

Beginners wonder if they should have breakfast before morning.
jogging or not. If running for weight loss is scheduled immediately
after waking up, breakfast is undesirable. But surely
drink a glass of water with honey, or tea with sugar on an empty stomach.
Glucose is needed for energy production, and the fluid dilutes the blood. WITH
in the morning the blood is thick and it is hard for the heart to pump it.

Remember that the longer you run, the more glucose you need. TO
tea, you can add one cereal cookies, eaten on an empty stomach. But
at the end of the workout you need to have a hearty breakfast, including in the diet
proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Examples of healthy breakfasts:

  • scrambled eggs with broccoli, cereal cookies and fresh juice;
  • berries oatmeal, cereal cookies and cocoa in milk;
  • cheesecakes with sour cream, a sandwich with avocado paste and tea.

Breakfast must definitely be helpful to the elements
were the building blocks for muscles after the morning

The duration of a morning jog to lose weight for women and
for men is no different. For beginners it will be enough
run 10-15 minutes. WITHо временем увеличивайте нагрузку на 2-3 минуты
everytime. A good result is considered to be 30-45 minutes of running without

Вывод: Утренняя пробежка для женщин и
men are equally useful, so if you want to be healthy and
strong, do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy the morning
fresh air and recharge your batteries for the whole day.

Benefit and harm

Бег действительно может принести вред, если он
You are contraindicated for health reasons. People with a weak heart
risk of having a heart attack right on the treadmill. To avoid
heart problems, be sure to warm yourself before
exercise, monitor your heart rate and consult
a doctor.

WITHуществует риск травмировать позвоночник и колени, если не
follow the correct technique of running. To avoid this, choose
routes through grass, sand or soil.

Do not do without good sneakers. In sports shops to you
advise different options for shoes with thick soles. While running
land on the toe or middle of the foot, legs a little
bent at the knees. WITHоблюдая эти правила, вред уменьшится в

The benefits of morning runs

  • firstly, it is an accessible type of training for all;
  • the body quickly awakens and energizes;
  • the volume of adipose tissue decreases, the skin is tightened;
  • stimulates the cardiovascular system. WITHердце начинает
    pump more blood;
  • normal pressure, strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • blood circulation in capillaries is improved;
  • exercise breathing, muscles of the legs, buttocks and abs;
  • digestion is improved by stimulating the internal
  • level increases hemoglobin.

Come wisely to any kind of physical activity so that
achieve greater efficiency from a particular activity.

Evening or morning jogging – what’s the difference?

Many people prefer to go for a run in the evening. Plus in
that evening jogging reduces stress and fatigue, fights against

In the evening it is best to jog up to half an hour. Such a load
improves blood circulation, activates metabolic processes, well
cleans the vessels. Evening jogging is a sure way to recovery and

Вывод: Утренняя пробежка — это заряд
energy for the whole day. Evening – stress relief for the day and
preparing for a healthy sound sleep.

Running for weight loss in winter

Running in the winter brings a lot of benefits when losing weight, and for health in
whole Главное, соблюдайте эти правила:

  • before going out, warm up your muscles well by charging;
  • clothing should be warm to avoid hypothermia.
    Wear a thermal underwear, long-sleeved turtleneck and
  • drink plenty of fluids before and after exercise;
  • Combine fast pace and low speed;
  • take breaks between classes, that is, 3 days in a row is not worth it
    go for a run;
  • buy a special lightweight, waterproof and shock-absorbing
  • Observe the diet. Before running – complex carbohydrates and
    proteins, after exercise, fast carbohydrates and proteins;
  • monitor your pulse;
  • need to sleep at least 7 hours.

Regularity and motivation will lead you to your desired goal.

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