Morning exercise for weight loss

utrennyaya-zaryadka-dlya-pohudeniyaMost people after
Awakening feel some stiffness and slowness in the muscles
body, so morning exercises for weight loss can be great
the beginning of the working day.

If you use our advice and start your day with
morning exercises, performing exercises of low intensity,
aimed at stretching the muscles that you use the most
often and which feel especially tense – this
guaranteed to give you an immediate surge of energy and help keep
You are in a good mood all day.

Create a program that combines several
various types of loads, including (links):

  • stretching or stretching exercises
  • cardiovascular load
  • power activity.

And remember – if any exercise hurts you, it is worth
Be sure to consult with a specialized doctor.


The benefits of morning exercises for weight loss

Rush of energy

Regular exercise increases oxygen levels
blood forcing the cardiovascular system to work more
productively. And when the heart and lungs perform their functions
most effective – it significantly increases all levels of life
energy, which is primarily important in the morning, giving
You vigor and vigor for the whole day.

In addition, morning exercises are well stimulated mental
activity within a few hours after its completion.


Compliance exercise regime is very important for
maximize its effectiveness. In the modern world, such moments
as the need to work late, various social
commitment or fatigue after work can make you
skip or abandon the daily workouts.

Therefore, the transition to physical stress in the form of effective
Charging for weight loss will allow you to better plan your
daily routine and in free time after work doing other

Great mood

Morning exercise is a natural way to improve your mood.
Exercise leads to the active development of endorphins –
hormones that boost mood, help
relax and also relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression that
doubly important in the morning hours as it can help you
set the appropriate tone for the whole day.

And instead of focusing on problems and concerns, with
With the morning workout, you can clear your mind of
negative thoughts and overcome all obstacles with a positive
emotional mood.


Types of morning exercises for weight loss


Walking is long known and as natural as possible.
a form of aerobic exercise that makes it very useful
for a morning workout for many reasons.

  • First, it is a gentle effect on the muscles and joints that
    significantly reduces the risk of stretching or injury.
  • Secondly, walking is a wonderful cardio exercise.
  • Third, according to American researchers, the morning
    cardio exercise with walking can increase your
    immunity by stimulating the production of T-cells and antibodies.
  • Fourth, you can engage in any place you like and
    in almost any weather conditions.

To increase efficiency from morning workout during
movements hold additional burdens, for example,
special weights, dumbbells or shopping bags.
Duration of classes is 20 – 30 minutes every day.

More information in the article: “Walking to the ideal weight.
10,000 steps.

Morning yoga

Start your new day with a small yoga session by doing
exercises aimed at developing flexibility and balance of the body. TO
Yoga is also a very effective way to
getting rid of stressful situations, anxieties and problems helping you
experience the possibilities of true relaxation.

The performance of specially selected gentle asanas is excellent.
a way to tone all the muscles in your body, ridding them of
morning stiffness, and also prepare the body for full-fledged
cardio load or any other active physical

TO тому же, согласно восточной мудрости, утро – это священное
Times of Day. During this period, the whole earth is as saturated as possible
energy, so why shouldn’t we use its help?


In eastern practice, meditation is usually used to
order to calm and tidy up your mind. Exists
several different meditation techniques ranging from simple breathing to

TOундалини-йога имеет особую утреннюю разновидность медитации,
called the morning call
sit in a simple pose with crossed legs, breathe deeply and sing
«Эк Онг TOар Сат Нам Сири Вахе Гуру», что в переводе с санскрита
means – “There is only one Creator in the whole world, whose name is Truth.
The greatest is the ecstasy in the passage of this infinite wisdom. ”

Poses and exercises

Morning yoga classes allow you to quickly move away from sleep and
Gain energy for the whole day, and a list of asanas Greetings
The sun is for this the best option.
TOомбинация правильного дыхания, движений, растяжки и силовой
load gives this exercise the ability to provide
full occupation.

Начните с нескольких неполных кругов Приветствия The sun – из
posture Mountains, exhaling, make a forward bend. TOак только вы
feel that the muscles in your body are well warmed up
несколько кругов комплекса Приветствия The sun, во время движения
using the forward tilt pose, rider, dog face down and

Regardless of the duration of the session, the session is always
end with a pose of Shavasana or complete relaxation. Rest in
this position for a few minutes.

Other yoga tools

In addition to poses and meditation, Ayurveda is the sister of the science of yoga.
offers other helpful morning treatments.

To wake up your digestive system try drinking
a warm glass of water with a few drops of lemon or
lime To awaken the skin, perform self-massage, strengthening it

A lot of information in the articles: “Yoga for weight correction (photo)”
and “Yoga: exercise videos.”


Power training

Regular power loads are among the most profitable.
and the best options for morning exercises, which are often

According to experts, metabolically active muscle cells
consume significantly more calories than fat, so
building and maintaining proper muscle tissue will allow you
make your body beautiful and slim, thereby preventing it
from excessive weight gain.

Exercises for morning exercises for weight loss:

Повороты шеи. Stiff neck is common
a sign that you are sleeping in an awkward position or because of
excessive muscle tension. Turn your neck while lying still.
in bed to alleviate their condition for whatever reason.

To do this, lie on your back, head in a neutral position, look
directed upwards. Turn your head to the left, moving your chin toward
your shoulder and then backwards. Continue to perform
exercise in different directions, gradually increasing the amplitude

Повороты туловища. The following exercise is focused on
stretching the oblique muscles on the sides of the abdomen and muscles of the lower back,
who work in sync to twist the torso to the left or
to the right. Exercise will help reduce morning stiffness in the lower
parts of the back. To do this, sit on the edge of your bed, legs
stand on the floor. Turn your upper body to the maximum left
putting your left hand on the bed behind your back and your right hand on the outside
side of the left thigh, until you feel the tension in the muscles.
Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. After follow
exercise in the opposite direction.

Наклоны в стороны. Doing this type of tilting is good
stretches the muscles that are located on the sides of the body. For this
after turning the torso, stand up straight and put your legs
shoulder width apart Raise both arms above your head and tilt
left to pull the right side of the body. Stay in it
position for 20 – 30 seconds, and then repeat the exercise in another
the side.

Приседания. Squat after completing
previous exercise to make the leg muscles wake up.
Stand near the edge of the bed, feet shoulder-width apart
directed forward. Lean forward slightly, keeping your back straight, and
bend your knees until your buttocks touch
edge of the bed, then return to the starting position and repeat.

After several repetitions, move away from the edge of the bed and perform
exercise with more range of motion, crouching while your
the hips do not become almost parallel to the line of the floor. Perform at least 20
– 25 repetitions.


An example of effective charging for slimming legs and abdomen

1. Prepare a bottle of purified water in advance in order to drink it in
workout time. To avoid dehydration in the period
get busy, make small stops for
thirst quenching.

2. Heat all your major muscle groups well before
getting load. Do not skip the workout! This will help increase
flexibility of joints, range of motion and well enhance blood circulation

3. Take a jump rope and jump at an average pace (100 – 120 times a
minute) for five minutes. Then gradually increase
speed and keep jumping for another 10 minutes. If you don’t have
jump ropes, jump in one place at the same pace as with her.
This is a good load for your cardiovascular system,
allowing you to stimulate your mood as well as achieve healthy

4. Perform three sets of 8–10 repetitions of attacks on each
the leg. To make it, take a deep step forward with your right foot. Your
body weight should be moved forward, and the back leg should only
used to maintain balance. Bend the front foot in
knee until a right angle (90 ° C) is formed.

5. Do 30 laps of bicycle twisting for muscle work.
abdominals. Lie on the floor, fingers behind your head. Holding the neck
straight, raise your head and pull your knees up to your chest. Then straighten
right foot forward, without touching the ground, while moving the right
elbow to the left knee. After switch to the left straightening
legs and touching the left elbow of the right knee. Continue alternating

6. Perform 20 pushups. Lie on your stomach, hands on the floor on
shoulder level. Start doing pushups without touching your breasts.
land. TOонтролируйте, чтобы во время движения ваша спина всегда
remained straight.

7. Lie on your back, straighten your arms above your head. Stretch your fingers
into the ceiling so much until you feel the tension in your muscles
arms, legs, back and abdomen.

8. Perform 10 full round neck turns clockwise.
the arrow, and then another 10 counterclockwise.

Morning exercises: exercise videos

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