Mood for weight loss: where to get it and why itneed? The most important thing: how to tune yourself for weight loss andlose weight yet!

Ср, 02 мар 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Few of the “pyshechek” not tormented by the dream of a slim figure and
aspen waist.

That is what torments, because to lose weight by no means
it turns out.

No, everything is all right with enthusiasm: since Monday, at the very least
the case of Tuesday, “pyshechka” zealously accepted the case.

Heavy weapons are used: some kind of killer diet
�”Minus one hundred and fifty-five kilograms per

So what? Girlfriend lost – time. Neighbor
I lost two. The neighbor girlfriend also lost weight – three. And generally speaking
The reviews on the Internet are good, which means that I will definitely lose weight. Let not
one hundred fifty five, but one hundred and twenty kilos for sure.

Weight loss is successful. In the morning, the future model takes
therapeutic dose of the recommended product (yes, exactly
leaf lettuce – how do you know? And a cup of coffee,
of course) and with pleasure she looks in the mirror:

By dinner, it becomes clear: not manifested. A piece of lettuce gives about
you know yourself terrible hungry cries that “pyshechka” tolerates
exactly to seven in the evening. And already then with restless conscience
to what lasted all long day. Simply put,
pounce on food and sweep away everything that is not nailed to
pans, shelves and cabinets.

After eating, she suffers remorse, of course. Dream of
beautiful waist and slender muscular hips returns, but already
without a wonderful halo. The following attempts to lose weight are waiting for the same
sad fate. No matter how long the girl manages
hold out: a week, two weeks. It ends with another breakdown, and
gradually the dream instead of enthusiasm begins to cause hatred.

Why all? There was not originally the right mood for

To lose weight: why is all this necessary?

Nothing will come out if there is no clear idea about the goal of reducing
weight. Lose weight “just so” can not, because the subconscious is stronger
any momentary desire. With each new unsuccessful attempt
lose weight growing frustration, despair, anger, apathy. Who has all
ends with depression, and someone is waving his hand at everything: yes, it’s gone
All to nutritionists, what was born, this will stay.

Все бы хорошо, да только мало кто рождается толстым —
толстыми мы все становимся
. Most often because of laziness and
indulging in bad habits. That is why it is so important.
психологический настрой на losing weight In it, and not at all in diets and
fitness centers, the reason for both success and failure.

Enthusiasm passes quickly, but a clear adherence to its goal,
let not by leaps and bounds, – a pledge of harmony and good
well-being. It’s like cheating: in women, it’s first
associated with the psyche. A man changes his body, and a woman’s soul, and then
nothing can be done about it. Therefore, before rushing to the next
slimming windmill, you need to honestly ask yourself:
and I need it?

The mood for losing weight: goals to throw with harmony

If there is no motivation, all attempts to lose weight are useless.
The maximum that can be done is to get rid of several
kilograms on a hard diet. But as soon as the two or
the three-week torture will end, everything will return to normal.

A mindset for weight loss is the cornerstone of any diet. Few
calculate calories, choose a diet, buy a subscription to the pool or
gym. It is much more important to know exactly what the purpose of losing weight.
Honestly, this is the first thing to do. And the most important.

There are actually not many goals:

• get a man;

• get a job;

• recover;

• give a birth to a baby.

You can disguise these simple and understandable things more
romantic (and hypocritical). Let’s say my goal is to be loved;
like others and yourself, buy this wonderful dress and more
that microscopic swimsuit. Honestly answer yourself
the question “why?”, everything will fall into place.

Fat people find it difficult to find a decent job and start a family.
A fat woman is harder to get pregnant. Fullness leads to appearance
diseases that pose a real threat to life. It certainly happens
наоборот: болезнь становится причиной лишнего weight. But less often.

Therefore, deciding to lose weight, a woman should be ready to
restrictions not for someone, but for oneself. The first motive is
. Lose weight for my husband – oh well! My husband is everything
understandably. Thousands of women complain that the husband lost to them
sexual interest. Get on a diet. Begin to go to the gym.
How many people reach the final scene of seducing their own husband?
Units, because the woman herself is satisfied with everything. But
to lose weight for a lover is real, and quickly and without any
of victims Love works wonders.

Второй мотив — здоровье. If you want to live,
and fully and happily, any diet will seem cute
kickshaw compared to a hospital bed or a cemetery
a mound. No special motivation is needed because
сформирован четкий целевой настрой на losing weight

It now remains to decide whether or not to lose weight. To start
check the will. Suppose the woman decided to seriously lose weight.
Do not start on Monday, you need to act
. What to do? Yes, at least leave a plate
half servings intact. After eating, listen to yourself: what
do you feel? Lightness and joy are signs of the right mood for
losing weight Anger and discontent – a sign that full readiness
discourage yourself from fat and laziness yet.

To lose weight: is it possible to avoid a breakdown?

Impossible to lose weight, if you take everything that happens with
negative emotions, to see punishment in the diet, and in people, not
denying themselves anything, enemies. Irritation and anger – signs
weakness, self-doubt. The mood for weight loss is
quite different. You need to realize that you will not have to change the diet, but
all life, including habits. In another way simply not
work out.

But помочь себе избежать срывов можно. That’s what you need
to do.

1. Поставить реальную цель. Do not “I want to lose weight
by the summer, ”and“ I need to lose ten kilograms ”. How fast
will lose weight, just unknown. Therefore, you can plan
some general rate of weight loss. Let’s say it is safe and physiological
lose one to two kilograms a week (depending on the initial

2. Выбрать диету. This is very important because
incorrectly chosen diet will inevitably lead to a breakdown. For example,
if you don’t really have dinner at six in the evening,
you shouldn’t start following power systems where it’s one of
main principles. If the diet includes eggs, buckwheat, oranges and
etc., and you have an allergy to them or just a persistent aversion to whom
Do you need this diet?

3. To provide for the entire course of weight loss.
приятные для тела и души моменты
. It may be
professional salon body care and face (so that the skin does not
sagging from weight loss, and no wrinkles appeared on the face), bath and
sauna with girlfriends, visit to the massage parlor, shopping. If a
communication is a pleasure, you can buy a subscription to
group programs, find a new hobby or go back to the old.
The pleasure of eating should be replaced by another kind of pleasure, and for
the expense of adequate compensation to exclude the possibility of failure.

4. To try to lose weight by the method of
. Affirmations can be pretty effective.
a method that really helps to lose weight and not fall apart. The main thing is not
faith, and confidence.

5. Throw everything out of the refrigerator that might interfere.
. If a вы живете с семьей, не бойтесь просить
Relatives for help: let some of the most difficult for losing weight
women days they will be more restrained in their food
addictions. Choosing a diet, buy foods for the whole week,
write down your diet exactly for each day and follow the plan exactly.
No temptations!

6. Take a photo in a bathing suit on the first day
. Repeat the frame after a month, not earlier. Wonderful
Visual changes are motivating so that it does not want to fall. AND
Remember that you should focus not on weight loss, but on volumes
body and well-being. Buttoned on the old jacket?
Dyspnea disappeared? So everything is going fine, even if the indicator
floor scales froze in one place.

Disruption avoid real and not as difficult as it may seem.
However, without the appropriate attitude to lose weight is not enough.

Thinking about losing weight: what does the moon have to do with it?

Starting a diet, be sure to consider the physiology of the body. it
поможет поддержанию позитивного настроя на losing weight Any woman
knows that before critical days the appetite may just be
brutal. In addition, the body and so difficult, why injure
its nutritional and psychological restrictions? It is better
wait until the end of the month and with new forces start a new
a life.

Starting losing weight, do not forget to check with the moon, it can
be very helpful. An important point: losing weight is easier if
begins in the period of the waning moon. The lunar disk grows thin –
худеет женщина
. Everything is logical, if you remember the huge
the influence of the Earth’s satellite on the human, especially the female,
an organism. So you need to start a diet not from Monday, from after
full moon. It’s easier.

The third point, which is also a good idea to keep in mind, is the season.
In the spring and summer, losing weight is much easier and
. In the spring you want to update, summer is hot, not to eat,
Yes, and with fruits, vegetables easier. In winter, the body is predisposed to
kilograms, so starting in October-November is dangerous:
mindset on losing weight will not be as strong as in April or

Set on losing weight: why fix the result?

Great way to keep motivation and mindset on losing weight –
вести дневник.

Why do you need it? Firstly, it will help
evaluate eating behavior. Writing down what and how much is eaten in
day, you can get a complete picture of the diet, its
calories, see the errors that prevent to lose weight.

The second task of the weight loss diary is to record the achievements.
results. Write down which parameters the story began with: growth,
weight, chest, waist, abdomen, hips, knees. Specify the final
weight is your goal. Then fix the intermediate (it is better
еженедельные) results. When you actually see the weight drop,
there will be an additional incentive, and the process will go even easier and
more fun.

Share your future plans with the diary. What size
swimsuit you have to buy after losing weight. How to change
wardrobe. Where you want to go on vacation. All this too
small but important steps to harmony.

It is not necessary to keep a paper diary. Today there are dozens
network resources that allow you to do this electronically.
Moreover, online support can be found by joining the group on
weight loss Together to overcome the problems easier, so do not be afraid
communicate, share experiences, achievements, support
других, помогайте им настроиться на losing weight

Remember: the night before dawn is dark. If a вы всерьез решили
change your life, then no one can stop you. Behind
overweight hides pain, insecurity, depression,

So do you need to cling to all this? Imagine
how beautiful, free and easy your life will be
after a few months. Believe in yourself, because only you, your
love, your happiness really matter.

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