Mobile phones do increase the riskbrain cancer

Thu, Nov 13, 2014

Disputes about whether cell phones increase probability
the appearance of brain tumors, have been going on for a very long time. Originally
supporters of this theory was quite a lot, but held
research has proven that those minor portions of radiation that
emit cell phones, do not lead to the development of tumors in the brain.

However, recent studies by Swedish scientists have shown that
mobile and cordless phones can increase the likelihood
возникновения brain cancer, однако после 25 лет их использования.
Incidence statistics for a group of people using mobile
phones over 25 years, compared with those who used them
less than one year. It turned out that in the first case the probability
возникновения brain cancer с годами и часами использования телефонов
constantly growing.

Scientists have proven that in a quarter of a century the use of a mobile phone
will result in an increased likelihood of developing brain tumors
about three times.

This study is absolutely contrary to the largest
a study on this subject conducted in 2010 by the authors
scientists from different countries of the world
oncology of the brain. Then they concluded that mobile phones
not able to increase the risk of developing tumor diseases in
the brain. It is curious that this study was partially
sponsored by cell phone manufacturers.

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