Mistakes cooking pea soup, allsecrets and subtleties

Mistakes cooking pea soup, all secrets and subtleties

Pea soup is not a quick story. TO
besides, it can be darkened by an unfortunate result. Pea not
cooked, the soup is tasteless, sometimes even looks like jelly. This happens
Often. No need to fall into the same mistakes, learn
bypass the pit!

What pea bought?

Few people will be pleased with the soup in which the whole swims and
hard peas By default it should be boiled soft, almost
dissolve in broth, give thickness and taste. But not always
it happens. No need for soup to buy whole peas, whatever
beautiful, he did not seem. Cooking will take several hours and then
Not the fact that everything will turn out.

It is advisable for the soup to choose split peas, halves that
cook much faster. Also on sale you can find pea
flakes. Product fast cooking. It is specially designed to
cooking soup or mashed potatoes didn’t take long. From the whole
round peas you can cook soup, but it can take a whole day.
TO тому же у него на поверхности очень часто пленка, которая не
spilled, it remains to float flakes in broth. It is tasteless and

Helpful advice! Fresh peas are boiled quickly. therefore
when buying, it is desirable to focus on the date of production. Also
It is recommended to conduct an audit in the kitchen cabinets, get rid of
stale croup.

Do not forget to soak?

Dry peas must be soaked in cold water.
It is advisable to withstand at least three hours, and even better to leave on
all night long. During this time, the product will swell, increase in size,
will be soft, then much faster cooked.

TOак правильно замачивать:

  • To make the peas evenly swollen, it is important to immediately add a lot.
    water, it should not just cover it. Pour at least three times
  • Also нужно использовать посуду большого размера.
  • If the room is hot, it is wiser to put it in the fridge, otherwise
    there may be an unpleasant smell.

Swollen peas can be used with water in which it
was, the soup will be thicker. But previously before soaking
rinse the product thoroughly. Otherwise, the broth will be
slimy, will resemble jelly, and after cooling it will turn into
jelly. If you want to get a light soup, then you need to drain the water, and
swollen peas re-rinse.

Where to start: peas and meat

Eternal doubts: what will be cooked faster, meat or peas? No one
This question can not be answered. It happens, everything is cooked together, meat
already moving away from the bones, and the peas can not be prepared. Sometimes
it turns out the opposite. The peas instantly softened and
dissolved, and the meat is still raw, it is tough, did not taste in
water What to do?

It is more reasonable to start cooking it with meat, bring it to
half-cooked or almost ready, and then enter the peas. If a
they will not cook at one time, then the piece can be taken out. Let the meat
cools down, remove bones, cut, prepare vegetables. While we
do all this, peas are cooked to the desired state.

How many ribs were cooked?

Very often, pea soups are cooked with smoked meats, usually
ribs And here the hostesses make the same mistake: add them
too early. As a result, the meat leaves the whole taste. TOопчености уже
ready to eat, they do not need to boil for an hour with peas,
it is wiser to add after potatoes and boil literally 15-20
minutes Immediately cut into slices of the desired size.

Sometimes для аромата в суп добавляются копченые колбаски, их нужно
cook even less. Can be cut and filled with roasting from
овощей, проварить пару minutes To make the product share the flavor, but
it did not lose its taste, it is better to give the soup after cooking
to brew. Just leave on a warm stove for twenty minutes or
for half an hour.

Tomatoes added?

Any acid has a detrimental effect on legumes. More often
Tomatoes or tomato paste are added to the soup. They lay
for brightness of taste and a beautiful shade. This can be done, but only
in the end. If a горох уже не жесткий, но еще не разварился,
worth the wait. Otherwise, he will remain in such
able to boil dry, he just can not with acid.

If a хочется добавить томат:

  • use a small amount;
  • First, fry the pasta in the pan, simmer the tomatoes until
  • we lay in almost ready soup.

We do not introduce a lot of tomato. He will interrupt the natural taste
peas. If a используются свежие или консервированные помидоры, то
it is desirable to remove the skin.

Zazharka or overcooking? No, browning!

Onions and carrots emphasize the taste of peas, nothing more in the soup
need to add, but these vegetables require proper preparation. Not in
in any case, fry them until brown. Even the slightest
подпалины на луке испортят весь вкус.

TOак готовить пассеровку:

  1. Heat the fat in the pan. It is better to use a mixture
    vegetable and cream oils.
  2. Cover chopped onions, reduce heat to medium level, do not
    need to cook quickly, let the vegetable slowly comes to
  3. After a minute, enter the grated or chopped carrot. Stirring
    cook another five minutes.
  4. TOак только лук станет прозрачным, выключаем плиту.

Vegetables should have a pleasant flavor that will emphasize
butter. The carrots will be a little brighter, the onions should appear
golden but not brown. We shift the vegetables in
pan for ten minutes before the end of cooking soup, bring all
together until ready.

The secrets of cooking pea soup

  • If a горох никак не хочет размягчаться и
    , то можно добавить в него маленькую щепотку
    soda This is done at the end, by no means at the beginning.
  • Можно горох замочить вместе с содой, но перед
    Rinse thoroughly with cold and clean.
  • If a времени на приготовление гороха нет или его не
    soaked in advance, then you can simply grind the product in
    coffee grinder.
    It is not necessary to bring to the state of flour, just
    lightly crush, and then fall asleep in the pan. For this method
    pure peas are used.
  • What is the difference between cream soup? Naturally,
    consistency. Any pea soup can be crushed with a blender. BUT
    if you add homemade croutons, fresh dill to the table,
    then get a real fairy tale.

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