Mind or beauty? What are the mistakesmen

Ср, 07 дек 2016 BUTвтор: Гаянэ Валерьева

�”There are no intelligent and beautiful women at the same time,” either
relieved, or disappointed, says one of my friends. And, to
Unfortunately, he is not the only one who thinks so. Let’s figure it out
This issue is detailed.

At the expense of beauty, we will not even argue. Any Cinderella,
if you want, you can become a princess, turning to the good fairies –
numerous beauty salons, beauty centers or if
finances will allow, to fashion stylists today. Become truly
Beautiful in our time – not a problem, there would be a desire.

Now at the expense of the mind. I wonder by what standards men
measure our mental abilities? There are lots of tests
determine the level of IQ. But something is doubtful that men of all
their friends check on these tests. Therefore arises
the question on what basis are they with disarming arrogance
judge the female mind? Explain! In response, men only
condescendingly smiling and wisely saying: “To the rhetorical
Questions basically do not answer! “Read between the lines:” Nothing
need to explain. After all, it is clear to the child that we are the smartest
men. ” What do you say to that? It remains only to resort to the people
wisdom that explains: the fool never admits that he

A smart one, on the contrary, will never claim that he is smart, but
on the contrary, he will lament that he knows nothing. BUT
Now let’s remember how frankly they sometimes fly out of pretty
women’s lips exclamations, like: “What a fool I was!” “Here I am
глупая!» «Что я за дуреха!» BUT вы когда-нибудь слышали, что бы
man spoke about himself in the same spirit? You will never hear (or
VERY-VERY rare, but then you got a rare instance,
which should be entered into the Red Book and protected from the insidious

Even if all the tests of the world show that his mental abilities
are below any acceptable level, he is likely
accused of stupidity tests, and at the same time all those who compiled them. But him
self-confidence will not hesitate for a minute. Continuing to discuss
a painful topic, I want to ask who invented this offensive and
unfair expression: “Listen to the woman and do the opposite”?
If you conduct an impartial study, it turns out that in
In many cases, the woman was right. �“I told you so! I am
knew that it would be so! ”- Fairly reproaching, says the woman
a man who did not listen to her. The man sighs dejectedly
recognizes (and more often than not, admits) his guilt, but next time
again comes in its own way.

Familiar story, is not it? And who, please tell me
after all this clever, and who – not very? The conclusion suggests itself
by myself. But we are better off delicately silent, because breaking male
stereotype is a laborious and ungrateful business. And if you have to choose
between beauty and mind, choose beauty and we will proudly declare that
we are just the most beautiful. BUT про свой ум, во имя мужского
calm, do not tell anyone, let them remain blissful

P.S. Having run through the eyes of the first paragraph of the article (for the most
enough) my dearest spouse uttered: “In principle, I agree that
There are no beautiful and at the same time intelligent women. If she is smart, then
she no longer needs to be beautiful. BUT если красива, то зачем ей ум?»
�”It is interesting, but what group do you rank me with?”
I. �“You’re in the middle,” smiling conciliatory, tried to calm
me faithful. �“So I mean gray mediocrity ?!” –
I was rightly indignant, preparing for a hot and long discussion … But
This is a topic for a completely different article.

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