Milk thistle – for weight loss and treatment

Mon, 18 Jul 2016


Milk thistle – general description

Расторопша — это двулетний или однолетний
a thistle about 150 centimeters high, with an erect stem,
that is covered with a mealy bloom, and core root system.
The leaves are large, dark green, oval-shaped, prickly along the edge.
White, purple or purple tubular flowers are collected in
spherical baskets.

The plant is often called milk thistle or
the frog. Maryina spines from other types of thistle
different white spots on the leaves. People assure that
the specks symbolize the milk of the virgin Mary. The thorn is often grown
as an ornamental plant on the garden plots.

Milk thistle – types and places of growth

Milk thistle lives on embankments of roads, abandoned fields and
wastelands, saline and dry soils. Not rarely thistle grows as
aggressive weed The thorn likes well lit, open

Cultivated milk thistle as a medicinal plant in the South
Europe, Asia Minor, the Caucasus and Western Siberia. In the wild
Marilyn spines are common in North Africa and America, and
in the south of Australia. It is raised in vegetable gardens and in gardens – fertile,
well drained soil with lime content in the sun.

Milk thistle – healing properties

The healing properties of milk thistle were found back in
deep antiquity. Later, scientists have scientifically explained the healing power
plants and found more than 100 beneficial trace elements and
of vitamins. Of particular value is the presence of silymarin – a substance
which is able to strengthen the cell walls, thereby increasing their
protective properties.

Milk thistle from ancient times treated these ailments: cholelithiasis
disease, inflammation of the bile ducts, thyroid disease and
spleen, salt deposits, anemia and sciatica. But the main
thistle specialization is that the plant is used
for treating the liver. In addition, the spines are well recommended.
itself as a healing agent for the prevention of jaundice and cirrhosis, and
also various liver damage from radiation, drugs, toxins and
of alcohol.

Thistle preparations improve motor and secretory
functions of the gastric and intestinal tract, increase the protective
properties of the organism in relation to poisoning and infections. Also
Milk Thistle is used to treat open fractures.
severely healing ulcers, varicose veins.

In dermatology, thistle preparations are taken orally.
dermatosis, alopecia, allergic skin diseases, psoriasis,
acne, vitiligo and lichen planus.

Thistle inhibits the production of histamines in the body, which
associated with headaches and allergic reactions. Besides
milk thistle is considered a unique means that provides
survival in poisoning with a toadstool.

Milk thistle – dosage forms

Roots and seeds are used for healing purposes. Seeds ripen
unevenly since the end of August, so the collection is carried out until October in
several terms. Thistle roots are better to dig in the fall. Dry
roots and seeds can be stored in a ventilated room

Milk thistle – for weight loss

Those wishing to get rid of extra pounds will come in handy milk thistle.
It helps to upgrade the whole body and liver cells, adsorbs
toxins and poisons. Such normalization of processes contributes to the overall
weight loss and recovery, which is not unimportant.
To do this, prepare the meal from milk thistle, grinding the plant in
blender. The resulting powder is recommended to take one by one.
teaspoon four times a day before meals. Effect of application
milk thistle slimming will be noticeable in the next month after
course start.

Milk thistle recipes

Thistle decoction: thirty grams of seeds ground into powder
must be cooked over low heat in half a liter of water until it
half does not boil over. Need to drink one tablespoon of broth
every hour, after 3 weeks you need to take a break for 2 weeks.
Effective decoction for liver diseases.

Tea is made from grass and milk thistle powder. For this follows
take one teaspoon of raw material, pour it with a glass of boiling water and
insist on for 10 – 20 minutes. Tea is recommended to drink hot:
1 glass in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime for varicose dilatation
veins and other diseases.

Milk Thistle – Contraindications

Milk Thistle has no side effects and
contraindications. At the same time natural products that
made from its seeds, are much more efficient and safer


Valentina 11/21/2016 How to cure nasal congestion Stanislav Getman
09/25/2016 Why are all comments about some kind of “grass” when in
Seeds have always been used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.
thistle Yes, and in the sale of grass thistle, I have not met. Seeds –
Yes, the roots are less common, but you can find it, but the grass, i.e. stalks or
leaves … Wonders just what that :) Marina 06.05.2016 Of course, you can
periodically just drink this grass, especially since there are no
contraindications in its use. And most importantly, as written, reception
of this grass much safer than pills and other drugs. She doesn’t
will give side complications. Julia 05/06/2016 Neither of which, if so
use this herb when poisoning with a toadstool, then in fact
Deal amazing grass. As far as I know, from the poison of the pale
toadstools just die. And also, I heard that this weed can
carry out prevention of liver diseases. Tatyana 06.05.2016
Indeed, I have known this herb for a long time, namely, how very
effective treatment of the liver. My father had a suspicion
on cancer and he started drinking milk thistle. At least a few
years, no cancer is noticed.

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