Milk abuse can lead to earlyof death

Fri, 07 Nov 2014

According to Swedish scientists, daily use by adults
Milk humans can lead to a variety of cardiovascular
заболеваний и ранней of death.

The task of the study was to establish the connection
lactose and galactose on the human body. For 20 years
experts observed on the experimental group of volunteers, in
which includes more than 100 thousand people who actively consumed

It turned out that people who drank more than 3 days a day
glasses of milk, much more often had heart problems and
сосудами, а также имели повышенный риск преждевременной of death.

The reason for this effect of milk on the health of a large content.
fat, which negates all the benefits of this product,
consisting in the presence of calcium and vitamin D.

For milk lovers, doctors advise to use its fat-free
option or other types of dairy products (yogurt, kefir, etc.).
В таком случае риск скоропостижной of death снижается, а польза
milk on health increases substantially.

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