Methods for developing endurance in running andother sports

Endurance is a person’s physical quality that reflects the overall level of its performance. For those who play sports endurance performance is much higher than other people. This is due so that athletes acquire this quality as they increase your physical health: But how to develop endurance? Most simple option to improve performance – to engage in regular sports loads. A person who has never worked sports it is easy to develop stamina when running.

Как развить выносливость

What are the types of endurance in sports

How to develop endurance? Learn during active muscular activities to resist physical exhaustion. During increased load muscles work in varying intensity, and if it is also related to coordination, then accuracy will be required movements (gymnastics, figure skating). Main types endurance:

  • Аэробная выносливость (общая). Expressed in ability of the body for a long time to perform moderate intensity of physical work (skiing, swimming, sports walking).
  • Анаэробная выносливость (специальная). Characterizes the ability of an athlete to perform a long on the time of physical work with high intensity (bodybuilding, powerlifting, sprint sprint).


Endurance training in running

Anyone can become hardy in running because classes are not require excellent physical shape and special equipment. Start off can be from a short distance of 500 – 1000 meters a couple of times a week. After a month, you should start developing speed and increasing distance Training will be useful to those people who need to reduce fat deposits, because while running, calories are quickly burned. The development of endurance in running helps resist muscle fatigue, turn away from daytime problems, calm the psyche. Will consider basic ways to develop endurance in running.

Ragged Jogging Method

The name Barto Yasso is known to all the runners, because he developed the method of running, with which the distance of 800 is overcome in just 4 minutes meters The gradual development of endurance occurs due to weekly races, when for the allotted amount of time you need run a certain number of intervals. For the next week load should be increased by adding one interval, then one more until the distance of 800 meters is covered in minimum short time.

Interval running

Marathon runners and stayers are prepared by the method of interval running, which is to develop stamina by alternating several segments at maximum speed. Species interval running several: tempo, repeat, sprint. AT Classical training increases endurance in two directions: faster to overcome two kilometers and short segments with ускорением, продолжительностью 150-200 meters Long distance divided into short stretches that must be overcome with high speeds and areas where the athlete’s body can rest, because the minimum running speed is applied for recovery.

Sports Plyometrics

The most effective endurance exercises – according to the method sports plyometrics. This technique allows you to improve the results in sports, improve physical muscle development. The essence of its impact – it is the use of intense muscle contractions during which muscle fibers get maximum nutrients and oxygen. Plyometrics are jumping onto a support from a place, height, while running, on one leg and even push-ups with jumps. Advantages of the method for development of body endurance:

  1. The reaction rate increases, coordination improves.
  2. Improves muscle endurance.
  3. Weight loss. One hour of training is burned to 600 calories.
  4. Improves the work of the musculoskeletal system.
  5. Exercises allow you to train the body, improve functionality of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Long tempo workouts

Special endurance is a three-dimensional concept, the essence of which is the development of the ability to withstand high loads a long period of time through the repetition of exercises. Long tempo training develops special endurance. rules method consist in comfortable-heavy intensity races, when run hard, but tolerable. Such training allows you to develop strength will, because you should run continuously from 20 to 40 minutes at uniform rhythm. Are training on the surface with good coated to avoid injury.

Before you begin to run, be sure to consult with your doctor, because the program of running you need to be individually, based on indicators of the cardiovascular system, body mass, blood pressure.

Heart Rate Control < / h2>

How to increase endurance while running, we figured out, but there is one important detail – heartbeat. There are certain norms of indicators of heartbeat during exercise, which must be adhered to in order not to harm the body. To control the pulse when running, you need to beginners. And it is easy to calculate it using the formula: 220 minus a person’s age. The resulting figure is the optimal number of beats per minute for your body during fast races. When the number of blows exceeds the indicators, the load should be reduced.