Menu 1200 kcal per day with recipes for the weekfrom simple products

A menu of 1200 calories per day allows you to remove a few centimeters in problem areas. A balanced diet consists of simple foods, so food will not be expensive or monotonous. Nutritionist Kovalkov developed such a correct food with sufficient calories. Energy from the food menu enough for a day for an office worker or someone who is not engaged in professional sports. Pregnancy, lactation, endocrine diseases, adolescence suitable for low-calorie diet. To a balanced menu on 1200 calories are good, you should follow the rules. healthy food for every day.


Basics of a 1200 kcal diet from a nutritionist Kovalkov

In order for the diet to be beneficial, you need to stick with rules for the ratio of BJU (protein-fat-carbohydrate). Interest the ratio of these indicators every day is as follows: 15/30/55%. Carbohydrates in the diet only complex. Therefore, the menu includes fiber. Dr. Kovalkov’s diet uses plant fiber to obtaining energy, providing a feeling of satiety and a full stomach, activation of intestinal motility and prevention of stagnation, losing weight

Many ask what is included in the menu for the week. List The products that are used for weight loss are extensive. Reviews on Low-calorie menu – confirmation of the effectiveness of the diet.

Completely excluded from the menu: fish and meat delicacies and salting, sweet and salty pastries with butter dough, alcohol any kinds and in any quantity, pickled canned salads and vegetables. All other products are used in recipes for every day in the diet menu.


Tips for creating a menu for weight loss

Menu with low-calorie meals and food meet the requirements:

  1. Distribute food intake by the hour. Menu this provides for;
  2. Before bed, be sure to drink a glass of milk, kefir, yogurt or other milk drink. Dairy products necessarily present in the menu every day;
  3.  Normalize the menu for fiber content. Alimentary fiber contribute to fast weight loss and serve as a source of complex carbohydrates, can not eat too much;
  4. Heat treatment: cooking, baking, cooking on a couple. From deep-fat and dishes with fried fat crust for a period low-calorie diet is better to refuse;
  5. Keep a count of calories. 

Composing a menu of 1200 kcal a day with recipes for a week from simple foods, you need to think about the diversity in nutrition. To do this, use special ready-made tables for the days and receptions food. Sample menu for weight loss for a week, see below.

Sample weekly menu for 1200 calories per day < / h2>

Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, low-fat varieties of fish and meat (beef, veal, lamb, poultry, rabbit) prepare tasty and low-calorie dishes. This allows you to eat diverse and avoid breakdowns, overeating. On the Internet there are a lot of simple recipes for the menu for every day, which shows the calorie portion. A sample menu for the week looks like this:

Monday < / strong>

  • Breakfast – milk oatmeal and egg, apple juice. < / li>
  • The second breakfast is a cottage cheese casserole with dried fruits. < / li>
  • Lunch – soup with cauliflower, baked fish, vegetable salad with sour cream dressing, coffee. < / li>
  • Snack – a glass of milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt of low-fat species. < / li>
  • Dinner – beef meatballs with a salad of apples, carrots and celery. < / li>
  • Before going to bed – a glass of milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt of low-fat species. < / li> < / ul>

    Tuesday < / strong>

    • Breakfast – boiled chicken eggs, banana, tea. < / li>
    • The second breakfast is cottage cheese pudding and a glass of fruit jelly. < / li>
    • Lunch – fish soup, vegetable casserole with cheese, coffee. < / li>
    • Afternoon snack – salad with cabbage and chicken. < / li>
    • Dinner – a portion of scrambled eggs and cauliflower in garlic sauce, tea. < / li>
    • Before going to bed – a glass of milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt of low-fat species. < / li> < / ul>

      Wednesday < / strong>

      • Breakfast – whole-grain bread, cheese, tomatoes, tea. < / li>
      • The second breakfast – ryazhenka and banana. < / li>
      • Lunch – boiled chicken breast with spices, stewed cabbage, coffee. < / li>
      • Afternoon snack – cottage cheese with dried fruits. < / li>
      • Dinner – boiled fish and stew of zucchini stew. < / li>
      • Before going to bed – a glass of milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt of low-fat species. < / li> < / ul>

        Thursday < / strong>

        • Breakfast – seasonal fruits, nuts and yogurt. < / li>
        • The second breakfast is a banana. < / li>
        • Lunch – tomato-bean soup, chicken with broccoli, tea. < / li>
        • Tea time – berry juice and nuts. < / li>
        • Dinner – beans with tomatoes, juice. < / li>
        • Before going to bed – a glass of milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt of low-fat species. < / li> < / ul>

          Friday < / strong>

          • Breakfast – cheese with vegetables, tea. < / li>
          • The second breakfast is fruit jelly. < / li>
          • Lunch – chicken meatballs with vegetables, coffee. < / li>
          • Afternoon snack – juice and toast. < / li>
          • Dinner – buckwheat with baked breast. < / li>
          • Before going to bed – a glass of milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt of low-fat species. < / li> < / ul>

            Saturday < / strong>

            • Breakfast – fish, eggplant, grilled bell peppers. < / li>
            • The second breakfast is a boiled egg and coffee. < / li>
            • Lunch – fish soup, ratatouille with vegetables. < / li>
            • Полдник — брокколи на a couple.
            • Dinner – chicken breast with tomatoes, tea. < / li>
            • Before going to bed – a glass of milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt of low-fat species. < / li> < / ul>

              Resurrection < / strong>

              • Breakfast – stewed beans, coffee. < / li>
              • The second breakfast – cheese and vegetables. < / li>
              • Lunch – soup with zucchini, steam rabbit cutlet, carrot-pea stew. < / li>
              • Snack: tomato and cheese toast, coffee. < / li>
              • Dinner – cucumbers, greens with sour cream dressing. < / li>
              • Before going to bed – a glass of milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt of low-fat species. < / li>

              Рецепты диетических блюд from simple products

              Many delicious diet recipes will help you stick to a low-calorie menu for a long time rather than a few days. A variety of tastes and products will serve as prevention of disruptions and overeating. All dishes for the menu are cooked with gentle heat treatment. < P>

              Baked fish in Russian style < / h3>

              You will need: gutted and cleaned river or sea fish of medium size, 1 large onion, vegetable oil, hard grated cheese or cheese 20 grams.

              Cooking < / u>:

              1. Fish cut into portions. Sprinkle with spices, put in a baking dish. < / Li>
              2. Spread chopped onion, drizzle with butter. < / li>
              3. Cover with foil and bake in a preheated oven. < / li>
              4. After removing, sprinkle with a mixture of greens and cheese, bake for 2 minutes in the oven. < / li> < / ol>

                Cheese Soup < / h3>

                You will need: 2 potatoes, 2 peeled carrots, 2 parsley or celery roots, 1 zucchini, 1 Bulgarian pepper, a pair of rings of fresh hot pepper, 1 cream cheese.

                Cooking < / u>:

                1. Root vegetables cut into slices and boil until ready in water. < / li>
                2. After grinding with a blender with salt and spice, melted cheese. < / li>
                3. Bring to a boil. < / li> < / ol>

                  Cheese Casserole with raisins < / h3>

                  You will need: diet cottage cheese – 300 grams, 1 egg, 30 grams of raisins, 40 grams of semolina and sugar.

                  Cooking < / u>:

                  1. Egg, sugar combined with cottage cheese, raisins, semolina. < / li>
                  2. Put in shape, bake for 20 minutes in the oven. < / li>
                  3. Serve a ready-made Lenten dish with fresh berries or natural yogurt. < / li> < / ol> |

                    Nutrition Tips < / h2>

                    1. Adhering to the 1200-calorie-a-day menu from dietitian Kovalkov, you need to know the main recommendations of gastroenterologists. Weakness and decreased performance in the first days is a normal adaptive response of the body. But if this condition lasts a long time, then it is worth contacting a physician for advice. You may need to replace some foods or increase the calorie content of the diet. < / Li>
                    2. If work requires heightened mental activity, then for this period, you must abandon low-calorie food. With an insufficient amount of glucose per day, the brain begins to suffer, pain and migraines occur. Therefore, the achievement of harmony, as a result, should not have a negative impact on mental activity. < / Li>
                    3. Drink plenty of water. It helps to activate the metabolism, which slows down in the first days of the low-calorie menu. In order to regain weight loss, it is enough to normalize the water balance. Do not try to replace water with juices or herbal teas on the menu. Drinking this kind of body perceives as food. Therefore, it does not replenish the stock of moisture for the day with the low-calorie menu. < / Li>
                    4. Some try to increase the speed of dropping unwanted weight with this menu, deliberately lowering caloric intake every day. The physiological mark of 1200 calories per day allows the body to fully function. If you further reduce the calorie menu, then there will be metabolic disorders, problems with hormonal background and diseases of the endocrine system. < / Li> < / ol>


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