Men’s needs – what men want in 20,30, 40, 50 years old?

Ср, 08 фев 2017 Автор: Яна ATладыка С
age changes a lot: views on things, dreams, desires,
relationship with a loved one. Women are increasingly asked by one and
the same question: “What do men want?”. Specific response to
this question simply does not exist, and the whole snag is
that men of different ages want completely different things.

What is characteristic of the behavior of a thirty year old is
unacceptable for a fifty year old. The main thing is the ability to find
approach and pick the right key to the heart of your beloved
moment. Yes, a lot changes over the years, but there is one desire
which is inherent in men of any age – each of them wants
love, support and understanding from the beloved woman.

In 20 years

At this age, men themselves cannot say what they are
I want to. The soul craves adventure, so they go to their
search. When hormones don’t let you think about anything except sex, then
unwittingly looking in the crowd for the most beautiful girl and fantasizing about
what to do with it.

Twenty-year-olds promise a lot to their girls, and all
in order to get them under the skirt, because representatives
women at this age are naive and trusting. And, in principle,
all women love with ears, as you know. While the girls are dreaming about
Eternal love and represent, as in the distant happy future
They marry their boyfriend, they just experiment. They
see the lady as a math textbook: nothing is clear yet
learn a lot. At this age, they do not need a serious relationship.
They слишком молоды, еще слишком ветрены и хотят найти такую же
a girl, rather for a pleasant pastime. Young lady in
most cases still inexperienced. If he screwed up, then she and not
will notice. There is nothing to compare with.

At twenty, boys judge girls by how much they
are beautiful. I want to take care of this, spend my leisure time with her,
brag to your friends. After a while, guys
they understand that it is stupid to judge by the cover, because falling in love is not
appearance, but in the soul. The realization of this comes to them after
several proud and independent beauties will break their hearts. Although,
even after that, young people continue to stare at
pretty girls. If she is not only beautiful, but also
smart enough, he will find an approach and be able to push them as soon as
will want to. Of course, in our weak female hands are
main control levers for men of any age – sex, beauty
and tenderness.

In 30 years

Statistics say that at this age most
men understand that they are ready to marry and want to create their own
family. Let’s see why this happens.

As mentioned above, in a little over twenty years old men
prefer women to satisfy their sexual
needs, gain experience in communicating with the opposite sex.
When the representative of the stronger sex is over thirty, he
begins to perceive the lady as an interlocutor, a man, his mother
future children. Sex no longer takes first place in life.
I want to think not only about my pleasure, but also about
satisfying your beloved.

At this age, men are divided by two.

1-й тип: осознают, что женщинам важно не только
how much a man is sexy and handsome. They ищут и такие
qualities like strength, intelligence, sense of humor, kindness and others. Those ones
who are ready to say goodbye to youth and frivolity,
transformed into adult, serious real men. Have them
there is a change in thinking, there is a complete reassessment of values.
Much that seemed important becomes empty and devoid of meaning.
It’s time to settle down and think about the future. Fleeting sex with
stranger no longer seems attractive to them. This is no longer
there is enough strength, and there will be no desire. I want to climb up
career, improve the financial situation of your family.

2-й тип: понимают, что совершенно не готовы
say goodbye to the life in which one woman is preparing today
breakfast and tomorrow is different. Men of this type
do not want to grow up, do not think about creating a family. They превращаются в
inveterate bachelor who themselves do not know what they want and
dwell in the eternal search for something … to know more, what exactly. Them
like freedom, they are completely satisfied with such a lifestyle.
Getting close to a woman is something wild and terrible for them, because men
This kind of piously sure that no good is not
will lead.

At 40 years old

At this age, men often have depression. Them
it gets boring, annoying family life, and begin active
looking for someone on the side. The one who can surprise
excite and make the heart beat again at a breakneck pace. AT
forty years many give birth to young mistresses, some enjoy
the services of prostitutes.

Men do not like to live quietly and calmly. Wife automatically
loses the status of the most desired woman on the planet and
turns into a person with whom just well, there is lot
in common, and I just want to wrap up blanket and watch together
favourite TV show.

AT этом возрасте мужские гормоны становятся менее буйными. Sex
I rarely want, but, as they say, aptly. Men start
fantasize and in every way try to diversify intimate life.
Regular sex in bed no longer brings past pleasure.
Once a man realizes this, he admits this to himself
himself, he begins to raise such a delicate topic in conversations with
its half. Not every forty year old woman will agree
on experiments in bed and on spontaneous sex in public
places, for example. Believe it or not, believe it or not.
this is the reason why marriages break up. The man
wants diversity, and the woman does not consider it necessary to clog his head
such nonsense, when all thoughts and forces are directed at children, their
future and work.

AT 50 лет

Men who have reached this age have only one
desire – to live in peace, without any surprises and surprises.
There is a crisis, and with it another depression, followed by
thoughts about their inferiority and uselessness.

The desire to have sex is present, but health is already beginning.
to let down. Themенно в этом возрасте у многих мужчин появляются
problems with erection. And, as you know, for a man is great
shame that he cannot please his

Men start видеть в женщине лучшего друга, который всегда
will help, support and understand. Them хочется, чтобы их поняли, не
offended by strange behavior and given time to spend it
in thought, alone with himself. Them не хочется по сто раз
explain what happened and why there is no mood again today.
Женщина, с которой проведено вместе lot лет, умеет чувствовать
internal state, and knows when to stay close and when
better to step aside and wait.

AT 55-60 лет

Men are increasingly feeling the rapid and irreversible
approximation of old age, so they are trying in every possible way to prove to themselves that
all is not lost and life is not over. To again
feel young and attractive, they go to
search for young beauties, the age difference with which is
almost 30-35 years old. Men drive them to chic restaurants,
try in every way to endear themselves and rejoice like small children,
when they get even the smallest amount of flirting from the subject of his
adoration. Yes, from the outside it looks like my father invited me to dinner.
daughter, but who cares? The main thing is that young
nymphets do not remind of the coming old age, and they are not scattered
scary words like “prostate adenoma” and “atherosclerosis”,
for the time being they simply are not familiar with them.

But not all men who have crossed the boundary of fifty-five
years, go look for a young lover. Some vice versa
begin to feel with his beloved wife a special bond that
seek to strengthen in every way. They всеми способами стараются угодить
mate, please her something, ask for forgiveness for endless
the antics she has endured for all the years of marriage. Finally
you can get what both have long wanted – the calm,
trips, romance. Children are long adults, they are already creating their

ATсе получилось именно так, как хотелось, именно благодаря
Beloved, who was always there, served as support and support.
AT этом возрасте представители сильного пола испытывают огромное
pleasure when they manage to just become the cause of their smile

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