Men with a “tum” again in fashion? Why are they sodo women like?

Ср, 27 май 2015 Автор: Элен Стельмах
In the photo above, a shot from the movie “Neighbors on the Warpath”

The fashion for the “jocks” channel in the summer and now in favor of men with
rounded tummies. Especially nimble already managed to christen a separate
the term of such men is “dad bod” or “daddy’s body”. Now
it is for such men that the status of a new man is firmly entrenched
ideal or sex symbol.

Today, men with “daddy’s body” – one of the main topics for
discussions among men and women. A month ago, the topic “dad bod” was
wonderfully, but in a short time she managed to acquire status
global sexual and social phenomenon. Sensational article
Mackenzie Pearson (Clemson University student) “Why girls
love “dad bod” caused not only heated debate on the Internet
space, but also formed a new ideal of man.


It is “dad bod” created for the family.

It is possible that in the not so distant past, the owners of “dad bod”
were athletic and very athletic guys. Gradually
press dice disappeared under the folds of a small tummy from
intoxicating beer and chips. Men “teddy bears” look like something
family-friendly, cozy, they still smell like stability, probably
so today they prefer so many

When contemplating a man with a “daddy’s body” in his heart becomes
calm, warm, comfortable. It seems that this will not fail, it will be
safe, secure. Such a man is automatically credited to the ranks.
family, caring, who will indulge and protect their
woman and joint kids. Oh, idyll …. many will say!

In addition, any girl is more likely to believe that the owner
�”Daddy’s body” will most likely perform male work in the house
(nail a nail, hang a shelf, repair a broken one, etc.),
rather than the proud and selfish “handsome jock,” descended from
fashion gloss ads. Of course, this is just prejudice, because
the appearance of a person cannot always tell about his
intrinsic qualities, and about its further behavior in relation to
you. Don’t ignore the fact that a handsome jock can
taking care of your child is as zealous as it is behind you, but
�”Teddy” man can get completely lazy, grow a huge
belly that feels most comfortable lying on the couch.

With “dad bod” you can relax and unwind

“Plush” men love and know how to relax: no
no problem in the middle of the night to feast on delicious
pizza, popcorn, and chocolate ice cream on top, and see
exciting action (for sure, he will not mind and tearful
melodrama). Such tricks will not pass with handsome jocks and
bodybuilders who prefer protein instead of pizza
cocktails, and every spare minute strive to spend in the gym,
sweating profanely.

�“Dad bod” will sincerely admire your culinary
talents, will be grateful for the prepared delicacies and delicacies, in
unlike a staunch vegan or a run-down raw food eater. And your
A “teddy” man will not be distracted from sharing
hanging out endless workouts, meditations, modes and the

You will never hear reproaches from “dad bod” for what you ate.
too much after six. However, do not forget to share yummy,
After all, for such a “teddy” man may be offended. if you love
simple pleasures (delicious food instead of the right cocktails; sex
instead of jogging; spontaneity instead of mode), a man with a tummy
will be your ideal partner. With him you can get huge
pleasure from ordinary, everyday affairs.

The main thing is that in simple, comfortable and joyful things with a “teddy” one should not get bored!
It is unlikely that such a man will be delighted if you want to spend your
free time is more active and diverse. These new tasks may
be “dad bod” not on the shoulder.

From “dad bod” comes the plume of sexuality

Oddly enough, “soft-bodied” men set up a considerable
The number of women on the sexual wave and cause great desire.
Many girls are literally going crazy with men with little
tummy. After all, they, “puzanchiki”, are so earthly, real or something,
so you want to spend time with them in bed, not tormented
thoughts of their own imperfection, impeccability. Besides,
Feel like a real Thumbelina!

But it is important that no substitution of concepts takes place, and you
really breathtaking from the “daddy body”. Sometimes, with
excitement confused banal desire to safely and quietly go
married, be safe and warm. Yes, the teddy promises a lot
human, simple, earthly joys, but not always great sex,
which is impossible without mutual attraction. Before you hunt
for a homely, reliable “plush” man, decide in your
sexual preferences!

The concept of “dad bod” fits into the traditional look at
regular partner

Sometimes, next to the “ideal” to be difficult and uncomfortable. Sensations
intensified, if you yourself are far from the ideal. Girl with
perfect partner forced all the time to stay in battle
condition, try to match, catch up. One girls
healthy rivalry with “man, as from the picture” will go to
benefit and lead to rapid personal and physical growth.
But for other girls a similar mood in a pair is fraught with nervous
tension and, at times, frustration and breakdowns. After all, sometimes it comes
ridiculously: a man and a woman spend the same amount
time for self-care: massage, manicure, haircuts, masks. What if
the man is also competing, whose turn to sit in the bathroom for two hours ….
Eyes would not have seen this!

It seems to us that “dad bod” would rather climb.
on the career ladder, getting bread, unlike metrosexual,
who is more passionate about working on his own appearance. But, to
Unfortunately, this is just a prejudice, and instead of making money
money and family support, a “teddy” may choose another scenario
– lying on the couch and scratching the soft abdomen.

“Puzanchik” predictable and stable

Not with a simple joke: “Do you want to know what will be the girl through
several decades, then look at her mother. ” The truth is not to hide
and daughters very often resemble their mothers like two drops of water.
They often copy the maternal script with accuracy, even if
chose it with a minus sign.

And in order not to be deceived in their choice, girls go from the opposite
and seek to see the partner immediately. And then the fair sex pecks
on the bait “puzanchikov”! We naively believe that they are real and
truthful; they do not seek to comply with the standards imposed
beauty and success; they don’t strive to seem better than they
there is. They do not depend on the admiring and envious glances that
secretly waiting for every fitness addict. It seems to us that they are honest
with yourself and with the people around you. They are as they are:
simple, unvarnished. And women, tired of the fake look
metrosexuals, from “dust in the eyes,” willingly rush to the neck
imperfect, but real man.

The girls are captivated by the fact that they see “dad bod” as they become
most men after a few years from the wedding
celebrations. Such a lazy honesty, normal and
ordinariness has more than playing cubes on
athletic torso, expensive gifts, over-achievement. Perspective
living with ordinary, real guys who have no plans
transcendental goals, only a happy family life, work and mortgage,
disposes of girls and consoles. “Not worse than Tank” works in
female consciousness from time immemorial and up to today
of the day!

It is not excluded that a good and homely “dad bod” will be everything to you
also interesting and love and after 15 years of married life. But
There is another prospect that the family hearth with the “jerky”
years later, turn into a close, monotonous place where it is better
all, for some reason, goes to be bored and sad. It also happens that
the family routine is also boring by the “plush” itself, the script
“work-home-work”. And guilty of all this will, of course,
your wife (that is you)!

Opinion of the psychologist

“The right choice of partner” is called the new psychological
virus that dominates the minds of society the last few years.
This fate befell, oddly enough, not only women but also men.
Everywhere we have tips, tricks, tests and tips,
how to find your soul mate and live with it in peace and harmony
until the end of life. The downside of this, in fact, useful
information becomes lack of enjoyment from the process itself
search (meetings, flirting, relationships before marriage). In every meeting
human, we try to look at signs of compliance and
inconsistencies, and the whole process, instead of a romantic adventure,
turns into a tiring race.

Thinking stereotypes about a man in assessing his appearance, we can
be deceived and greatly disappointed. Pay attention better to the very
the internal essence of man, his behavior, instead of external, sometimes
deceptive characteristics!

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