Men of non-prestigious professions – are there any chanceson paradise in a hut

Wed, 08 Feb 2017 Sylvester Stallone, Dustin Hoffman, Bred
Pitt, Dmitry Nagiyev, Viktor Tsoi, Alain Delon … What unites everyone
these men besides fame and fortune?

All of them, strange as it may sound, were at certain times
representatives of not prestigious and even somewhat humiliating
professions. Who would have thought that the world famous actor Dustin
Hoffman began his career as an assistant in
psychiatric ward of the hospital.

Dream man Brad Pitt experienced all the difficulties of work
the waiter. Brutal fizruk Dmitry Nagiyev familiarly with
profession loader. And the icon of style and the standard of male beauty Alain
Delon is generally a certified butcher.

All these men thanks to their incredible talents
hard work and, of course, a happy occasion reached a peak
popularity and luxury, forever saying goodbye to his first not
prestigious craft. But, in fairness, it is worth noting that
far from all fairy tales end in the miraculous transformation of simple
Ivanushki to the prince.

What can a woman do if she meets on her life path
just such Ivanushka, who does not need half his kingdom or life
even a horse to boot? If mastering your beloved, even if not so
prestigious craft, he does not want to be beaten out neither in princes, nor in
princes? Does this mean that the spouse and children of such a simple laborer
doomed to spend their lives in poverty, counting pennies to their father


Professions not compatible with prestige?

Filed one of the surveys conducted among office
female employees, the most prestigious are considered specialties
electrician, plumber, driver, builder, turner and how it is not
It sounds unfortunate teacher. Men of these professions seem
unattractive for the fair sex.

A life под одной крышей с ними представляется женщинам далеко не
in the rainbow light. First, such a husband does not brag to
friends classmates who have long and confidently feel
wife’s status as an oligarch or, in extreme cases, spouses
the best surgeon in the city. How to confess to the former pupil
spouse from morning till night sticking on construction sites or sitting out evenings
over student notebooks?

Secondly, the chance to become the wife of a millionaire in such cases
almost zero. Therefore, the dream of foreign villas, expensive
boutiques and the best hotels in the world will have to be destroyed even at the stage
births Instead, master this hated for the ladies
art of saving.

Third, most women are potential or already
held by the mother. It is natural that not least
worried about the question: “What can a father-hard worker or father-teacher be able to give
to your child? “. And in the end, if a lady has one,
more than a few higher educations in the background
talk with your spouse electrician on long winter evenings for
with a cup of tea?

Two sides of the same coin

No matter how much they say that any work is honored, all
The above arguments can hardly be taken and crossed out by one
feature There is a grain of truth in them, such is the truth of our life. But any
truth is a double-edged sword. Therefore worth a look at
a man of a non-prestigious profession from a slightly different angle.

First of all, such a man is a much better option.
spouse, rather than a man-parasite. Accustomed all my life comfortable
to sit on parental necks, he is conscientious and with considerable
joy peresyadet fragile but reliable neck of his wife. Okay,
parents (they reap the “beneficial” fruits of their upbringing), but
spouse is why? Therefore, the husband-locksmith or bus driver
Compared with such drone – this is a treasure.

It is also worth noting that a diploma in law, doctor or oil industry
pocket and successful career are completely different things. If a
man chose a specialty, only on the basis of considerations
prestige, having no talents for it, no spiritual impulses, then
a specialist out of it will be “so-so.” Therefore, the question: “Who
more promising – a doctor who has an attack of appendicitis from the liver
colic does not distinguish, or virtuoso turner? “- is rhetorical. Yes
and no one excludes the possibility that over time a good master
will be able to organize his own business, there would be a desire and support
loved ones. And what is the work of conscience, he is not familiar

Confused man at the bed with the baby or near the kitchen
The plates, let’s face it, are more than a natural sight. But in
situations when it is necessary to replace a bulb, to repair
a wheel that has fallen off a baby carriage or has a door lock repaired,
male helplessness looks somehow unnatural and even pitiful. AND
here men working in the profession have a certain advantage
since working with hands is a common thing for them.

I blinded him from what was …

AND все же, проблема “непрестижности” той или иной мужской
Professions will always be affected by female ego (especially
if we are talking about your soulmate). Here to the place to remember
what has long been in the people believed that an intelligent wife, even from an ordinary
peasant in the eyes of the public will be able to make an enviable husband. BUT
not far away – even the best man will not be able to appreciate.
Consequently, the prestige of the husband largely depends on what
the woman next to him.

As for paradise in a hut, the chances of creating it depend little
from the profession of a husband. First of all, they depend on how
this husband is focused on family life. What upbringing and education
he got in his family (after all, the profession of a turner or mechanic is not
excludes a high level of intelligence in a person).

The presence or absence of harmful substances also plays a role here.
habits, intolerable character, ability to take responsibility for
судьбу loved ones.

BUT престиж профессии… Разве женщине неприятно, когда к супругу
Half the city appeals for help, because he can determine by ear
malfunction in the car. ANDли все печки-лавочки на даче сделаны
his golden hands. ANDли папа учитель сможет дать своему чаду такой
level of general development, which will not give any encyclopedia.

BUT разве это не рай для женщины – муж и отец, которым можно
be proud of?

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