Meadowsweet – medicinal properties and use inmedicine

Sat, 09 Jul 2016


Meadowsweet – general description

Widely known medicinal plant meadowsweet (Latin.
Filipendula) has a second name – tavolga. This is a perennial
Rosaceae herb belonging to the family Pink. Meadowsweet
reaches a relatively large size, has a powerful rhizome and
erect stem with feathery or palmate leaves. Bloom
abundant, accounted for early summer. White Labazhnika flowers or
pinkish, gathered in paniculate inflorescences with double
about flower beds. A cup of flower consists of five to six petals.
Fruits appear in July-August in the form of multi-points. Meadowsweet
moisture-loving, resistant to cold.

Meadowsweet – виды и места произрастания

Meadowsweet относится к чрезвычайно распространенным растениям, его
can be found almost everywhere in the temperate climate zone
Northern Hemisphere. In nature, there are about 10-13 species
of this plant, including: narrow-leaved meadowwort (it grows in the Far
East, North of China, in Primorye and Amur), Kamchatka meadowwort
(common in Kamchatka, Kuriles, in Japan), meadowsweet
palmate (occurs in Primorye, Kamchatka, Kuriles, in
Khabarovsk Territory and in the south of the Magadan Region), red meadowwort
(growing in North America) and many others. In the European part
Russia, the Caucasus and Western Siberia are the most widely
common meadowsweet. It can be found in the woods, by
shores of ponds, along rivers and streams and other places with good
wet soil. The peculiarity of this kind of Labaznika – height
1.5-2.0 meters, as well as intermittent pinniped leaves, above
having a smooth surface and bright green color, and the bottom
structure-like felt. Yellowish white flowers
numerous with a pungent smell. Leaves when rubbed also emit
characteristic odor.

Meadowsweet – лечебные свойства

Meadowsweet вязолистный имеет чрезвычайно широкий спектр применения
в medicine. This is due to its composition, which includes vitamin
C, tannins, phenolic compounds, as well as salicylic
acid and its derivatives (salicylic aldehyde, methyl salicylate and
etc.). The rhizomes of the plant also contain phenol glycosides.
(monotropitin and spirein), flavonoids and chalcones. Stems and leaves
contain catechins, phenol carboxylic acids (ellagic and
coffee, essential oils and higher fatty acids (linoleic,
stearin, etc.). Thanks to this rich composition labaznik
can be used as a tonic, tonic,
sedative, bactericidal, diuretic, astringent,
hemostatic, wound healing and anthelmintic
facilities. It also has choleretic properties and is capable of
strengthen the ability of the liver to fight toxic lesions
organism. Labaznika preparations in addition to the above help
with headaches, rheumatic joints, sugar
diabetes and can also be used as an antiviral agent.

Meadowsweet – лекарственные формы

For the preparation of medicines used all
plant parts (rhizomes, stems, leaves and flowers). Getting ready
drugs from the meadowsweet in the form of decoctions, tinctures or
ointments for external use. Picklehoof broth is used for
treatment of intestinal disorders, dysentery, rheumatism,
epilepsy, gout, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, as
anti-ulcer, sedative, wound healing and
hemostatic agent as well as for douching when
gynecological diseases. Broth, which includes the roots and flowers
meadowsweet, is a good remedy for hypertension,
with nervous disorders, worms and diseases
upper respiratory tract. Labaznik’s tincture on alcohol or ointment
used to treat trophic ulcers and other lesions

Meadowsweet — рецепты

To cook the broth of the Labaznika, you need to take 1 tea
a spoonful of crushed dried plants, pour 2 cups
boiling water, boil in a water bath for 30 minutes, then strain and
dilute with water to the original volume. Take – 1 tbsp. 3 times
a day after meals. For douching decoction is prepared from
calculating 20 g of meadowsweet per 1 liter of water.

Labaznika infusion is prepared as follows: 250 ml
cold boiled water to take 1 tsp. crushed rhizomes
meadowsweet, insist 6-8 hours. Strain, take during the day
in small sips 3-4 times.

For the preparation of ointment will need 20 g of powdered
dried meadowwort and 100 gr. petroleum jelly or lanolin. Smear it
the composition of the lesion on the skin 3-4 times a day.

Meadowsweet – противопоказания

Contraindications to the use of the drug is pregnancy.
Do not apply the meadowsweet also to persons suffering from chronic
constipation, a tendency to hypotension and poor blood clotting. AT
other cases, be sure to consult with
by the attending physician.


Aldine 04/26/2016 Yes, really. It is so simple and you can not list all
beneficial effects on the body of this plant. Meadowsweet,
captures almost the entire body. And about his beauty, and
nothing to say – all in sight. A pair of such bushes, just give
fabulous view of your garden or garden. Katya 04/26/2016 When I
treated the liver, then I was advised to take the drug based on this
plants. It improves the effect of another treatment, accelerates the process.
recovery. Yes, and removes intoxication. AT общем, просто
wonderful plant. Tom 04/26/2016 Neither of myself, how much
All sorts of nutrients found in this plant! Same
just a storehouse of vitamins and everything. Not surprising that
Lobaznik treats so many diseases, and to strengthen the body
quite fit. Ilona 04/26/2016 And I did not know about this amazing
plant! And did not even hear such a name! I read how much
Diseases can be cured with this beautiful bush! Just a spirit
captures. Maybe he grows with us, only somewhere in the forest.
Margarita 04/26/2016 What a beautiful plant !!! I’m just in
full of delight! I live in Siberia, but I have never seen such
shrub. If we have some kind of it, it is quite unlike
on that! And I would love to have such beauty in my garden

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