Mastopathy – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Tue, Mar 29, 2016

Мастопатией называют доброкачественное
breast damage characterized by excess
proliferation of connective tissue. Among young women
incidence ranges from 30% to 45%, after 40 years the amount
diseases increases. Depending on the type of fabric that
grows, distinguish:

– fibrous mastopathy, in which the lesion occurs
connective tissue – cystic mastopathy, which affects
alveoli and ducts, – mixed mastopathy, which is characterized by
lesion and alveoli with ducts, and connective tissue.

Mastopathy – causes

The main cause of mastitis is hormonal disorders,
which lead to a change in breast tissue. Most often
mastopathy manifests itself as a result of a disease of special departments
brain (pituitary and hypothalamus), dysfunction
thyroid, obesity, hyperprolactinemia, diabetes mellitus,
disorders of fat metabolism, etc.

Also hormonal disorders leading to the development
mastopathy, may be the result of gynecological diseases;
sexual disorders; genetic predisposition;
painful processes in the liver and biliary tract; pregnancy and
childbirth; stressful situations.

Mastopathy – symptoms

Mastopathy is manifested mainly by pain in
breast, a sense of discomfort, and also good
palpable seals or assemblies of various sizes and shapes.
Sometimes these symptoms are accompanied by a variety of secretions from
nipples. Bloody and dark discharge may indicate
serious pathological processes occurring in the breast,
or even a precancerous condition.

As a rule, pain when mastopathy appears behind
a few days before menstruation, while there is an increase
seals. This is so during this period in the body of a woman
hormonal changes occur. Often palpating seals and
nodules woman feels pain. In advanced cases
any touch to the chest becomes painful, while the pain
can give to the shoulder and armpit.

Mastopathy – diagnosis

The basis of the diagnosis of mastopathy is the examination of the mammary glands, their
palpation, mammography, ultrasound, puncture of the nodules and
cytological examination punctate.

To prevent diagnostic errors, examine dairy
gland should be a few days after the end of menstruation,
since the second phase of the menstrual cycle is characterized by their
by engorgement. Examination of the mammary glands allows you to get
idea of ​​their appearance, contours, skin color, position
nipples. After inspection, the feeling of the mammary glands,
axillary, subclavian and supraclavicular lymph nodes. With
detecting any changes in the mammary glands is prescribed
mammography and ultrasound. With этом нужно помнить, что маммография
is contraindicated in pregnant women and women under 35 years old, and

Мастопатия – treatment и профилактика

Treatment of mastopathy is carried out by hormonal and non-hormonal
by methods. Its main purpose is to eliminate the causes of the violation.
hormonal balance in a woman’s body, and if necessary
– normalization of the nervous system, kidneys and liver. Treatment
advanced forms of nodular mastopathy can be performed by surgical
methods and concomitant drug therapy.

With фибрoзнo-кистoзной мастопатии женщина должна категорически
refuse to visit the sauna, physiotherapy, as well as solar and
artificial zagar.

With своевременном, правильно подобранном комплексном лечении от
diseases can be eliminated in a few months. However, even
after that, the patient should appear at least 1 – 2 times a year.
to the doctor. In addition, every woman should periodically conduct
breast self-examination to detect changes in time
груди и начать treatment. It is held after menstruation, 5-7
day of the cycle by palpation of both mammary glands in the prone position and
standing up Having discovered suspicious formations, a woman should
consult a doctor immediately to prevent mastopathy from developing
or cancer.

To prevent mastopathy, you can use:

– pregnancy and лактации; – refusal of abortion; – regular
sex life; – taking iodine preparations in the fall and spring; –
consumption of iodized salt (if the state of the thyroid allows
glands); – healthy lifestyle.

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