Mastitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Mar 30, 2016

Маститом называют воспаление mammary gland.
Mastitis is lactational (postpartum), which develops in
nursing mothers, and non-lactating, that is, not associated with nursing
feeding. Non-lactating mastitis usually develops due to
breast injuries or hormonal disorders in the body
women and is rare.

Mastitis – causes

Mastitis develops when it enters the breast tissue.
bacteria, either through nipple cracks, or through the blood (if
in a woman’s body foci of infection). Usually when in the dairy
a woman’s gland gets a small amount of bacteria, her immune
The system successfully copes with this problem. However, in
the postpartum period, the body of most women is weakened, it is not
can give bacteria a fitting rebuff, so it develops

Very often mastitis happens due to lactostasis, or milk stagnation.
in the ducts of the mammary glands, which develops due to insufficient
or incomplete decanting of milk or rare feedings (since
milk in the ducts of the breast is a favorable medium for
reproduction of bacteria due to its nutritional value).

Mastitis – Symptoms

Mastitis is characterized by an acute onset and develops over
several hours or 1-2 days. It is manifested by such

– increase in body temperature above 38? C, indicating
inflammatory process in the body. Because of this, a sick woman
there are headaches, chills, weakness; – pains in the dairy
glands that are permanent and are intensified during
breastfeeding; – an increase in breast cancer in size and
its redness in the area of ​​inflammation.

If left untreated, the disease begins in the early stages.
гнойный mastitis. It manifests itself:

– increased body temperature to 39? С and above; – headaches,
sleep disturbance, lack of appetite; – severe pain in the dairy
gland, which appear even with a light touch to the chest; –
swollen lymph nodes in the armpit.

Mastitis – Diagnosis

Diagnose mastitis based on characteristic signs
which the doctor can detect during examination and palpation (palpation)
mammary gland. To confirm the diagnosis and detect
inflammatory process in the body, prescribe a complete blood count.
Type of bacteria and their sensitivity to certain antibiotics
determined by bacteriological examination of milk.
Sometimes the diagnosis of mastitis can be supplemented by ultrasound.
breast research (ultrasound).

Мастит – treatment и профилактика

Treatment of mastitis is determined by the duration of the disease, its
form, etc., and its goal is to reduce the growth of bacteria,
reduction of the inflammatory process and pain relief.

Non-suppurative forms of mastitis are treated with a conservative method. Main
drugs in this case are antibiotics, the choice
which is determined by the sensitivity of bacteria. Чаще всего treatment
spend antibiotics from groups of penicillins, cephalosporins, etc.
which are administered orally, intramuscularly or intravenously.
To eliminate the pain in the breast, the woman
prescribe local anesthetics.

The patient should carry out the expression of milk from both dairy
glands every 3 hours to prevent stagnant milk. For more
rapid recovery should reduce the production of milk or
completely suppress it by taking special medications that
must appoint a doctor. After complete recovery of the woman lactation
can be renewed.

Treatment of purulent forms of mastitis is carried out only by
surgical intervention. It is not recommended to treat any form.
mastitis folk remedies, as they are not able to effectively
to counteract the infection that has got into the mammary glands. Need to
remember that the lack of timely treatment of mastitis can
lead to the development of purulent forms, life-threatening patient.

Prevention of mastitis is the careful maintenance of dairy
glands, hygiene of feeding, use of emollients
creams and timely expression of milk.


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