Mango and Banana Dietary Dessert

If you really want to pamper yourself with delicious, not getting at
this extra calories, then this recipe is just for you. let’s
Prepare a dietary dessert of mango and banana. This refreshing
The dessert is similar to sorbet, but without sugar syrup. Or ice cream,
but without the cream of milk, eggs and sugar. Only fruit, nothing extra.
So, prepare something delicious-diet from the minimum
set of products.

Ingredients for two servings:


• Mango – fresh fruit or frozen cuts • Banana – 1
medium • Mint – a twig for aroma and decoration.

Cooking a refreshing dessert takes a few minutes, but
if you use fresh fruit, then slices of mango and banana should
pre-freeze. So, we proceed to the process:

1. Peel a ripe banana and cut into slices.


2. Peel the mango and cut into small pieces or cut
in half, remove the flat bone and remove the pulp using
dessert spoons.


3. Arrange fruit in containers with lids and send to
freezer for at least 2 hours (you can for the whole night).


4. Frozen mango and banana put in the blender cup and quickly
grind at low speed. Desirable to prepare a dessert
a consistency to keep small pieces of mango and
a banana.


5. Delicious ice cream / dessert made from frozen mangoes and
banana spread out in the bowls and decorate with mint. Have a nice


6. The remaining dessert can be stored in a closed container in
freezer before the next attack eat something
tasty and sweet, but always dietary.

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Dietary Desserts

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