Mama’s boy or my unequal battle fora man

Чт, 05 мар 2015 Автор: Катерина Орлова

Twice in my life I was incredibly lucky to feel on my
the skin of all the delights of a relationship with mama’s sons. First time was
trial version, the second – full-fledged drama with a complete collapse
relationship and theater curtain.

For brevity and ease of perception, further narration
I will call them the mams neologism. With the first mamsik we
met on the plane. Exchanged phone numbers a week
called up, then he invited for a date. I wondered for a long time,
Why is the date not a cinema, but near the next
shop – in the middle of the street. My amazement knew no bounds when
At the appointed place, he appeared in the mother’s company. She just went for
shopping, and ingeniously deciding to kill two birds with one stone, another
and gave me a face control. Which I, unfortunately, passed. Our
further relations were built on hanging out with his
friends and my nights with him. In these moments, mom, trusting me,
nobly went to visit her friend for a few days. Everything would be
fine, but Mamsik just wanted to spend several nights with me
once a month. He did the rest with his mother (he chose clothes,
celebrated state holidays and spent the weekend – only with
mom and her friends). Other options were not even considered – in
their minds were no options.

The last straw was the fact that it was with the mother, not with me,
he went to the sea for the second time in a row. With that, I could myself
pay yourself a ticket without claiming for financial support. To me
just wanted to go with him and spend a vacation together. Gradually
I realized that I will always be in second place – the honorable first
forever busy mom. To me вспомнился наш первый диалог в
the airport … Then I said: “You have a funny bag: blue with
pink stripes. На что он гордо и искренне ответил: «To me тоже
like! I took the mom from the mother. ” Now I only have
One question: “Why at that moment I did not sense something was wrong and did not
ran off without thinking? “Probably because we are inclined
идеализировать понравившегося a man.

The second story had more dire consequences for me,
because it was about living together and creating a family.
Our relationship began with his phrase: “I am so glad that you appeared
в моей of life. To me надоело жить с матерью и отчимом. Help them
I am financially tired. Can you save me? ”And I, a naive soul,
again did not feel threatened.

Relationships evolved as follows: first, Maman called
every night on his phone to remind: “Time is late, it’s time
go home to sleep. “I still do not understand: shame on you
to remind a thirty-year-old peasant about this? And, most importantly, why? is he
understood the absurdity of the situation, but was silent and obediently obeyed. When
Mamsik was returning from me – she met with the words: “Son, how
I have missed you”. And then hugged and cried.

Then it became even more interesting. Maman began to invent ways not
let him come to me! Then she needs his help at the dacha, then she needs
do an emergency general cleaning, then orchids transplanted, then in
forest for mushrooms to take. At such moments I wanted to blame her. And all
write off on maternal jealousy and envy. But then I started
notice the facts pointing to his addiction.

It all started with the fact that we decided to live separately. My mamsik
reported this to mom. is heа согласилась, при условии, что мы снимем
adjacent apartment, on the same landing with her. I was joking that
I will only manage the farm in ours, and he will walk to her
dishes and clean the house. I’ve been packing for the move,
literally sitting on the suitcases when a loved one declared to me: “Honey, I’m not
I’m sure you can do everything like mom. Moreover, I am used to
what exactly she cooks me oatmeal every morning. Let’s postpone
relocation. At this point, the topic of cohabitation was closed. But this
there was no end.

The finish in the relationship came on his birthday. is he никогда не
I’ve been outside my hometown and I made him a present – a trip
for two in the mountains. When встал вопрос покупки билетов на поезд, он
said: “How can I leave for my birthday? After all, mom
gathered cake bake! Let’s not go anywhere, my holiday I will
celebrate at home. “To requests to postpone eating a cake for another date,
I received an offer to move the hotel reservation. AT
As a result, he celebrated his birthday with his mother, and after –
with me.

After this significant date, he has not been with me for two weeks.
talked and did not respond to SMS. After the days of the terror of his phone,
he finally picked up the phone and said that he had already quit, but he forgot
to tell. After a while, our mutual friends told
interesting thing: it turns out two weeks of silence, his mother
spent on diligently setting up their precious child against
me. AT итоге – победила меня нокаутом.

ATспоминая последнюю ситуацию, постоянно приходят на ум слова
of my father: “The daughter, his mother is domineering, you are with character, you are not
share it. “Wise dad saw everything at once. And what did i see
Probably the prospect of a life partner. And what should have been
see? And the fact that besides him, I should take and learn
understand his family. Indeed, in the battle with mothers, we are always losers!
She will be the main woman for a man throughout his
of life. Therefore, it is necessary not to fight it, but to make friends. That’s just
there is no guarantee that the girl will not become a second mamsika
mommy Let it be beloved.

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