Magic of the East: belly dance for weight loss

vostochnyy-tanets-zhivota-dlya-pohudeniyaWe are all beautiful
know that the art of belly dancing comes from the Middle
East. In those days, eastern women performed it in
certain moments of life, while symbolizing its extraordinary
femininity and sensuality.

Fans of this direction of dance sincerely believe that with
it can also be used to get rid of unnecessary
kilograms, the main thing is to learn the right movements.

This, in essence, makes belly dancing more than enjoyable.
occupation, but also a good alternative to various low-calorie
diets and sports loads.

Although what is there to be surprised!? Since ancient times, there are
special techniques that today surpass many
modern methods of correction.

What is the use of belly dance for weight loss?

Eh, how many women dream of thin aspen waist and beautiful
tightened hips. And how often it happens – these particular parts of the body
are the main culprits of all their claims and troubles.

And first of all, this is due to the fact that in the female body
due to certain anatomical and physiological features
there is an accumulation of fat deposits in the hips and abdomen,
which, moreover, is very difficult to eliminate from there. And not every
physical exertion is able to cope with this, as many
weight loss sports programs, focusing on the whole body,
do not have sufficient influence on these zones.

But belly dancing for the belly is something extraordinary! Sounds
pleasant rhythmic melody, you are dressed in a beautiful outfit and perform
smooth and plastic movements, but at the same time quite
intense. This will allow you to not only remove the extra centimeters
waist, but also raise a good mood, will help make the muscles
more elastic, and the posture is especially graceful.

The dance must continue as long as it sounds.
music. But, fortunately, oriental compositions are built like this.
so that the time for qualitative changes in the body is quite

In addition, during the dance in the body occur very
positive changes: increased blood flow, accelerated exchange
processes, which is an added advantage in splitting

As the main axiom of weight loss says – to reduce excess weight
you need to spend more energy than you get with
food throughout the day. And the best option to achieve such a deficit
calories recognized regular physical activity. So, dance
the abdomen is the very sport method which, according to
professionals can easily replace the classic
cardio load.


But do not forget that in all sports
unquestioning compliance will help to achieve the desired effect.
principles of proper nutrition. You can stick
low-calorie diet or even just eat moderately, the main thing is not
abused with a variety of tasty, fat and fried.

By the way, with the help of such dances you can not pump yourself
muscles, but only bring them into great tone. Therefore, if
you want to make the stomach “cubes”, and the buttocks more rounded, you
It is necessary to additionally perform a set of strength exercises.

How to choose the right place to learn belly dancing?

1. Прежде чем вы решите заняться танцем живота, задайте
ask yourself if you really want it. Often
temper and temperament are not the best allies in such
endeavors, and further training simply will not bring you
expected satisfaction. Maybe bellydance is not for you and worth it
find something more rhythmic and intense. 2
If you still decide to do oriental dance, in any case
don’t stop at the first sports club that you
will fall. Now there is a huge selection of different schools for
dancing, fitness centers and individual instructors that
eyes scatter. Choose the course in which the load will be
distributed most competently. Also ask advice from friends,
who is already engaged.

3. Прежде чем записываться в группу, поинтересуйтесь
age of other participants. And if possible, better
attend a training session as an observer. It will help you
to orient at the level of preparation and get practical
a glimpse of these oriental dances.

4. И самое главное – не пропускайте занятия, потому что в
this business also needs systematicity.


Basic belly dance movements

If you decide to master the dance at home, then you
need to familiarize yourself with several of his basic movements.
Of course, it is very difficult to learn all the wisdom of dance, but there is
a couple of moments, which in any case you, sooner or later
will come in handy.

  • Exercise “rocking the hips.” Starting position: legs
    together, knees slightly bent. Begin to perform movements.
    hips, as if swinging them up and down. it
    exercise perfectly raises the tone of many muscles: internal,
    external and rear thigh muscles, as well as the back, buttocks and abs.
  • Exercise “eight.” Initial position: straighten your legs
    pressed together. Perform the movement of the hips in the form of eight
    (rhythmically and smoothly). At the same time make sure that
    the upper body has always remained motionless.
  • Exercise “smile”. Starting position: legs на ширине плеч,
    posture is flat as a string. Movement must be performed pubic
    part of the abdomen, lifting sharply up. it упражнение не всегда
    It turns out to make beginners, but his technique must be mastered,
    as it perfectly strengthens the abdominal muscles.
  • Exercise “undressing.” Take a deep slow breath and
    perform an imitation of how you take off your jacket (not
    less than three times).

Many naively believe that home workouts are
A great alternative to the dance school. However, this opinion is quite
controversial, because it is quite difficult to master the technique of correct
movements independently.

But if you do decide to fulfill this desire, then you
should purchase a special disc for beginner dancers,
which will be selected a good master class from the famous oriental
dancers or watch the next video.

Video belly dance lesson for beginners

Slimming with belly dance: reviews of girls

Alice: “… I have been practicing oriental dances for more than seven years,
and three of them teach them myself. And so, if you
do something and it doesn’t work for you, don’t despair, for
newbies is quite normal. The main thing is not to stop! And what
As for weight loss, everything is different here: for someone
it turns out, but someone does not … For example, my stomach became the opposite
more round, but I even really like my husband too … “

Lena: “… When I first came to the dance, I didn’t
had a belly. My teacher always said that I would
more difficult to do all the necessary movements, because there is no fat
tissue. Now the tummy is already rounded, although the weight is in place.
Чудеса :) … “

Svetlana: “… For me, belly dancing literally replaces everything – and
gymnastics, and sports, and the mood rises, that the husband does not
will love it. For the first time I met with oriental dances visiting
friends, and it was performed by real professionals, it was
something!!! I was just crazy about ecstasy, and upon arrival home
I decided to reproduce all this at the mirror. Of course it was funny
but, nevertheless, for a couple of days I lost the kilograms! Next hike to
professional, and now 14 years, as I dance. I have become thin
(my childhood dream came true) and I had a waist! … “

Daria: “… Thanks to the dance, I lost my rounded
tummy, but here’s the side still does not want to go away, although I
I also do twisting and other strength exercises – but
so far to no avail! In general, my attitude, of course, fighting, and
останавливаться я даже не планирую… “

Zoya: “… A couple of years ago I was very full, then everything
tired, my husband became uninteresting, I do not live as I want, but I swim
flow. And then at one point, I decided to change everything.
At first I decided to run in the morning, swim in the pond every day (we
just near the house he is), and even in cold weather
of the year. I reviewed my food and went to the oriental dance with
girlfriend, so to speak for the company.

At first I thought that not for long, but then, when the first
results, the decision to leave disappeared by itself. Now i don’t
I am pleased with my reflection in the mirror, not only that I dropped
decent extra weight, so I still began to feel much
it is better. The back has ceased to hurt, an asthma was gone, the intestines came in
the norm. In short, I advise everyone! … “

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