Mackerel with lemon is an aromatic fish for dinner.Baked whole mackerel in the oven with lemon, in a foil with lemon- many options

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Everyone knows that sea fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids
and other beneficial substances.

Scientists have proven that in countries where sea food dishes are popular
fish, a very low percentage of cardiovascular diseases.

This fact deserves attention.

So try to cook as much as possible from this dish.

Lemon Mackerel – Basic Cooking Principles

Mackerel with lemon is baked in foil, sleeve, or just in
the oven. Very tasty it turns out pickled mackerel with lemon.
With this method of cooking all the beneficial

Mackerel is mainly sold frozen. Fish
completely thawed, washed well under the tap and cut off
head and tail. Then the mackerel is gutted, always cleaning out the black
film, as it can give bitterness.

The prepared carcass is again washed and cut. Mackerel can
cook whole, cut into fillets or cut into slices.

Lemon washed, wiped and cut into slices. You can use it
in different ways: make cross cuts in tashka and insert into them
lemon slices or stuff the fish.

In addition to lemon, you can take onions and fresh herbs. Mackerel
приправляют специями, пряными травами и запекают в the oven.

Recipe 1. Baked mackerel with lemon


  • two fresh-frozen mackerel;

  • salt;

  • lemon;

  • 75 g of mayonnaise;

  • ground black pepper;

  • three cloves of garlic;

  • three sprigs of fresh parsley.

Cooking method

1. Defrost the mackerel at room temperature. My fish and
remove heads, fins and tails. Make a cut along the abdomen and
giblets Carefully we clean the walls of the black film.

2. Across each carcass we make four deep cuts to
the ridge. Fish присыпаем смесью соли и черного перца, а так же
rub it from the inside.

3. Sprigs of parsley, dry and finely crumble. Teeth
garlic clean and pass through the garlic press. My lemon
cut in half and squeeze the juice from one half. Greens, juice
lemon and garlic mix in a small bowl.

4. Lemon-garlic mixture stir in the abdomen. Second half
lemon cut into thin slices. Mackerel выкладываем в
heat-resistant baking mold, lubricating it with oil. Lemon Slices
insert into the incisions. The surface of the fish grease mayonnaise.

5. Form the fish sent to the oven, preheated to 180 C at 45
minutes Mackerel подаем с рисовым или картофельным гарниром.

Recipe 2. Mackerel in a foil with lemon


  • one mackerel;

  • mayonnaise;

  • lemon;

  • salt;

  • spice mixture for fish;

  • black pepper;

  • food foil.

Cooking method

1. Defrost the mackerel in the refrigerator or at room temperature.
temperature Make a cut along the abdomen and потрошим рыбу. We clean
black film. Once again we wash, we dip with napkins and we rub
carcass salt inside and out. Then grease the carcass with mayonnaise.

2. Make four oblique transverse incisions on the back. My lemon
wipe and cut into slices. Insert them into the incisions.

3. We put the prepared fish on the foil and tightly
wrapped up.

4. Put the mackerel on a baking sheet and put it in the preheated 150
With an oven. Bake the fish for an hour. Then we get a pan,
unfold the foil and check the readiness with a toothpick.

5. Send the mackerel in the oven for another ten minutes so that it
reddened. We lay out the finished mackerel on a serving dish.
for fish, decorate with lemon peel and serve with a side dish of rice or

Recipe 3. Marinated Mackerel with Lemon


  • two fresh-frozen mackerel;
  • two carnation buds;
  • lemon;
  • vegetable oil;
  • bulb;
  • sugar;
  • fresh dill;
  • salt;
  • clove of garlic.

Cooking method

1. Mackerel разморозить, обрезать голову, плавники и хвост.
Make a cut along the abdomen, remove the insides and clean the walls
from black film. Wash the carcass again under the tap, dip
napkins and cut into pieces, three centimeters thick.

2. Fold the fish in a suitable dish. Rinse lemon, wipe,
cut in half and squeeze juice out of it directly to the mackerel. Everything,
what’s left of the lemon, cut into large chunks and add to
fish Stir and leave the fish to soak for some

3. Peel the bulb and chop into half rings. Clove of garlic
free from husk. Rinse the dill. Greens and garlic crumble
as small as possible. Чеснок, лук и зелень добавить к fish Salt
add some sugar, cloves and pour over all refined
vegetable oil. Mix.

4. Fish выложить в банку или лоток с крышкой и поставить на ночь
in the fridge. Serve with any side dish or black

Recipe 4. Lemon mackerel baked in the sleeve


  • vegetable oil;

  • two mackerel;

  • bulb;

  • salt;

  • freshly ground pepper;

  • lemon.

Cooking method

1. Remove freshly frozen mackerel from the freezer and leave until
full defrost. Wash the fish, trim the head and
gut by making a cut along the abdomen. Still wash the mackerel once,
make an incision from abdomen to tail and gently remove the ridge.
Expand the fillet in the form of a book and choose small tweezers

2. Mackerel натереть смесью свежемолотого перца и соли. Lemon
wash, cut in half. From the first half squeeze juice and
sprinkle them with fish. Cut the second into slices. Peel the bulb and
chop rings.

3. On one half of the fillet decompose onion rings, and on the second –
lemon slices. Сбрызнуть все vegetable oil. Connect
halves of fish and put it in the sleeve.

4. Lay out the sleeve with the fish in heat-resistant form and send it
bake for forty minutes, warming up the oven to 180 C. Serve
Mackerel with potato, vegetable or rice garnish.

Recipe 5. Mackerel in the oven with lemon in Italian


  • 50 ml of olive oil;

  • one mackerel;

  • three potato tubers;

  • 2 g black pepper;

  • 100 g fresh champignons;

  • salt;

  • bulb;

  • lemon.

Cooking method

1. Thawed fish, washed with giblets and we clean the walls of black
film. Still раз ополаскиваем и Dipped with a napkin. Do
several notches diagonally across the carcass.

2. My lemon обтираем и режем тонкими полукольцами.
We wrap lemon fish on all sides and leave to soak.
aroma and taste of lemon.

3. Mushrooms are laid out in a sieve and rinsed under running water,
spread on linen towel and lightly dry. We cut
champignons are not too large.

4. Cook the mushrooms in lightly salted water for about ten minutes. Then
we drop them in a colander and leave to cool.

5. Clean the potatoes, wash and cut them into slices. Peeled onions
shred rings.

6. Do из фольги подобие лодочки. Put in her mackerel,
on top of which lay boiled mushrooms. On the sides are laid out
ломтики potato Put onion rings on top. Salt, pepper and
поливаем vegetable oil. Send the fish in the oven at forty

7. Finished fish served directly in foil or shifted to
dish. Before serving, pour the mackerel with fresh juice

Recipe 6. Stuffed Mackerel with Lemon


  • two fresh-frozen mackerel;

  • 10 g of seasonings for fish;

  • two processed cheese;

  • 100 g of mayonnaise;

  • lemon.

Cooking method

1. Thawed mackerel with giblets, making an incision along the abdomen.
Стенки зачищаем from black film. Still раз промываем тушку и
Dipped with a napkin.

2. Брюшко рыбы натираем пряностями для fish.

3. Pre-processed cheese put in the freezer on
несколько minutes Then трем их на мелкой терке. Add to the curds
a couple of spoons of lemon juice and mayonnaise. Carefully all
mix it up.

4. Fill the belly of mackerel tightly with the obtained lemon cheese.

5. Form the baking lining with foil and lay in it
stuffed mackerel. Сверху выкладываем lemon slices.
Cover all with foil and bake in the oven, preheated to 200 C, 45
minutes Mackerel подаем с запеченными овощами или отварным

Recipe 7. Lemon mackerel baked in foil


  • one fresh-frozen mackerel;

  • a quarter of a lemon;

  • freshly ground pepper;

  • bunch of greenery�

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