Lymph nodes in the neck hurt: is it scary or will passself? If the lymph nodes in the neck hurt – what to do with thisa problem

Ср, 27 апр 2016 Автор: врач-хирург, эндокринолог
Artyom Shimansky

Often after suffering an infectious disease in humans
suddenly begins to hurt neck.

Localization of pain is not always obvious.

Many blame it on the fact that “nastily” muscles, more
attentive and sensitive to their health find on the neck
painful seals, mistaken for them Wen.

In fact, not everything is so simple.

Why does the lymph nodes hurt and what to do if, after suffering
diseases have aching neck pains?

Lymph nodes in the neck hurt: causes and diagnoses

There are only two obvious reasons for pain in the cervical lymph nodes:

• Presence of lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph node or

• Development of lymphoma (malignant lymphatic disease

And with, and with another disease on the neck can be formed
nodules, pains are observed. Especially impressionable faces when appearing
Seals begin to “wind themselves up” and suspect cancer.
Careful attention to your health is right, but, to
Fortunately, lymphoma is less common. Therefore suspect
such a serious pathology is only in extreme cases. But also
here the prospects are very bright: “classical” (Hodgkinsky)
Lymphoma is successfully treated even in the last stages.

Lymphadenitis, according to medical statistics, acts
cause pain in the cervical lymph nodes in 85-90% of cases. The reasons
the occurrence of lymphadenitis itself is very “prosaic” and associated with
the presence in the body of an infectious focus (and not only, similar
effect produces fungal, viral, parasitic
invasion). Лимфоузел — это биологический фильтр. AND
as any filter node can “clog up”, which is fraught with it
inflammation. Thus, among the immediate causes of pain

Заболевания горла: хронические ангины,
tonsillitis and other throat lesions contribute to the formation
sluggish inflammatory process.

Кариес. Infectious tooth diseases
The origin is a time bomb. Negative for years
exposure to bacteria can go unnoticed and at one point it
will manifest itself in one or another failure (proved, not only inflammation
lymph nodes are directly related to dental diseases, but also pathology
heart and even cancer). This is reason enough to keep the mouth
in order and regularly visit the dentist.

Воспаление щитовидной железы. Depending
which of the thyroid lobes is inflamed affects the left or
right lymph nodes. In this case, the origin of inflammation is the most
diverse: from infectious to autoimmune, when the immune
the system mistakenly begins to destroy the organ cells (thyrocytes) and
poison the decay products of the whole body.

Заболевания брюшной полости. If hurt
lymph nodes in the neck on the left and the pain does not extend beyond the left side,
there is a possibility of diseases of the abdominal cavity. ANDх
the origin is specified separately.

Метастазы. In extremely rare cases
oncological diseases of surrounding (and even remote) organs and
tissues metastasize to the cervical lymph nodes. But in this case
the patient, as a rule, himself knows about his difficult diagnosis, therefore
such a terrible reason can be excluded.

Венерические заболевания: сифилис, мягкий


• Отит.

The remaining reasons are rather exotic, in medical practice.
they are not as common:

• Mononucleosis (viral damage).

• Sarcoidosis.

• Tularemia.

AND ряд других.

В любом случае, самостоятельно поставить диагноз
. We can only assume the source of his
ailment. If hurt лимфоузлы на шее лучше всего сходить к врачу.
The same recommendation should be followed if on the neck
painless rounded seals were found: not always
lymphadenitis is manifested by pain.

Sore lymph nodes in the neck: medications and treatment

Before starting treatment, you should undergo a full examination.
Pain in the cervical lymph nodes is not a specific symptom. They can be
due to the huge number of diseases. If hurt лимфоузлы на
neck, the first doctor to whom it is worth contacting is a therapist. By
he will determine the results of the primary diagnostic measures to
which doctor need to go to get rid of the lesion
lymph nodes.

Activities include:

• General blood analysis.

• General urine analysis.

• Blood biochemistry.

• Throat swab.

In any case, the purpose of diagnosis in the first stage is to identify
source of inflammation and / or damage to the pathological flora.
The next stage of diagnosis is completely in the hands of the profile
specialist. Such a specialist can be:

• Otolaryngologist – for diseases of the upper respiratory tract,
otitis media, etc.

• Ophthalmologist – if the cause is conjunctivitis.

• Dermatologist – when the source of lymphadenitis lies in the skin
diseases (sometimes it happens).

• Dentist.

• Endocrinologist – for pathological processes in the thyroid gland.

• An oncologist is usually the last doctor who is sent to
patients (only if there are objective reasons to suspect
malignant the origin of lymph nodes in the neck or
all possible causes are excluded). On “from scratch” such serious
assumptions are not made.

Talk about treatment for such a common symptom.
complicated. However, in the vast majority of clinical cases, the essence
its is to eliminate the source of inflammation.

What is assigned:

• Anti-inflammatory drugs. Local or general action
(depending on localization). It can be ear and eye.
капли, и таблетки (вроде Кеторола, ANDбупрофена, Нимесулида и

• Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal
medicines. Specific names are determined on the basis of
probable type of pathogen. Treat yourself
strictly prohibited, especially to women.

• Antihistamine medicines. If lymphadenitis is allergic
nature, antihistamines are prescribed.

Effective and physiotherapy.

• UHF. Appointed only if the process has an inflammatory
origin but not associated with infection. When there is weighty
grounds to suspect tumors, UHF is not assigned. Availability
Symptoms of general intoxication of the body is also absolute

• Laser treatment. Equally suitable for the treatment of acute and
chronic processes in the lymph nodes. Such obvious contraindications
It has.

• Treatment with currents (galvanization). It is applied after carrying out
a course of drug therapy to eliminate residual effects and
prevent possible complications.

All three species contribute to the activation of the immune system and the rapid
the beginning of recovery processes.

It is recommended to forget about folk treatment methods. Treatment
herbs allowed only by direct recommendation of a doctor. Everything
the rest of the “recipes” are either useless or frankly dangerous. So neither
In no case can you warm up the inflamed lymph nodes. Such practice
will end with either a hospital or a wooden mac.
If hurt лимфоузлы на шее, лечение следует доверить только
to doctors.

Lymph nodes in the neck of a child hurt: what to do

In children, the pain in the lymph nodes is due to all the same reasons:
infections, viral lesions, fungal diseases, helminthic
invasions. Independently understand the huge list of possible
болезней is impossible. No fundamental differences in tactics.
There is no examination or treatment tactics.

The first thing to do if your lymph nodes hurt your neck
child, go to the reception to the pediatrician.

If the pain is intense, you can take a pill.
analgesic (Analgin, Tempalgin for adults, Tylenol, Panadol in
сиропах для детей и others). This recommendation is not limited to
children, but also adults. In severe cases it is recommended to call

Thus, when the lymph nodes in the neck hurt, the cause is almost
There are always inflammatory processes in the body. The hearth itself can
be of the most diverse origin: viral, bacterial,
fungal, but this is how the body accumulates its efforts most
zealously, and that is where the cause should be sought. Despite the seeming
�“Frivolity” of the problem is not worth neglecting a visit to the doctor: everything
not so harmless.

Also, it is absolutely not recommended to be treated on your own.
ANDзвестны случаи стремительного развития гнойного поражения
lymph nodes (and this is a direct path to death). Pain can be removed
An ordinary analgesic, but this will not solve the problem. Get involved
analgesics and anti-inflammatory are also not recommended:
the inflammation may become weaker and the source of the problem will subside.

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