Love triangles … And if the extra angle -it’s you!?

Ср, 04 мар 2015 Автор: Катерина Орлова

There are many variations of love triangles in our
of life. For example, “you-he-his mom”; “you-he-his work;” he-you-else
one guy. “And the most popular -” You-he-his girlfriend. “In my
life, in any triangle, for some reason, a blunt angle is always
turned out to be me.

There was a triangle with tops in my life: “he”, “me” and “my
friend”. It all started when my friend and I went to
club, at the entrance to which met a guy. More precisely, I stated:
�“Your boyfriend is waiting for you at home, and I need to arrange a personal life!
Look, cute, let me talk to him! ” As a result, evening
lasted another couple of hours of communication threesome. I obviously made it clear
that i like him The young man, in turn, behaved
cool, not showing sympathy to any of us. On the way home,
in the taxi, we exchanged numbers with the guy. And I got
hope of continuation. But geographically it turned out that
I left the taxi first, and my girlfriend and handsome drove on.
The morning came, the phone rang, the girlfriend enthusiastically
cooed: “He’s so cool! I do not remember how, but it turned out he
houses. In short, I will tell you further at the meeting “…

A few weeks passed, and the girlfriend does not give up her boyfriend,
Neither does my desire fail. That is, she has her own
geometric figure was drawn. I suffered because I could not
ask: “Friend, do not meet him, he likes me. Have
You have your own boyfriend, why do you two? ”She could not and that’s all. Yes and
Forcibly cute will not. And I silently felt sorry for myself by asking the inner
question: “What’s wrong with me?” The love geometry ended up with
that a friend asked me for forgiveness, but to communicate with him is not
has ceased. Of course, over time, she made her choice in favor of
his former young man. I forgave her, everyone lives and
comes according to conscience.

A year later, I was practically in her place … But already in
another triangle: “he”, “I”, “his girlfriend”. My old
student friend with whom we were very close friends
together a lot of time, walked by the handles, cuddled at the meeting,
knew each other’s parents) fell in love, and began dating
a girl from another university. My attitude to this was
calm, her – no. It is worth mentioning that his parents are always
I liked more. Therefore, in order to avoid conflicts on family
holidays, they invited me – a friend, not her –
a girl.

But the situation on the eve of International Women’s Day,
I was shocked to say the least. My friend came to congratulate me on
fiery speech: “I bought her a big teddy hare, you –
small and she gave a big bottle of perfume, and you bought
slightly less. Everything is identical, so no offense. ”

Judging the photos exhibited by his girlfriend in social networks, he me
not deceived. But, if she could put it all on the page with all
pride, what did I have to think? What I am less important than she
on such quantity of centimeters and milliliters? Or what am i
– dispersal field?

Although, I do not think that I was the blunt angle in this situation.
Perhaps with low self-esteem and deep respect for this
man, yes. After all, I did not in any way let him understand that his
the act really offended me. And, if he just bought different, but
equivalent gifts – I would take it calmly. I dont know
what exactly my friend felt, I do not want to build guesses and I will not. But
we continued to communicate in the same format: I am very closely friends with him,
she saws him for it, and he is torn between two fires. He us with her
even introduced, dreaming to reassure her – did not help. Probably,
The problem was, sadly, in the nearness of his girlfriend:
I did not need to look for a rival in me, but to see a crib.
The clue about what she does is wrong.

Over time, the young lady frequent hysterical seizures and scenes
jealousy about me. She did not understand how he could conduct
more time with me, not with her. In the end, as in
situation with a gift on March 8, the palm branch of the championship
I got her, and I took the second consolation. We stopped being friends,
and they continued to meet for several years. On my
Look, in this relationship, we all played the role of an obtuse angle.

The sad conclusion, made from the bitter experience – love
triangles are not eternal, but there are much stronger than it seems at first
sight. The figure is not broken even when the moment comes
exposures Someone swallows an insult, someone adapts,
forgives or ignores this fact. And very rarely, apparently,
the triangle turns into a strong pair. The current situation is already
signals that someone has problems with self-esteem and
responsibility for their actions.

Although, for me personally, the differences of triangles are obvious:
�”You-he-another girl” and “You-he-another guy.” In the first case
man hiding behind two women, trying to get rid of the complex
inferiority, it is infantile and not able to make a choice
independently; in the second case: girl doubting both
As a result, makes his choice in favor of one, more reliable and

BUT! Regardless of the specifics of the triangle, I know one thing for sure –
�”How many threads do not fight, but the end will be.”

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