Love spell at home: simple andeffectively, the main thing is safe! Love spell in the distance is the bestway to return love!

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How good it is when peace and quiet reign in the family, but not always
this can be achieved through human caress and
mutual understanding.

It so happens that a third party breaks into a relationship, they just
fade away with time.

What to do? To come to the aid of the old charms and plots.


Love spell at home at a distance: method 1

Need a love spell at home at a distance? Exists
variant of the rite with twisted candles. This ritual with the Orthodox
slope, it can only be used on free (not in
other relationships) people. Or as harmonization for

What do you need

Mostly rituals with candlesticks do not require additional
attributes and you can just do the candles themselves, photography
object and prepared in advance altar. When the ritual is performed
in the Christian tradition, then it is better to use the icons of God
Mother and Savior, if the other does not require a ritual part. AT
In this case they will be enough.

Do not forget that any spell is an impact
magic plan and it is worth thinking a few times before
to do this work. Love spells come in several forms, including
including through the cemetery, through demons. This spell refers to
more loyal form and does not require complicated preparations.
The only thing to consider is the phase of the moon. She must be


ATозьмите 2 церковные свечи, лучше красные, и перекрутите/свейте
them with the words:

Two candles together svila – two hearts in one love

Combined two halves, two bodies in one united.

Two souls and two fires – turn the love of your betrothed to

Now you need to set fire to the candles.

While they are burning, you need to read:

�”The fire from the candle burns, my love for the betrothed (Name)
is sending.

As the fire gives off heat, so it is easy for me with it.

The fire from the candle, the smoke from the fire, fly to the betrothed (Name) love

Smoke, you, smoke, go you, smoke, along rivers, through meadows, along
earth yes to the stars.

Yes, find the smoke my beloved (Name).

You carry the smoke, to him my love and longing.

Let his heart and soul know how I long for him.

How not to sleep either hour or night cold or sunny
in the afternoon

Bring his mental pain to the smoke to him, flour, longing, other

Let not toil, not to falter, but to me yes to the threshold
is returning.

Kohl my threshold is not sweet to him, but my face is disgusted.

Make him smoke gray, even with my tears
wash your face

Let heart let it break with dawn yes love for me
is full.

Я молю ATас верните мне милого (Имя), я хранить его буду
of eternity

So that the people of evil will not betray all my secrets, I will bury the unruly smokes in
little river.

Let the love of his pure water spread over the veins and

Let him respond at dawn in love to live together


It is worth noting that you need to finish reading a conspiracy with the latter.
gleam candles. Candles are not worth taking big ones, especially
for beginners who often make mistakes in reading
plotting part. If an error was made in one of the readings,
don’t waste your time and return to the beginning of the reading,
enough after the end of the ceremony to wash the face and hands to the elbow
holy water with the words:

«ATсё лихое, криво сказанное, недодуманное — водой стеки, да
Carry on the water! My job is to argue, like the moon so tall
is leaning!

How it works

Many practitioners consider this plot to be universal, that is
one that can work even for a beginner. It has an effect.
call – makes the object pay more attention to the other half.
With sufficient strength, the performer can guarantee a new breakthrough.
feelings and tenderness. Can be used as harmonization

Love spell at home at a distance: method 2

Love spell at home at a distance, on a candle with
funeral, has tremendous power, but refers to the Christian
traditions. This ritual connects Rod’s powers to help
young people build relationships and live in love and understanding.

What do you need

It is necessary to take for the ceremony:

• Photo of the object;

• A funeral candle (the deceased should be of the same sex with

• Prepared holy water and the image of the Virgin Mary and Jesus.


It is necessary to wait until midnight, necessarily, on the day of the rising moon.
Dress in light clothes without buttons, then you should take a candle
and ignite with the words:

�”Bless my work. The powers are bright, the powers
eternal! “

Next, a candle should be put on the photo and read forty times.

�”Like the one whose candle is burning,

As one who lies in a coffin, sleeps like an eternal sleep,

As a dead man is not able to stand up, rise, and not pray, but
Nor wash!

Do not eat and water does not drink out. And the songs are not funny
will sing

So that the servant of God (the Name) did not eat or drink without me,

I did not go out of the house, did not look at the sky,

He was not baptized with a cross, did not fast with fasting,

ATсё страдал бы и злился.

Without a servant of God without me (Name) everything was not nice and everything

White light, friends, earth, water, grass,

Forbid, Lord, all treason

I sculpt my business, I do it boldly.

Only when he sees me – the Sun will turn to him, with happiness,
love, joy, it goes away.

Only to my doorstep, trodden it dear.

To be his mother to me, sister, married wife.

As this candle burns, so does the heart of God’s servant (Name) say to me
burn, will burn.

ATо веки веков меня не забудет.


The photo will be covered with wax, you should not be afraid of it. Her
will need to be buried near your home. Happy day
order, you must order the service for the rest of the one whose candle
used in the rite. You can order forty minutes for the rest.

How it works

Love spell has great power and begins to act by the end
the growth of the moon. Its action can last several years in a row.
The most important thing is when the object starts to glow with feelings towards
to the performer – not to push him away, not to be frightened. Many by doing
love spells do not expect pronounced effects and believe that the object
will love them like when you first met. He can love and more
but show feelings in different ways.

Love spell at home at a distance: the way

There are situations when, in addition to stirring up the love of the contented,
more and remove obstacles in the way of a couple to a bright future together.
AT этом случае лучше всего использовать ритуалы приворотные с
the effect of eliminating rival. Often, having eliminated the external
impact, the couple manages to self-align relationships.

What do you need

For the ritual at home at a distance with the effect
neutralizing the rival must have:

• Photos of the opponent;

• Photo of the object;

• Three church candles (red, white and gold);

• Natural red thread;

• Three church wax candles;

• Holy water;

• mirror;

• Transparent glass.


AT первые дни, когда Луна пойдёт в рост, необходимо на закате
retire in your home. On the table you need to put a mirror on it
photo rival, backside down. Triangle around
photos expose candles. Ignite them need to clockwise with

«ATсе дороги огнём выжигаю,

On the threshold to the slave (Name), the slave (Name) will not let

Let him look in the mirror,

Slave soul (Name) slave (Name) does not hurt “

When the candles are lit, you need to put the photo of the opponent photo on top
object (backs to each other), put on top of the photo glass with
holy water, filled with it to the top. Then you need to make candles
thread and lower them into the glass. To read the plot will need to
directly to the fire of colored candles that stand in a glass.
You need to read the plot until the fire reaches the water:

�”Holy Angels, archangels of heaven,

Hear my righteous prayer

Forgive me and the slave (Name) of sin

Kohl Month in the sky in growth, even if his feelings grow

And his soul from the rival cruel (Name) yes in the name of the power of light

Let the love of a slave (Name) to me a slave (Name) be

Mighty as the fire of a candle is burning,

As the water is clear and life-giving!

As he thinks he thought languid, let him meet with his

Cover him Spirits eyes with a fiery veil!

Be a slave (Name) with me. ATо веки вечные. Amen”.

It is necessary to read the plot as many times as necessary, until
candles do not burn out before the water. After that, you should take them out of it and
keep in your personal things until the ritual works.
It will take some time for some performers to
disconnect from the image of a loved one.

A photograph of a rival is needed along with a mirror and three stubs.
Candles church prikopat a tree. Driving in need to submit,
that she will no longer be able to influence her love and charms
an object.

Dripping is worth the same night. At the end of the ritual you need hands
rinse with holy water and wash. In a few weeks will begin
manifest the result. Feeling that something is not right, the rival can
intensify its activities to attract the object. Then
you need to read the call, so that it goes to you, not to her.

How it works

The rite is strong enough to make fate change its course.
events. Acts almost flawlessly and in the absence of
external influence allows you to keep relationships for
several years. Candles, when the rite begins to act better attributed
in the church and there put the icon of the Virgin. They must burn out in
Church – in gratitude for the donated family. No more
leverage is not necessary.

For love spells at home at a distance to use
different conspiracies are possible, the goal of their impact should be the same
– bewitch your loved one, let him feel love again
with all my heart. Defend your family, your love. For this all
methods are allowed!

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