Love is the gift of self

Love is the gift of self
Пн, 19 дек 2016 Автор: Ксения Ларионова

Love has been written, said, sung a lot. The nature of love is kind.
Therefore, love for us is a wonderful, joyful experience. But
love has another shade. It reveals the depth and power and
shows the height of the experience. Depth and strength – here –
emotional characteristics, and height – moral. So this is
sacrifice, dedication, self-giving. Consider the examples.

First, the love of parents for the child, maternal love. it
feeling beautiful, joyful, light. No child yet. Butвая жизнь
only originated in the mother, but everything became different for her. Meaning
life has become richer. A life стала полнее. There are such shades
which simply could not be earlier.

Is it only joy and ease that future parents experience? Not.
They are already required to strain the will to rebuild their entire
life so as not to harm the baby, to provide him
normal life there still, in the mother’s body. From something accounted for
give up, deprive yourself of something, donate something. By his
time, freedom. Amenities, pleasures, habits, petty
the joys. And this is all for his sake, child. Waiting for him.

Then he is born. And the sacrifice of parental love for him
only multiplied. A woman long before that, as a child,
begins to feel his calling to be a mother. And lives it, learns
to this. First in the game. Shaking a doll, taking care of her, she loves.
He loves childish. But ее любовь — это уже материнская любовь. Then
the girl is growing up. If love in her soul has taken root and grown up
correctly, she will be able to love her child. Here is an example.
inability to love, spoiled love.

Often I meet women, girls, even very young, who
are smoking. I think that in addition to the senseless, unjustified, criminal
harm to their health, they all show insufficient,
spoiled ability to love your children. Or even inability. AT
Our time is known that tobacco smoke is very poisonous. Many of
poisonous substances contained in the smoke, getting into our body,
stay in it forever. Poison even from one cigarette, one breath
stays in a person for life. And all his life he acts.
Acts like poison. And poison is poisonous.

And it is also known that those cells in the female body, of which
a new life is emerging, evolving from an early age and
ripen to 11-13 years. And stored in the body of women all
the rest of your life. And if a woman smokes, or drinks, or takes
drugs, then her living cells are stored in a poisonous environment. Poison
acts on them. Poisons.

Consider whether it is worth taking for the sake of dubious pleasure
poisonous dope? ATедь тот яд, который принимаешь сейчас,
someday will poison your baby whom you, nevertheless,
you will love, wait, desire. And then he will be born. ATдруг у него
will be the disease due to the fact that you poisoned him? Poisoned her
poisoned organism! You voluntarily take poison!

Why does a smoking, drinking woman or girl not want to see that
the truth that she herself is trying to kill, or at least cripple,
who will love yourself more? Where is her love now?
Why is her conscience silent? Who, if not the mother, must first protect
child’s life and health? I paraphrase the words of one surprising
man, our contemporary, Professor Alexei Ilyich Osipov:
Where does this startling madness of the human mind come from? Where does that come from
striking heartlessness of the human soul? Where does that come from
amazing heartless human heart?

The next example of sacrificial love is the love of man and woman.
She is beautiful, light, joyful. Often, by saying to another person, “I
love “, we mean:” I feel good with you “,” I like those
feelings that I feel next to you or thinking about you. ” it

But есть еще и светлая грусть — когда любимый человек не рядом.
Or when he chose not you. Then you love and suffer. Suffering
because you can’t give yourself. But даже в ответной, счастливой
love is always a shade of sacrifice, and sometimes martyrdom. AT
another person has appeared in your life, in your world, in your universe –
favourite. And already something is required of you. Sacrifice something from
give up something, donate something, give away something, in some way
give way.

How is the love of man and woman? What is the highest
making love? Of course marriage, family. �”Leave a man father
his and his mother, and cleave to his wife. And there will be no longer two, but
one flesh, ”are the words of the commandment of God about marriage. ATдумайтесь: два
man – one flesh, one.

The church blesses the marriage, sanctifies it in the sacrament of the wedding. ATо
the time of the ceremony crowns are placed on the heads of the bride and groom. Not
listening to the words of the prayer, not understanding what is happening, you might think –
crowns are royal. But всегда ли царские венцы — легкие, простые,
best labor? The king of kings, Jesus Christ bore the crown of the other – heavy
martyrdom, sacrificial.

And the love of a man and a woman is crowned with martyrdom crowns. AT
she is willing to sacrifice herself for her beloved. AND,
finally, the highest form of love, the clearest example of which has shown us
Christ. AT ветхозаветном законе заповедь любви звучала так:
«ATозлюби ближнего своего, как самого себя». AT беседе с учениками
Jesus Christ said: “I give you a new commandment: Love the friend
friend. ” Now the words of the Savior are much stricter about love. On
Pupils’ question: “Teacher, how should we love each other?”, He
replied: “How I loved you!”

The measure of His love we know. AT своей любви к нам Он пошел до конца,
to Calvary, to the bloody sweat in the Garden of Gethsemane, the torment,
suffering, bullying, before the crucifixion, before the Cross. He loved us
to death! «Notт любви выше той, как если жизнь свою положишь за
My friends, ”he said. He also taught: “Love your enemies,
bless those who curse you. ” And He set an example of such love.
On Кресте Он молился за распинающих Его.


Lyudmila 12/20/2016 Unfortunately, the name of the Author is not written, but in vain.
I would like to express my gratitude for the kind and bright words! Sasha
04/17/2016 The author is completely illiterate in psychology. Tactless
creature. In addition, nothing sensible in the renewal of cells
body from smoking. The fact that the consequences of all life – this is nonsense!
Moreover, the article is entirely about the woman. And the man – drink-smoke? Creepy
some kind of Onвязывание субъективного мнения, совершенно никакого

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