Lose weight without diets! Myth or reality?

Many people, especially women, have to lose weight for years,
looking for a program to lose weight. All searches and samples
strong emotions come along, especially when the weight loss program
associated with fasting or eating restrictions. Such a choice more often
all leads to zero result, or worse, of all sorts

All information sources are filled with various programs.
losing weight quickly, but how can we find from this abundance of information
the one that will allow both health and weight to be reduced to
the desired size for a long time?


Psychological training

The reasons for weight gain abound: malnutrition,
lack of exercise, stress, insecurity,
marriage or divorce, even moving. People start to overeat because of
anxiety, anger, fear, because they feel fat and
ugly. Even greater fear overcomes them when they doubt
that they will not be able to cope with such tests. Luckily
there are simple and positive solutions to control your

To achieve the goals is very important

  1. Engage in increasing self-esteem and self-confidence.
  2. Do not neglect rest and sleep – this is a natural component.
    health Lack of sleep leads to involuntary typing
  3. There must be slowly stretching pleasure. Such a way
    stimulates taste buds. Food feast is not an abundance of food, but
    sense of taste.
  4. Small portions. Жадность и обжорство ведут к увеличению weight.
    Sated, you need to leave food on a plate. Body for
    normal activities need a certain amount of food, and
    excess become fat.
  5. Do not use obsessive use of scales. No matter what weight,
    important appearance and size of clothes. Panic with a hundred grams recruited
    does not lead to good results.
  6. No overeating, no fatty meals, and the size of the dream will be
    made very simple, moreover, it will be permanently preserved without
    diets. Make the dream a reality, getting pleasure on the way to
    perfect size, you can without any diets.
  7. Diets are only effective when they continue on.
    lifelong, and without damage to their health can not be long
  8. Many have come across the fact that after the end of diets weight
    rapidly gained, but there were also a few kilograms
    from above. Diet is control, struggle and restriction. And the body
    man is designed so that the banned necessarily want. That’s
    Diet is being replaced by dissatisfaction, psychological
    injury and breakdown, hence the next overeating.

Luckily, сегодня можно обойтись без диет. Basic rule
is that you can eat everything in moderation.
Agree, this is not a diet, but the correct approach to the rational and
balanced nutrition.

Some examples of proper nutrition.

Menu I

  • First breakfast: a glass cooked in low-fat milk
    oatmeal or porridge, a piece of rye bread, a glass
  • The second breakfast: a sweet apple or a glass of kefir.
  • Lunch: buckwheat porridge 250 grams with chicken fillet 150 grams,
    boiled beets with carrots 100 grams.
  • Snack: any fruit.
  • Dinner: lettuce and vegetable soup – 150 grams.
  • For the night: berry yogurt.

Menu II

  • First breakfast: boiled rice milk with skim milk 200
    grams, a glass of green tea, toast with jam.
  • Second breakfast: cottage cheese two hundred grams (preferably rustic),
    one banana.
  • Lunch: boiled potatoes with carrots 200 grams, veal 150
    grams, 100 grams of summer salad with olive or sunflower
  • Tea time: one fresh fruit.
  • Dinner: vegetable soup with meatballs 150 grams, 90 grams of sea
  • For the night: a glass of low-fat kefir.

Menu III

  • First breakfast: a glass of liquid semolina, a glass of any tea
    sugar free, two pieces of biscuits.
  • Second breakfast: grapes (small bunch) and boiled
  • Lunch: pasta 250 grams (durum wheat), 150
    gram fish, boiled or steam, 100 grams of fruit.
  • Tea time: A cup of tea with two pieces of biscuits.
  • Dinner: vegetable soup with dietary meat 150 grams, 90 grams
    салата из cabbage.
  • For the night: yogurt.

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