Lose weight with fasting – how to do itright

Since you have decided to starve to lose weight, I will not become you
отговаривать, а расскажу, как сделать всё right, чтобы
to protect yourself as much as possible and lose a few pounds.

It’s about wet fasting, when a person refuses
food, but drinks enough water. Dry fasting
which the intake of any liquid is prohibited, is fraught with serious
health problems, and therefore to carry out dry starvation in
home conditions is impossible. For security reasons, do not delay
and wet fasting. Five to seven days for weight loss will be quite



How much can you lose weight if you starve?

So, what can we expect after a seven-day wet
fasting? If you do not begin to engage in physical exercise, then
weight loss will average 6 kg.

Where did this figure come from? At the very beginning of fasting the body
begins to spend stocks of carbohydrates that are stored in the form
glycogen (100 g – in the liver, 400 g – muscles). Entire stock
glycogen (500 g or 2000 kcal) will leave on the first day of fasting, with
This you will lose 3.5 kg (0.5 kg of glycogen and 3 liters associated with
him water).

And only after the breakdown of all glycogen stores (and not
before!) begins the breakdown of fat. By the way, for this reason, the daily
fasting does not affect body fat and get rid of fat
on the stomach and thighs will not help.

7 day fasting – results

So, what will happen with further fasting? If you
will not play sports (and during fasting rarely
remain strength and desire to exercise in the gym) you will
spend up to 2500 kcal, which is enough for the decay energy of 350 g
fat Thus, in seven days you will lose: 0.5 kg
glycogen, 3 liters of water and 2.5 kg of its own fat – only 6 kg.

In addition, a small amount of muscle fibers will decay,
because the body needs protein daily, the absolute minimum
which is 25 g

Preparing for fasting

Before you start a wet fast for slimming, you need
right подготовить свой организм. Before you go hungry
следует посидеть на соковой диете,  в течение которой 3-5 дней
drink only fresh juices. For breakfast, it is preferable to drink
fruit juices, and for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner – better than vegetables.

In addition to juices, you can drink and water, preferably distilled, because
Chlorinated or fluorinated may interfere with detoxification. Also
well suited water purified by reverse osmosis. Drink
should be at least 12 glasses per day.

Take a daily walk in the fresh air for at least half an hour, but not
more than two hours. When will the water starvation itself, how can
rest more, if needed – observe bed rest. In advance
make sure that the stresses of the outside world do not bother you.
Well under this thing take a vacation at work.

When fasting, the body begins to break down stored reserves and
own fabrics, at the same time the internal environment is acidified.
Manifestations of acidosis (acidification) usually begin on the second day.
This may appear: weakness, nausea, headache. how
it’s usually enough to take a walk in the fresh air, take a shower,
clean the intestine with enema, like all these unpleasant symptoms
go away.

Exit fasting

It is vital to know when to stop and stop.
starvation. In some people, the body is so “slag” that
Discharge organs simply do not cope with their function. Arises
block or in other words the inability to adapt to

The critical period usually falls on the 5-7th day. Person
ceases to grow thin, the general weakness increases, there is a strong
headache, nausea, disturbed sleep formula, possible malfunctions in
the work of the heart. In such cases, you should immediately stop
fasting and return to the juice diet (3-5 days). During
the next 10 days, you should supplement your diet with boiled
vegetables. Then you can go back to normal diet,
except for all fat, fried and smoked.

If the first time you can not complete the job, then
know that the seven-day hunger strike can be repeated after the series
daily posts (1 time per week) for 1-2 months.
The body will gradually adapt, and perhaps once again you
It will be easier to postpone the seven-day detoxification.

In the same way (3-5 days – juices, 10 days – juices + vegetables) costs
go out of starvation and under normal portability. Farther
should follow a healthy diet that includes
greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, fish and dairy

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