Lose weight forever like Babkin and Basque

In Moscow, there was a presentation of the book “Lose Weight Forever!”
owned by Marguerite Koroleva – fashionable metropolitan
nutritionist who helped lose weight to many domestic

Lose weight forever like Babkin and Basque

According to the tireless Express newspaper, among the guests
the events were noticed Nikolai Baskov, Andrei Malakhov, Nadezhda
Babkina, Alla Dovlatova, Tatyana Vedeneeva, Klara Novikova – all in
perfect physical condition. kor2

Speaking to the audience, Margarita Koroleva described it
The peculiarity of its method of struggle with obesity: – I do not propose
people are nothing too complicated and do not invent special diets. Just teaching
listen to your body and be with him in

In response, her patient Nadezhda Babkina got up and publicly
thanked the nutritionist:

– Ritochka, thank you so much. You taught us not only
listen to yourself, but also listen to you. Imagine just me
in the evening I decide to eat something sweetie, I make myself
delicious gulls, as Margarita calls: “Nadia, what are you now
are you doing? ”“ Nothing, ”I reply, and take out my sweets and
chocolates in the fridge.


Anyone whom a famous nutritionist cannot personally control,
she offers to read her book. You can buy it in all books.

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