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hudeem-pravilno-vibrosite-vashi-vesiWhen a person says
that he wants to lose weight, in fact he means that his
The main goal as a result of losing weight is to get rid of excess
fat in your body and achieve an attractive figure.

Most of us, once deciding to lose those extra pounds,
first of all they buy their own home scales – and now for them only
the magic number on the screen becomes an indicator of effectiveness
selected slimming program.

We constantly think about weight, talk and discuss our weight, but
few people think about what it really means
the number on the scales screen.

After all, in order to get an attractive figure, your weight
The body does not have to fall! Maybe it can
seem strange, but it is possible to become slimmer and does
without changing the number of kilograms on your scales.

This happens when you lose body fat and in return
get muscle tissue – as a result, your weight stays the same
value, but the number of centimeters in your waist, hips, etc.
completely evaporated. And this is a good sign that you
moving in the right direction.

But, if you evaluate your result only by the weights,
you may not notice those positive changes in your
body that have occurred without a change in body weight. therefore
it is very important to know and understand the differences between fat loss
and a general weight loss – it will force you in a completely new way
look at the very progress of building a beautiful figure.

What hides behind an indicator of your body weight?

So, when you eat, the body uses most of its calories.
in the form of energy for the maintenance of normal life, but
if you consume more food than you need, then all the extra
calories will be stored in your body in the form of adipose tissue. AND
on the contrary, when you consume an insufficient amount of nutrients
substances, the weight will begin to decrease, but also you will lose

To compensate for the lack of energy, the body will be forced
use your body reserves. Unfortunately, the percentage of energy from
processing of fat deposits is minimal, the main part
extra energy your body will take from proteins and carbohydrates
muscle cells (as a consequence of a decrease in muscle mass and
deterioration of the overall muscle tone of the body). This is because
metabolism in muscle cells occurs at 8! times more intense than
in fat.

AND когда искусственно резко снижается количество потребленных
nutrients (you are sitting on a radical low-calorie
diet), your body instantly goes into save mode
energy and forced to reduce the intensity of metabolism – as a result
the first “under the knife” are exactly the muscle cells. Consequently,
decrease in metabolic rate – minimal fat reduction.

after the n-th day of “dieting”, the number of kilograms, which
you lost, will mainly consist of the weight of water and muscle

Water leaves due to the fact that proteins and carbohydrates in muscle cells
also used to hold water inside it, and when the body
uses proteins and carbohydrates to replenish energy, then along with
loss of muscle mass occurs and dehydration of your body.

According to calculations and research after weight loss associated with
low-calorie diets, at least 80% of the weight lost
is water and muscle mass and the rest is fat
the cloth. That is, in fact, weight loss occurs due to
dehydration of your body!

AND потом, когда вы выйдите из режима диеты, ваше тело постарается
as quickly as possible to compensate for the lost weight (does not know how
“hunger strike” mode will be long) and stock up for more – and
make it primarily due to new fat deposits.

Remember! The less calorie you eat while losing weight,
the more you aggravate the right balance of muscle and fat
tissue in your body (in favor of the latter naturally)!

To lose weight properly (burn mostly fat
tissue), you should increase the speed of your metabolism,
ensure good oxygen intake (aerobic
workouts, such as the article “Does an exercise bike help lose weight?”) and
stick to full nutrition.

Nutrition will give you the necessary energy for your body and help
to keep muscle protein, which helps build muscle cells,
muscle cells in turn indirectly affect the burning rate
fat (by increasing metabolism). Everything is interconnected!

hudeem-pravilnoReturning to the beginning of the article, let’s
determine why the use of weights, during
Slimming, often uninformative for displaying dynamics
getting rid of extra pounds.

1. Scales measure total weight – including muscles, fat, organs, bones,
food, etc. AND не позволяют нам определить количественные показатели
для каждой из групп, конкретнее для мышечной и жировой tissue. After all
This ratio is decisive in visual perception.
your figure around.

On the example of men, you can allow the same body weight
bodybuilder and fat man, but the indicators of muscle and fat
they will have completely different tissues, in fact, as well as their perception
from the side (aesthetic appearance).

A second example is the fact that the change
the amount of water in the body affects the rate
total body weight. The percentage of adipose tissue in
this moment remains unchanged.

2. Scales do not display changes that occur inside
of your body. You do aerobic (cardio) or power
training, as a result, increases the percentage of muscle mass and
соответственно снижается жировая the cloth. You become slimmer, but
the figure on the scales remains unchanged (or even increased).

This is due to the fact that the muscle cell is basically
consists of water and “weighs” more fat. But muscular in size
the cell is much smaller, so the result of physical exertion
clearly visible visually and not always noticeable by the amount of total
body weight.

3. Scales do not reflect your state of health. Human can
have low weight but still have an unhealthy percentage
the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue, with the resultant
implications for overall health. More article “How to
to calculate your optimal weight? “.

4. Loss of motivation. When you focus your attention only
on the weights, then due to the lack of expected dynamics in
losing weight you can easily lose your motivation for
losing weight Think better about what positive effect you
get from reducing fat mass, increasing your energy and
intensity of metabolic processes.

ANDзмените способ измерения ваших успехов

If you are still not ready to finally get rid of
using weights, additional ways to assess progress in
losing weight will help you avoid losing motivation and see those
changes in your body that remain invisible to your

  • evaluate by the clothes you wear. If she “sits” on
    you are more spacious – then you are on the right track;
  • use a centimeter tape to see quantitative
    changes in your “parameters”;
  • use fat analyzers to monitor your fat mass
  • Set yourself goals and performance. For example,
    Focus on the number of workouts done for
    week and their duration.

Make sure you focus on fat loss, not total
потерю body weight. Your goal should be to lose weight by
burning adipose tissue without losing water from your muscles.

Remember this when you choose your own weight loss program.
for a beautiful and slim figure!

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