Loneliness. Advantages and disadvantages

Thu, Nov 03 2016

300 million people choose a lonely lifestyle. About it
say statistics collected very recently. People by
the whole world consciously decide not to start a family, but
given to their own career. Loneliness, let’s talk about his strengths
and weaknesses?

The benefits of loneliness

You do not need to adapt to anyone

You cook only when necessary and eat what you like.
If you decide to go on a diet, your refrigerator will not stand
banned products that beckon with their
colorful wrappers and scents treacherously wading even
through unopened sealed packaging.

If you are alone, you don’t have to sacrifice
watching a movie with a glass of wine for the sake of boring reception from some
relatives. Being in a relationship, you have to pretend that
You are interested in recipes for cooking chicken, the merits of other children,
instructions on what kind of dishes to put in the microwave and talk
about the bloom of clematis in the current season.

Only you decide that you will today

This is one of the main advantages of loneliness. You do not need
hide that you like “House 2”, you’re not worried that a man
будет издеваться над “Сумерками”, и тебе точно не придется watch
action movies with Stethem.

Do you like old, black and white films? New Bridget Diary
Jones “? On the TV show all the series” Sex in large
city ​​”? Forget all this.

No matter how perfect a man is, he will not tolerate everything.
women’s shows. Someday his voice will cut through to you too
will have to learn to adapt and love all these terrible
action films, and maybe even TV shows with Porechenkov!

You control your life

You don’t have to ask anyone for permission. You shouldn’t
No one to inform about their plans, gathered – went. You exactly
will not be tormented by periodic bouts of jealousy and anger.

Believe me, no matter how perfect a man is, he will stop
jealous only after several years of marriage. He may not
to express his discontent, but he will be on pins and needles
meet you after each event and wait for a detailed report on
how you spent the evening without him. Like it can only
at first …

There is a time to learn and work

When you do not have a young man, everything is free and not free
time is devoted to you. You can safely work overtime
go about your business at home without anyone looking at you
eyes unfortunate kitten with the question: “Well, when you already
finish? “

If this is not about your perfect man, then you do not have to
postpone all affairs to be with your chosen one. Have
he suddenly will not appear their affairs. And you will not hang around the whole
One evening: disappointed, upset, broken. Your life
calm and predictable if you are alone.

You can go learn English, play sports. At any
time! When you please, calculate when
convenient for both of you – do not have to.

You are a good hostess!

No need to think about the purity of someone’s socks, constantly lick
apartment, and most importantly, you’re not nervous, whether an adult will eat,
having a pair of arms and legs that you can eat and eat

No one reproaches you for not having time to cook or
the soup was tasteless. Although it may be worse, for example, to see
how a man chokes on your burnt chops, pretending that
they are tastier than the snails with bechamel, which he enjoyed
while traveling on the left bank of the Seine in Paris. That’s how
act in this situation? Allow to spit out all this splendor
in a bucket or play along? If you don’t have a man, then you
guaranteed a good hostess and you do not need to earn this

Никто уж точно не скажет: ” Have тебя такой худой муж!” Ladies,
if you ever decide to say goodbye to loneliness,
then try to choose your husband fatter, sort of
Christmas goose. Otherwise, your mother-in-law is obligatory.
will poke your nose at the fact that you can not hurt her son.
She could not do it in 25-30-45 years, but you are his wife,
you must overcome mother nature. By the way, no mother-in-law –
This is also a big plus for a lonely life.

Flirt with anyone

The first day of acquaintance, the first date – they can be how many
please! Married couples can only remember, and you have these
happy moments can be repeated at least every week. Between
By the way, from male attention, women always look better and
feel younger.

Do not have to lie

You do understand that you have to lie to a married woman, at least
little things. Harmless meeting with a childhood friend in a cafe turns into
an event that you plan with great care. In this case
Kutuzov’s savvy and Alexander’s strategic wisdom are needed
Macedonian. Where to tell the young man the truth, where is
keep silent or even lie. And notice, if it doesn’t work out – an explosion
scandal and swearing. And all this so spoils nerves.

If you really choose loneliness, and you can put up
with him for real, without sobbing into the pillow in the evenings, then your nervous
the system will be much stronger than many married women.


Many magazines talk about the benefits of permanent sexual
contacts. Но если реально поwatch на здоровье одинокой женщины
and women in relationships …

Регулярные нервные перенапряжения. Our married
fellow brought to such exhaustion that they lose their temper, even
if they see a sock thrown in the wrong place.

– You share all his addictions. If he
like to spoil your health, then you get used to share it

Есть постоянный собутыльник, а потому частота принятия
alcohol production is higher than that of single girls.

Если мужчина курит, то вы страдаете по его вине.
Passive smoking is much more dangerous than active. And quit smoking together,
in general, beyond reality.

– Женщина в отношениях всегда находится в непосредственной
близости к очагу возможной опасности
. A man can bring on
yourself harmful germs, forget to turn off the iron, turn out to be secrets
an FBI agent or superhero and bring on his family (mostly on
girl) Russian mafia or other criminals.

Disadvantages of loneliness


Lonely woman is very difficult to decide on the birth of a child. So
what, nine months of nausea, one day of hellish torment, more than a year without
alcohol and junk food; teeth that fell out during pregnancy
hair, sleepless nights and “Mom, well everyone has seventy-third
iphone, but i don’t have “is, of course, dignity!

You will wear a white dress

Every girl dreams of a beautiful white dress that
there really is nowhere else to wear, except for the wedding. This day
– really for you … you are the most beautiful!

You are embraced by many strangers, it is you who need
make sure that all guests have a good, dissatisfied face
uncles you consider as a personal insult and can no longer
calm down – we were preparing so much, but he doesn’t like something.
WHAT??? What did he not like? !!

Spend a lot of money to rest everything, and then, in
for about five years each year, someone sometimes said, “Yes,
and you had a wedding that was necessary. “It is for this reason that it is worth spending
so much time, effort, money and nerves.

Married friends

This plus is really worth it. If you are single and have
you are not a young man, then you periodically feel for yourself
sad look girlfriends. Many want to introduce you to someone. Thats
whether out of pity for you, or for him – this we learn only on the first
dating, seeing who looks worse.

Mom’s upset face, sighing that she will never have grandchildren,
also put pressure on the psyche. Well, what to do? Happiness requires sacrifice.


In fact, the main disadvantage of loneliness is that you
have not yet met her man. But how to make it appear,
how to hurry time? Meet a lot of guys?
Go on TV shows, visit dating sites, every Friday
to sit in clubs? Will it really help?

The main thing – do not be nervous, no matter how much you were. Yours nowhere
from you not going anywhere. Have каждой женщины есть шанс выйти замуж, и
many use this chance more than once. So стоит ли себя
torment and torment? Perhaps only by learning how to get the maximum.
pleasures from the current situation, the higher forces will give you
opportunity to get used to the new?


Lekachka 02.28.2016 I agree with the author of the article at 100%. It was
married 18 years old, lived alone 12 years old, decided on the second marriage-patience
lasted for 6 months. Escaped from him. On my first lonely night
I lie and think, well, really, to appreciate the beauty of freedom,
to be imprisoned. I call marriage a conclusion. I’m alone and
happy !!!!! Irina 02.21.2016 What an awesome article, thank you!
everything is very aptly noticed, for example, I am lonely and happy, I have
a lot of free time, doing what I want! But there is a significant
the disadvantage is occasional sex …

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