Lissy Moussa’s book “Making a figure from a carcass”.We read.

Lissy Moussa book “3000 ways not to interfere with harmony” is not
similar to any other weight loss system. It’s fun and
an exciting game with your own rules, branded words and

Lissi Moussa has no medical education, but the mass
followers and grateful readers. It is read by people who do not
They want to count calories and carbohydrates, but they just want to play and do
funny tasks. The most amazing thing that many, indeed,
succeeds, if not lose weight, then review your diet.

книга Лисси Муссы

Who is Lissy Moussa

Behind the pseudonym Lissi Moussa hides the famous Moscow
artist Zoya Chernakova. However, she is no longer known for her.
pictures, and active participation, and somewhere even the creation of trainings
on the Simoron system. These are game psychological trainings, on
which students learn to fulfill their desires. Attract money
love, make sure that the right bus appears as soon as possible
and so on, and, of course, they learn to lose weight. Therefore, the “legs”
Lisi Mussy’s slimming system “grow” from there, from the game
dream training courses.

Lissy Moussa's book “Making a figure from a carcass”.We read.

But closer to the body – at the beginning of the book “3000 ways …” by
indicates that specifically to test your own system
thickened to unimaginable size. Apparently, the Internet remained
Only a photo of the test period, because on all the images of Lissi
Mousses we are seeing either a plump young lady with a dreamy look,
or a little less well-fed, but still a lady of solid size. Many
critics of the book Lisi Moussa sarcastically remarked: “Well, the author herself is not
lost weight on her magic system? Lissy, however, writes them in
the answer is that losing weight to the bone with her book will not work, and the whole idea is
in order for the body to gain its normal weight.

What the 3000 ways, and how to lose weight

At the beginning of the book we are offered to abandon all these scales, calculations
calorie-protein-fat-carbohydrate and waist measurements go to hell.
Food should be chosen according to the principle “I want to eat it, and spit on
how many calories are there. ” True, following their desires, follow
yet keep a food diary. Everything that goes in the mouth is coming
record immediately. And analyze why you ate it – finished
for a child, bad lay, it was boring, or because of feeling

Every day the book offers funny tasks – come up with
yourself “songs of praise” and singing them for a walk, loudly, in
vote. Or buy pants of the size that you consider for yourself
perfect and talk to them, urging you to get on your ass
as soon as possible.

Actually, a serious psychology, or rather, Neuro
Linguistic Programming is also present in the book. You
to make an anchor ring to which you should periodically
look, and which should remind you that you need to eat less.
Well, and, of course, the author offers you … to love yourself.

Only now you have to love in a rather unusual form.
After the second week of the assignment is terminated, and you are invited
cleanse the body by eating porridge alone
on the water. No, Lissy Moussa does not force you, and does not even provoke
– The author claims that you will lose weight if you eat, leading
food diary and tracking the true motives of overeating. But
described all this cough abundance so enticing that right
bursting to try.

By the way, the author has one thing for you, but a complex requirement is all knowledge
from the field of proper nutrition should be forgotten. Write to
special notebook and strike out from life. They did not help you,
if you began to read Lissi Moussa?

Should I buy a Lissy Moussa book?

The technique looks very effective. Unhealthy habit of sitting
on diets she presses on the vine. Teaches you to think about what
gets in your mouth and how to make sure that out of real feeling
hunger nothing got there. From unnecessary self-criticism performance
assignments too distracting. In the end, you start talking to yourself
compliments, thinking about what you eat, start to eat less
and lose weight.

But книга вам не понравится, если:

  • You are a perfectionist who is used to setting specific goals and
    count calories;
  • You are a fitness specialist, or an advanced sports lover.
    Lissy Moussa fitness does not recognize. In her opinion, the best sport is
    fast walk;
  • You get annoyed with the words “bird”, “figure”, “I’m pretty” and
  • You do not tolerate errors and feel not in your
    the dish being deceived;

If you are not embarrassed by all this, buy a book by Lissy Moussa and
Try to lose weight on this fun and unusual system.

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